I have been felt good since I lived in one of Trilogy apartments because this property meets with my standards and I hope that other tenants have same as my feeling. Have a great day everybody.

Good apartment. I've been with Trilogy more than two years and I have not seen anything bad. I told my friends about it and they like to be with Trilogy family. Thank you Trailogy apartment.

Doing relatively good. No issues to report. We had an issue with the stove, but that was resolved, and we received a new one. The central air is working great and all is well.

There were a few minor issues with the apartment when we first moved in but they were quickly fixed by the wonderful staff I'm excited about the pool going in. The dog park is an awesome amenity, with a small high energy dog he needs his exercise.

I like living here and how the apartments are set up. I like the location. My kids and I can't wait to get a pool. I like the laundry mat and fitness center.

Lived in Trilogy for a year. Pro- professional management, superb service team, no deposit needed for select tenants, easy access to anywhere. Con- very old apartment building. Overall a pleasant expereince

I've always been treated very professionally by the Trilogy staff. There have been a few disappointments but overall its a good experience.

I'm not having much of anything to complain about. Some things are way out of our control but as far as everything else goes I'll say that it's going great.

I have been here at Trilogy for 2 years and I love the grounds and area. I was, however disappointed to learn that the appliances shown in the display house are so much better that the ones in the actual apartments. I am still upset to know that our stoves are spray painted white, and when you cook, the paint burns and turns to a dark tan color.

I love living here!! It is he here. Everyone working here is simply part of the extended family. I hope and plan to be here for many years to come!!

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Not happy that Jamie the property manager told me last June that our pool would be ready by August of last year and it's almost July and still no pool. Also laundry room is usually pretty dirty

There are a lot of things I love about Trilogy, but I wish the pool was finished on time and did not create so many interruptions. It has created a bug problem for my complex. I do like the dog park and the pretty atmosphere. The staff are very nice and prompt. I also like how quiet it is.

The management and maintenance are great! They are always willing to help out when needed. My neighbors are nice and quiet. The people in the neighborhood are friendly. The grocery store and other amenities are in walking distance.

The staff here is very kind. There are usually enough people working in the office to tend to you when you come in. Maintenance requests are promptly take care of (in about a day, typically). Outdoor areas are well maintained including grass, decorative plantings, and picnic areas. I dislike how it can sometimes be a struggle to find enough machines to wash & dry in the laundry room, but it's not always an issue.

Good place to live in its in the middle of a lot of nice places Service is good if you call them they come right on time nice area police always there you can walk any time ™ you can even leave you house door open and you don't have to worry about someone will come after you and enter your house nice gym but they don't have swimming pool

Overall pretty good. I love how quickly maintenance gets to fixing things. We had one hiccup with rent and not having our credit applied to it about six months in, but it was fixed quickly as well.

I really like how trilogy is pet friendly. I love seeing pet owners and their pets bond in the dog park or walking around the community.i also love how close I am to the loop.

I really like the location and the safety. But come fix my windows! Its impossible to open them and fully close them, you are making me pay extra a/c and heating! Other than that the place is great, specially the new grills.

Extremely good, very professional staff and quality care maintenance to meet the needs of each resident, a very safe community which give us a peace of mind

I'm glad Trilogy is finally building a pool, but the fitness room is in pretty bad shape. A lot of the equipment needs to be replaced, and the treadmills are always broken. Otherwise, for the most part, living at Trilogy has been a good experience.

I love it here. I feel safe, it's clean, the rent is reasonable. I just wish there were more community get togethers so we could get to know others in the complex

Sadly I have had a few issues. However the staff has been great. The charm of the area and the character of the apartment is totally worth the inconveniences. Once I get the issues taken care of I will enjoy living here.

We really enjoy living here at Trilogy apartments. The apartment is a good size for a good price. The only issue we really have is that there are children upstairs who are constantly running and jumping around. This makes it difficult for us to get sleep and relax. Other than that the place is great and we love the 24 hour fitness center!

you all are doing so great i cant stand it please help. so wonderful! i lve triolgy so much every one love them too. i love them my mom loe them my pa love them my child love them too.

Love my new 1 bedroom apartment. Staff was very friendly and willing to answer ALL my questions. I was shocked to find that there was no cable outlet in my bedroom...who can live without cable. Similarly, there are two telephone jacks in the room...odd, I know. I've only been here two months but other than the cable debacle, all good so far!