I really like the location and how close the apartment is to campus, without feeling like your directly on campus. The amenities need improvement.

Kinda dirty when moved, had to wait a lot for them to come check if there was a problem here but now the management is getting better and come soon if there is a problem.

There are not enough activities to bring the community together. I do not have the chance to get to know my neighbors. It would be great if more activities bringing the community together could be planned in the future. Also, notify us of the activities earlier.

Management has gotten a little better since Tremont has been taken over, but i still think Tremont is not very organized in terms of billing. Sometimes when I call, people are different me different information.

The transfer of office staff was unorganized and messy. The new office staff doesn't seem to be very personable and the GM only contacts you or responds to you when she needs her rent check. Her "closed door policy" is ridiculous (you run a student housing development, closed door doesn't exist - at least have "open door" hours). The residents are being charged late fees that are incurred by the complex (illegal, breach of contract, automatic VOID.... just to name a few choice words). Well, I'm sure there's more BUT I really don't have time to continue. THANKS FOR LISTENING!

Its alright, knew what I was signing up for when I agreed to live this far away from campus. It is nice to have your own room; however, its far away and it seems like a process to hang out with friends that live downtown

My experience with Tremont was better last year. This year management was slow and overall unhelpful with a few exceptions. Maintenance requests took weeks to complete and the office is overwhelmingly unhelpful with a few exceptions. As far as State College housing goes, it could be worse but I feel that compared to more expensive units, Tremont's quality for the price is not as valuable as others around the area

I feel like communication is terrible. It's hard to get in touch with anyone and have them respond in a timely manner or reach out to give information.

What I like about Tremont: The apartment itself is actually very nice. Spacious, decent price point compared to other places in State College. However, if I submit a maintenance request, I'm lucky if they come within the same week, or actually ever. The people at the desks are students and any time you have a question they say they can't answer it and to get in contact with the manager via email. Super annoying. I have had the roommates from hell, which makes me wonder if they even looked at the roommate matching survey. They are very dirty, smoking illegal substances, daily, etc. Our utilities are crazy high, which is odd since this is the 4th apartment I have rented and have never had utilities anywhere close to being this high. So I wonder if it's the two roommates who aren't mindful of others, or something else. My electric bill was almost $300 last month which was absurd, but again the other two roommates could be the culprits. I renewed my lease, hoping for a better experience next year because I do like the apartment itself.

They are disorganized and have locked me out of my apartment multiple times. When I had no proir knowledge that they were going to enter. Also lost my package

The quality of the apartments could be improved significantly. Also, it took forever for the pool to open this summer. In addition, maintenance could have a quicker response time.

Office staff is rude and I had issues with the painters that were hired. Filled out survey and don’t know where to put in code to get my points.

Bad move in experience, issues were handled but in an untimely manner. Apartment is still not cleanly and a lot of time was waisted addressing issues.

Resident staff does not know answers to any questions, instead they will make something up just to get you to leave. The apartment had not been cleaned st all when we moved in

Decent space and amenities for price, however management is incompetent and do not help to resolve issues. There needs to be many updates to units with active residents, instead of only fixing units that are unoccupied.

Seems like there's a new manager every week. Had an issue with every appliance except washer/dryer. Mold everywhere in the bathroom and probably vents/walls/floors. Apartment is all painted white, yuck. Walls and doors and light fixtures are nice. The response to emails is pathetic. The nice thing is they actually refund you your rent to make up for their shortcomings which is standard practice but still worth appreciating. I wouldn't recommend anyone live here. I gave it one star instead of half because the service is pleasant. Pleasant but poor in quality.

It's ok. May not always hold up to promises honored by previous management. May deviate to much annoyance. Little respect for rights of tenants and doesn't protect them from abuses by other tenants

Construction cleanliness a concern. Along with grounds upkeep - other residents leaving garbage near stairs for more than a week and birds inhabitant stairwells.

The hottub has been broken for almost 8 months. I was informed that the staff understand the issue but is being too cheap to fix it. Very disappointed in the service.

This place is okay. The office staff doesn't return your calls and a lot of things break in the apartments. The rates are very high for the lack of quality objects inside the apartments.

This place is terrible in every way shape and form! I’ve had floods, cockroaches, ripped out bathrooms for no reason, the list could go on! Not to mention the post utilities 3 weeks later then they’re supposed to and want them 3 days later. This place is awful and lack so many basic communication skills.

Could have been a whole lot better. I dealt with a lot of horrible management when I first moved in. I experienced a ton of building failures that led to no AC, a flooded apartment where I had to move out of my room (this happened twice), I didn't have a shower for a week due to a problem Tremont created, and more. My experience was extremely less than ideal and I couldn't wait to move out. Management that came in right before I moved out seemed to se okay but started changing rules about rent payment and guest parking without alerting their residents. Extremely unprofessional. Not worth the money.

I had horrible experiences here. The new management seems to be a little better, but other than that, this place is not very promising and definitely not worth the money.

I have not had the best experience here. From a flood, to unexpected walk in and showers torn out, and even cockroaches, it had been awful. The staff has terrible communication skills and are rude when you go and talk to them. I would recommend living anywhere but here.

Bad management!!! Horrible quality apartment!! My cable was painted over so now the cable skips in and out and cannot be fixed! Matched me with a roommate who was tried for 2 felonies and somehow passed the "background" tests