Management has gotten a little better since Tremont has been taken over, but i still think Tremont is not very organized in terms of billing. Sometimes when I call, people are different me different information.

Kinda dirty when moved, had to wait a lot for them to come check if there was a problem here but now the management is getting better and come soon if there is a problem.

I really like the location and how close the apartment is to campus, without feeling like your directly on campus. The amenities need improvement.

Its alright, knew what I was signing up for when I agreed to live this far away from campus. It is nice to have your own room; however, its far away and it seems like a process to hang out with friends that live downtown

You guys run up our heat when we aren't here, citing that it is necessary to keep our heat at 65 degrees even though we don't even keep it that high when we are living here....

There are not enough activities to bring the community together. I do not have the chance to get to know my neighbors. It would be great if more activities bringing the community together could be planned in the future. Also, notify us of the activities earlier.

My experience with Tremont was better last year. This year management was slow and overall unhelpful with a few exceptions. Maintenance requests took weeks to complete and the office is overwhelmingly unhelpful with a few exceptions. As far as State College housing goes, it could be worse but I feel that compared to more expensive units, Tremont's quality for the price is not as valuable as others around the area

A mouse got into our room and maintenance has yet to address the issue.. We called several times but an exterminator hasn't showed up yet..

The office here is not professional in any way. Since moving in here at the end of August we have had to get new keys made for our apartment because mine did not fit in the door. We have had three different leaks in our ceilings. Over the summer we have had a bad experience with our rent amount as well. We are paying a higher rate than we signed up for. Overall it hasn't been a great experience.

Slow maitainence, the "new plan" you have in place doesn't work. The internet is still slow as always. Redeeming factor is the bus stop, which is the best of the surrounding apartments

The staff at Tremont is very nice and try to fix problems that come up. It is quiet for the most part and there are not many disturbances. Overall, if the apartments were a little nicer it would be a nice place to live.

Haven't had the best experience during the management transition. The lack of understanding of how things were run before was unacceptable. Things are getting better but very slowly. I feel the management has a lot to learn.

Tremont has slowly been improving. I have been highly dissatisfied, and they know it, with my experience within the past 6 months. They have offered some sort of resolution but only when pushed. Recently they have had major changes with management and I have noticed more care towards their residents. I hope this continues.

It's fine it's fine it's fine it's fine it's fine. It does what it can and I'm not pleased or displeased. I like the rewards but treamont is the worst and their management sucks.

Maintenance is really slow in getting to resident requests but the apartment complex is nice and the people working at the leasing office are nice as well

my experience has been good for the most part. I like the ability to go workout anytime I want without having to drive or take the bus. But maintance is really slow for getting to my apartment

I just feel that the workers and amenities could be way better. I feel like I’m living in a dorm because i can’t have certain things on my balcony and i am fined for Everything .

The apartment was fine. Utilities were high, for some reason we are being charged by 2 different power companies. Management incompetent. No one knows what the rules are at the main office. Really it was just a frustrating experience.

Its been a rough 1st year. I renewed for the next year, and hope to see improvements. They are updating some of the units, and are starting to host events. There have been problems with the leasing office though.

Maintenance has not fixed our shower for 6 weeks. Oven is broken. Before this everything is fine. Convenient bike trail and bus system. Friendly community

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When I moved in, my apartment was dirty. My toilet and bathtub were not cleaned, so I had to clean it myself. The burners were not put in properly. Also, it took 2 weeks to finish my maintenance request.

Lately, Tremont used to post their rent and utility bills a few days before the end of the month but now they either post on the first day of the month or later into the next month and doesn't give us any mercy days and start charging a late fee

Tremont student Living is not the worst place to live. Once they got up on their feet they’re grasping managing better. Matinece has improved however they are lazier compared to the old staff. The way utilities are charged doesn’t make sense now. I.T should be all together but it’s not.

I have no intention of renewing and I don't appreciate getting spammed with offers. I have no intention of renewing and I don't appreciate getting spammed with offers

New updates are nice, but apt was dirty when I moved in despite waiting a week for it to be "cleaned." Lots of birds poop at entrance to my building.