The rooms and rates are great. The maintenance team is the best! You can put a request in and they will come by the next day. I wish the parking spots were a little bigger, but that's it.

Pretty good experience so far even though I had problems with my roof when I had just moved in and it took management over a month to get around to fix that. Other than that, great place to live and love the pool, people at the front office are nice and try their best to help.

I've lived at Townlake for three years now. It's pretty affordable, however, I have had so many issues with maintainence. My A/C was out for 2 weeks during the summer before it was fixed. The people at the front office are always great and helpful, but management is not helpful at all. Overall, Townlake is fine to live at if you are a student and need an affordable place to live.

Love living here! The office staff has definitely improved from last year. They are more proactive with its residents and have made a lot of upgrades to the property. There is a security gate now, which has made me more comfortable, and it is very pet friendly.

My experience at Town lake has been pleasant. I have lived here for a year and a few months and the location is the best thing I have to comment on. I love looking out the window to downtown and having the lake walking distance away.

Very friendly staff, affordable monthly rates. Nice and serene environment. Good maintenance team but I wish they could come do the repairs a bit quicker.

My experience at Town lake has been pretty good overall. My favorite part about the property is being close to lady bird lake because having a convenient trail to run on makes working or for me just a little more convenient.

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I like the different parties we have at the main office and the fast customer service we have when needed. Some downsides is they need better communication when giving us new fees.

The customer service is great! The people in the office are very helpful, and understanding. When I got my new room, I didn't have any issues moving in. I loved that my roommates were aware of my arrival, and prepared the common area for me!

Compared to last year, the new management and stuff is very lively and helps lot. They always have fun activities and giveaway in the office for holidays. It is convenient to have dollar general and HEB right next door, and printing at the office is free!

I like how some of the units are being fixed up. However, parts of the apartment complexes are dirty. The staff in the office are nice and try to help as much as they can.

Fellow residents and staff are very nice, staff are very helpful and accommodating, and the maintenance requests are completed very fast after requesting assistance.

For the price they offer, you get more than your money's worth here. The proximity to the nearest local HEB is very convenient and the amenities are great. Only minor issue is maybe that the fact that it's on Riverside.

Although the apartments would benefit from more recent upgrades, the location of this apartment complex and the price is what made me renew my lease.

I have been having a great experience, I love that there is a swimming pool and a work out room available for us I love to work and swim and relax.

My experience in town lake has been amazing. The staff are so helpful and kind. The location of the apartments is beautiful only a 5 min walk to the lake and it come with a open gym !

Moved in late August and have absolutely loved it. Perfect location, less than 15 minutes from the air port and downtown. 24 hour gym and in apartment washer/dryer is super convenient.

Last year I had a horrible experience. But this year it has gotten better! I've been roomed with my bestfriends and the front office has gotten more organized.

Apartment Complex is in a very nice location and close to the Lake. The office staff are very nice with the exception of the apartment administration (Leasing Manager, etc ) whom we never see.

The apartments and the facilities are as expected for what you pay for monthly. The location is near many major bus routes, which is nice. :)

Town lake is a good apartment accomodable living housing. The houses are well built with the finest raw materials that portrait a good long durable housing unit. It is clean and well furnished. I am going to choose Town lake again if given an opportunity to.

The new management is more organized and responsive to resident concerns. The amenities are great but the pool is closed more often than not throughout the year. Overall it's a great place to live for the price.

I love everything about Townlake. It is a huge improvement from my last apartment in west campus. I really do love that there is a dog park to take my dog, and love the clean parking lots! Just love it here.

Love that there is a Doller General across the street and I really love the pool. Pretty friendly staff and spacious rooms/apartments/area..