Move in went smoothly, no complaints so far! Maintenance has been amazing helping with anything we need! Really loving all of the amenities that Todd has to offer.

I think you guys are great! The staff is really friendly and accommodating. The apartment in itself is very nice and I enjoy living 5 minutes from my classes.

Great community to stay at. It is fully furnished, clean, safe, good facilities in the unit and the building, walking distance from class and pet friendly.

its super dope. like would recommend to a friend. the staff is super bomb and i really really like the golf cart they drive places and i miss thrifty thursday

So far I like Todd and I am happy with my housing situation. We have had some issues with appliances but maintenance responds relatively quickly. Otherwise it has been great living here so far.

Great front desk staff! I also love the amenities, but I'm a little bummed we have to pay for the coffee. My roommates said they had been told we get a free cup a day. Overall, so FR so good.

As soon as I moved in I was treated great! They helped making moving in the best move in experience possible and I am very grateful for that.

I enjoyed my first year living at the TODD. I'm excited to move back for my final semester and see my new apartment. I think the TODD does a great job overall

Staff is friendly and helpful! Amazing location and beautiful apartments. Along with that the amenities are wonderful as well. They really make it feel like home.

I am looking forward to moving into Todd. Love the community and I am excited for the great experience. The apartments and facilities are beautiful. Can't wait to live there!

I don't really have fun here anymore there use to be so many cool things going on. I really wish the life would be brought back to Todd I hate feeling gloomy all day

It is ok I guess its not that bad the noise is really bad i hate the condtruvtion it is not always good sometimes its bad but i just really ha

so much fun!!!!!! nice rooms and pool area, cool staff. the maintence guys did an awesome job, so nice and fixed everything really quickly. the breakfast once a week was awesome

Todd is a great student living place overall. One con is there needs to be more security in place during the night hours. There is also have been problems with the pool area

I have enjoyed my expierence at Todd this semester. I loved living with my roommates and everyone that works here is very friendly. The only thing I would improve is I would give tenants more access with less key swipes. Sometimes I feel like we're on lock down mode

the clubhouse coffee machine is messy and out of cups but other than that everything is fine. most times the staff is nice and helpful. love free breakfast on thursday mornings.

Love living here - amenities are great, totally safe, love the underground parking and that's it's closed off so people don't take our spots.

I haven't started living at Todd yet but I am so excited to live there next year! The staff has been so friendly and really helped my roommate and I find the perfect apartment for our style

This experience Started out rough but it's better now. I really like Gary and joe they will come running if something significant is wrong with my unit.

Great place to live. Really wish this would have been built before my senior year so i could live here more than just one year. Wouldn't have wanted to live anywhere else

Todd student living is a pretty good place to live. I only wish the walls were thicker; you can hear everything going on in the halls and other apartments.

ive had no problems I just miss living in a house. It's hard to go outside living here because the streets are busy and there is no lawn to hang out on.

I would say my experience here at TODD has been terrific so far. All of the people at the front desk and maintenance workers are very kind and quick to help.

TODD is G.O.A.T. Pool side views are dope. The maintenance people are great and need a raise. They are the true goats that keep this castle running.

I believe you guys are doing a great job, the only thing I was not pleased with was I originally supposed to have a basic room and last minute I was informed I had to get a room on the top floor which costed more money.