Would like to see maintenance requests responded to sooner. Having the manager in office more rather than giving me an email would be helpful.

Convenient and cheap. Very good location. I can easily walk over to the lake for a walk, run, or bike ride. Nice pool and gym. This will be my third year living here!

Loving Town Lake so far!! Not living there yet, but the office has been a great help in answering my questions and assisting me with filing my application.

Living at Townlake has brought upon a great first living experience away from home. I couldn't be any happier choosing to live here again with everything they have to offer, from local bus rides to having the lake right across the street. Very convenient location to live at for the price!

There is a great community going on here at Town Lake Student Apartments. The staff is very nice and helpful. The online resident portal is also helpful.

The community is doing good. I haven't yet recieved information on who I room with or any further info but other than that they're organized and doing good

Wonderful and understanding staff that are willing to put a hold to what their doing for the satisfaction of their residents, overall, I'm very pleased.

Town lake has improved the apartments by updating the floors to wood and had finally cleaned the pool. Management screwed up my lease by cancelling it without my knowing. The new management not giving a parking deal to the returning residents is not cool.

The staff was very helpful when we were first trying to move in. The process is fast which was also good. The apartments also look good along with the pool.

Love these apartments!! The locations is fabulous, right next to the river. People is super friendly and nice ! Love the pool and the gym. There is also a volleyball court!

I absolutely love TownLake! It's pet-friendly. I love living here! Ten out of ten would recommend. An amazing place to be for students in Austin, Texas!

Average apartment living area and improvements are needed for some units. Staff in the office are friendly but sometimes problems are not resolved.

Although Townlake is in the lowest income area of Austin, you still feel very safe here. The staff is very friendly, and the recent rennovations are making life here a bit easier.

So far so good, I'm excited to move in to an affordable and friendly community. I hope payments, maintainace, and the management is as good as it sounds!

Like the community, location a lot. Front office is very nice and cordial however when there is an issue they are not very responsive. I wish they would be more communicative overall.

Town Lake is very good at communicating! When I have any questions at all, I can call and they're all answered immediately and politely. I will enjoy living here!

Office staff has been great! And the apartments look so cute and honey! Looking forward to moving in this fall and experience all the amenities this complex has to offer.

Helpful staff. After having a bad experience at University Village the staff at TL Apartments were super helpful, attentive and polite. I will be moving soon and hope everything goes well

As a very poor college student I was very excited to hear about this. I'm super excited to earn points and save money. Very cool. Would recommend.

Lived here for a year and renewing again. Love the apartment, it's quiet and cozy. Maintenance and the parking lot lighting has improved a lot since new management. Hate that the walls are paper thin, you can literally here anyone in the outside hallway or other rooms. But it's home and i like it :)

I like the upgrade , hopefully everything becomes worth the price increase on rent. Since under new management we have gotten many renovations, I look forward to see what the year brings.

Town Lake is a really good place where to live, I feel comfortable, safe and happy living here, and the staff is always very helpful and nice

Townlake just upgraded our carpet to wood floors, upgraded its pool and gym and front office as well. Some minimal security with a gate (although its always open anyways and broken half the time), but overall its a great apartment!

Great service , management is very responsive to my needs. Any time I go to the office , there is always fresh Starbucks , and treats for my dog !

Great improvements to the community. Management is responsive and accommodating to my needs. The office always has Starbucks , and treats for my dog👍