The facility looks beautiful but we ran into trouble when trying to finalize the lease. We were signed in the same spot as another group and could no longer keep the room we were promised. Luckily there another room available.

The location is awesome, the building design looks amazing, and the employees at the leasing office are always willing to help with any questions or concerns.

You can just tell it's gonna be fun. I know soon many people living there and I can't wait to live with them. It's close and beautiful and I wish it were August.

So far TODD has done a great job of keeping me informed on all things TODD. I get emails and texts notifying my of new events and leasing opportunities. Can't wait to live there next year!

Have not yet lived there but it looks like its going to be really nice. I currently live across the street from where it is going to be at and the location is awesome.

TODD has set me up to be really excited about my living situation next year. I can't wait to be living on Conley Avenue in that brand new beautiful structure.

So far I have been thrilled with my decision and I am counting down the days until move in! I'm very excited to see everything that they have in store for us and I'm super pumped about the location. It's prime

The price is a little expensive but everything is going up quick and should be ready for next year. The location is prime and I'm excited for next year!

I love that Todd has always been on top of my process in signing my lease. I love the leasing office and how committed all of the staff is! I am very excited to live there next year!

TODD is keeping me very informed on what is happening with the apartments as well as doing things to keep us involved, such as offering $100 for referrals.

The place is going up very, very quickly. I'm really excited to get a chance to live at such a nice place with three of my very good friends!

The staff at the Todd leasing office have been great! attentive, informative, and welcoming. I hope the great staffing continues once the apartment is complete.

It seems like they really care about making sure we have the best experience and making sure we are taken care of. The amenities are amazing

Todd has been communicating so well and innovative in ideas for their future residents. I signed early on without knowing my roommates and they worked with me so well and helped me every step of the way

The leasing process was simple and great - everyone was very informational and helped to make the process easy! The facilities look like they're going to be great too!

I love the social media updates and all the ways we can win by promoting Todd! I tell my friends about living at Todd and they are so jealous!

So far, everything has gone pretty well and you all have done a good job keeping us up to date on everything. I look forwarr to seeing Todd when it's finished!

I feel like I get a lot of unnecessary emails concerning signing when I have already signed. But overall Todd seems great. I am excited for the sheer amount of amenities that will be available next year.

Great job. I love todd and can't wait for next year. The place is going to be amazing. It's so close to campus which means i won't have to walk!

The service at the leasing agency was amazing. Signing at The Todd was a breeze. It was by far one of the easiest decisions I have made in college.

The leasing process was very easy and straightforward. The staff was very knowledgable and I felt comfortable in their office. Can't wait to move in!

I am very impressed with how quick and easy the application process was. I'm so excited to see the buildings going up so quickly, and I can't wait to move in this fall!

Overall I feel as if you guys are doing a great job advertising TODD as a fun and safe living community. The location is awesome and I am very excited to live there.

I've enjoyed hearing about my future life at TODD thus far and look forward to actually doing it in the fall. This is going to be an awesome year coming up.

I uve had great experiences with the staff that has helped me as I prepared my lease for next year. I also like all the events like BBQs that have been going on at the leasing office.