Fantastic and fun place to live. Great amenities, great rates, awesome apartments, friendly staff would recommend to any one attending Penn State.

One of my favorite places here in State College; the staff here is nice and the people have a means of community! More involvement in the community would be awesome!

The amenities, especially 24/7 gym and the lobby that also has free self serve coffee are great especially for studying late nights or just wanting to stay out. Also their new package locker are secure and easy to use which allows me to feel safe when my package arrives during my time outside of my apartment

i love the community at Tremont. Everyone is so sweet and extremely helpful when needed. The staff has helped me and been so cooperative and flexible.

The community is very nice, the areas are kept clean and the amenities provided to us on an individual basis are very useful. The only thing I can think of that would be a change that I would like to see would be the return of the pool table in the lounge for the members, as that was a very welcoming feature when I first moved here.

Tremont is the most affordable and cost effective place in the state college area for all undergraduates. You get similar, practically the same, amenities that neighboring communities offer for a better price! There are no catches. I've already renewed due to my awesome experience here!

I think the new management is definitely better than when I first moved in 2 years ago.. Maintenance is certainly more efficient. The lobby is nice. I wish the coffee machine always had water in it :) But honestly, you really couldn’t ask for better.

I have been living here for 3 years and it has been amazing. I love the roommate matching system. The management has been great and the maintenance team.

Love the upgraded apartment, the kitchen is very nice. I love the upgraded laundry room. When things are broken the process to get it fixed it’s really simple.

I've been living here since my junior year and I'm now a senior. I've witnessed the changes around the community such as more events and community gatherings and I love it. Things such as wifi and promotion of events can still be improved though.

Very good! Move in was very helpful on such a short notice, and the new staff are excellent and very willing to help with anything, small or big!

management is always very quick to respond and thorough when dealing with whatever issues seem to come up. I've had very few issues since the change in management that required any assistance, but i have had questions and these have been dealt with clearly and easily. staff is kind and accessible and i'm very glad to be here for another semester.

Love that guests dont have to have parking passes anymore! Thankful that this new community is organized and shows us that we are appreciated!

I immediately saw positive changes when the new management took over. I'm glad the parking situation has been relaxed, and I hope that internet upgrades will come soon.

Great so far update the wifi because it is very slow and can be extremely annoying but the staff is great and extremely helpful when they are needed

Tremont Student Living is a very quiet, quaint community. I really enjoy the well kept scenery as well as the different amenities such as the pool and volleyball court. It really has that college living vibe.

This new point program is great, there is still some stuff to readjust at the office and the new sign at the apartment. Also, I'm wondering if there is going to be any renovation...

The staff's always super nice and helpful and I never have problems getting maintenance to come fix any issues that could arise in my apartment.

I loved my apartment and the gym. The area was very clean. If anything broke it was always fixed the next day. The workers were so friendly. I love living here.

The frequent messages about renewing are somewhat annoying, especially given I've already done so. Apartment is pretty much the best one can get within the price point.

Great place to live at. Fun activities! Awesome and very friendly staff. All the other amenities are great such as the printing room with computers, pool table, PS3 room, swimming pool and a jacuzzi!