I would like to see the apartment cleaned before I moved in. It was really disgusting. Now even for next year, when my friends will be moving the previous residents are not leaving the apartment in a new condition

The management seems nice overal however the interiors of the apartments are not as great as we thought it would be. The cheap craftsmanship in repairs can definitely be seen. Also our leather chair is all cracked and should be replaced!!

i love it, very nice and chill. the gym is organized and well functioning, the employees who work at the office are very nice and helping. Paying for the rent online makes life a lot easier now

This new point program is great, there is still some stuff to readjust at the office and the new sign at the apartment. Also, I'm wondering if there is going to be any renovation...

Living in Here is great, I like the quite and privacy. The only thing that can be better is the internet, it's very bad and not secure. Other than that it's great.

So far the transition to new management has been for the better. Maintenance has always been great. The people in the office are kind and helpful.

The staff's always super nice and helpful and I never have problems getting maintenance to come fix any issues that could arise in my apartment.

I feel like communication is terrible. It's hard to get in touch with anyone and have them respond in a timely manner or reach out to give information.

It's ok. May not always hold up to promises honored by previous management. May deviate to much annoyance. Little respect for rights of tenants and doesn't protect them from abuses by other tenants