I rate it a 5, since it comes fully furnished and i have totally no problems with transport, showers are great and the staff is pretty helpful, it's a good place to stay if uou want to save money and have a convenient housing setting

I really like the apartments it's just the maintenance service that I didn't like at the beginning of the year. The AC didn't work, the refrigerator didn't work, our dishwasher didn't work.

The office staff need to be more organized and knowledgable. They also need to have more consistency. For example, if I ask two of the office staff a question, I should get the same answer from both of them.

Great property. Just a few management issues that could be fixed. Organization could improve as well. There was a specific time where they gave me and someone else the same carport number..they've also lost a couple of my payments and couldn't find them in the system.

Townlake Student Apartments are off of Riverside. They run off the university Lakeshore bus so its great to walk out my door straight to the bus stop. They have a pool and provide water, internet, a washer and dryer which is good. You can hear footsteps above you if you live on the lower floors. The cable isn't that great, but at least it's free.

I really like town lake. They have great rental prices, a pretty good gym, a nice pool, friendly staff, and the area is pretty great. There is a bunch if stuff in walking distance.

I enjoy living at Town Lake. The staff is always happy to help the residents and it's a calm and close environment. Pet friendly. I have hardly ever heard of any crime activity in this complex. It's a closed community.

i would like for the gate to closed as we were told it would be. none of my maintenance requests have been fixed and i filed them the day of move in. once those are fixed i can give 5 stars.

Staff is friendly and attentive. The amenities are usually available at our leisure. I like that they are dog friendly. The units are spacey and clean.

Hello I am currently a resident of town lake and it has been good to me! I appreciate all that they do What more can I say about these apartments

This complex is kept clean and has the lowest crime rate in the area. Its very quiet and the area is convienent, considering there's a dollar general walking distance.

Maintenance is the only problem I have with the property. Maintenance requests and general upkeep of the property are top priorities. The property around my complex definitely needs to be trimmed and maintained better so it looks more inviting and pretty. I like that the property is secured with a closed gate system, but perhaps we should have some type of patrol at night because I know several people who have had vandalism occur to their cars.

townlake is awesome! the grass is always green because the sprinkler system is always on. parking lot is always clean. if you like quiet places then this is the apartment for you!

Rent is really cheap, the place comes furnished, free TV


Place comes furnished. Nice area to live in. VERY affordable! Pets are allowed. The staff is really friendly and so are most of the residents.

Could be a whole lot better. Management often disorganized. Good location though, with close proximity to Lady Bird Lake and a lot of Riverside restaurants.

nice student apartments. fully furnished, inexpensive, next to bus stop and stores, most appliances fully functional and no bed bugs on the bright side ha

I love living here. The only downside is when maintenance takes long. Everything and everyone else is so awesome! The gym is actually efficient, the pool is always clean, the grounds as well. I love that it is only student living. It makes me feel comfortable and more safe.

Its cool ..... ..... ......

I like living here because the gym access 24/7 makes it convenient for me to get a good workout in without having to pay a monthly membership to a gym.

It's affordable, I don't have to worry about finding roommates, the apartments are lovely, the scenery is also very lovely, you get your own washer and dryer, and you get to bring your dog to live with you :) Overall great environment.

The price is fairly cheap and parking isn't horrible. Staff is responsive and effective.The room sizes are good and the wood floors are a plus.

I do enjoy living here just wish my bills weren't so high. Definitely like how quick Townlake is to fix things. Plus love how they inform us about thinks like water maintenance beforehand.

I really like the atmosphere and location. Having a bus stop right outside makes it convenient, especially with the prices so low compared to West Campus. The only real complaint I've had since moving in is the internet. It's been terrible before, it was fine again, and now for the past month we barely get .5Mbps download speeds. I think it has something to do with our unit more than just "peak hour" bandwidth times because other units in the same building seem to be holding up ok. I've been in talks with Korcett for the past few weeks and it is still terrible. That is the one bad thing I can think of.