Everything is gr8 but the net =] Would maybe like to see updated furniture and carpet (carpet especially). Office staff are really nice and rather helpful

So far the only 'issues' I have seen is the delay in utility charges. Otherwise, everything has been excellent. Good staff and easy to get a hold of.

Good so far. Meaning there are no issues. However, I have not seen much info regarding what is already available to current residents in the sense of upcoming events and etc.

love my apartment. Living with 2 of my best friends but yet have my own bedroom and bathroom for priviacy. Another big plus is the washer/ dryer right in the apartment. Love having a gym and pool to use also. It's a wonderful life!!

I enjoy what the apartment complex offers in terms of activities and amenities. I think I'm paying a fair price and I'm content where I am living. My only complaints would come from those who I am living around (noisy neighbors, traffic, etc) as well as the condition of the building, as my room is extremely cold, even when the temperature is warmer, and not even stuffing the windows has fixed that.

Community wise, it is not bad. However, more group events would be nice...and preferably not in the middle of the day when everyone is at class.

The atmosphere here is very pleasant and the staff is helpful and friendly. Happy they are the new owners and look forward to living with them next year.

Nice area if going to college up there. Not to far of a bus ride. Not much going on there though. People stay to themselves a lot. Wifi doesn't work to well either

The apartment staff is helpful, and always polite. My only complaint about the apartment would be the internet being only wireless, requiring the routers to do a maintenance every night. This maintenance stops me from working when I can, and puts me behind. A wired connection would fix this. Otherwise I am very happy with everything that has been provided for me.

Love that guests dont have to have parking passes anymore! Thankful that this new community is organized and shows us that we are appreciated!

I immediately saw positive changes when the new management took over. I'm glad the parking situation has been relaxed, and I hope that internet upgrades will come soon.

Excellent maintenance in the apartments. The potholes in the parking lot need to be fixed and speeds regulated. Almost had several accidents due to people speeding through it.

Great so far update the wifi because it is very slow and can be extremely annoying but the staff is great and extremely helpful when they are needed

The internet is sometimes frustrating but the maintenance overall is great. Also, it would be better if there were some more clarification and notification with the utility bills.

Tremont Student Living is a very quiet, quaint community. I really enjoy the well kept scenery as well as the different amenities such as the pool and volleyball court. It really has that college living vibe.

I love my apartment complex, and although some would say its far from campus, I actually enjoy being able to get away from downtown to get peace and quiet. Also, the maintenance crew is amazing. I have had a few problems in my apartment and they are always to quick to fix the issue, sometimes they come within the hour of submitting the maintenance request. The new management is also super friendly. I have had a few hiccups when it comes to switching over from the online portal and understanding how to pay my rent and see my account history online. The staff is always super helpful and eager to answer my questions, no matter how "stupid" some of them may appear in my eyes. The landscape is well maintained and they just finished fixing the hot tub and refilling both the hot tub and pool with water, so I am eager for summer to officially start.

I like the apartment. The maintenance haven't been consistent before but this new management is better. I like that there is more student engagement now.

Internet could be better. Paying online should be free. Nice staff. Clean community. Parking lot could soon be redone. Wish the hottub worked.

It has most of the basics which is good, but the response time on getting back to our requests can be horrible. We've gone at least 5 months now without tv, and the front desk has been told multiple times about it. They need to be able to respond more quickly to things.

great staff, great location, the apartment size is perfect! the only thing is maybe getting new couches or more up to date furniture. overall the experience is good!

I would like to see the apartment cleaned before I moved in. It was really disgusting. Now even for next year, when my friends will be moving the previous residents are not leaving the apartment in a new condition

The management seems nice overal however the interiors of the apartments are not as great as we thought it would be. The cheap craftsmanship in repairs can definitely be seen. Also our leather chair is all cracked and should be replaced!!

i love it, very nice and chill. the gym is organized and well functioning, the employees who work at the office are very nice and helping. Paying for the rent online makes life a lot easier now

This new point program is great, there is still some stuff to readjust at the office and the new sign at the apartment. Also, I'm wondering if there is going to be any renovation...

Living in Here is great, I like the quite and privacy. The only thing that can be better is the internet, it's very bad and not secure. Other than that it's great.