Very nice and quiet . Loving my new apartment . The management staff was very helpful and I’m pleased with everything. I love that ucity police patrol the area as well . The apartments are nice size as well

So far so good. I’ve been in my apartment a full week and I’m beyond happy and comfortable. I’m not a fan of the small oven, however I am a fan of the multiple windows which allows a ton of light.

I have continually experience a great time here at Trilogy. I enjoy the location and the amenities that I actually use and the condition of my apt (flawed as it is) so far. As long as I have my own space and my neighbors are respectful, I will (and have been) enjoying my time living here.

I really enjoy the visual of the neighborhood. I also enjoy how safe the whole area seems to be. I wish that the rooms were close to equal size in the two bedrooms. That’s the only change I would give.

So far I love my apartment and haven’t had any problems yet. Chose to live here because it is close to my job and since day one I’ve been in love.

So far my time here has been Nice, quiet, everyone’s friendly and it’s an extremely comfy environment. I would not mind living here another year or so.

I think this community is awesome the prices are fair and I like the fact that I can pay my rent thru an automated system so it doesn't interrupt my day.

We got what we wanted (a small apartment) and the maintenance has been really good; have filled out a request in the morning and it was completed when I came home.

Great location and great management team, the pet is welcomed and just minutes away from freeways, schools, parks, entertainment, grocery stores, shopping, and several restaurants

Love the space and the community! I love taking my dog to the dog park and we have the friendliest staff! They were extremely accommodating when I requested an open 1st floor apartment so I could have access for my grandma and they continued to be understanding even a year later!

The Apartment is at a very good location and its a great neighborhood. The leasing office staff are very friendly and always take care of any maintenance requests as soon as possible.

Great location, friendly neighbors and staff. Very few maintenance problems but when there are they're fixed fast. I know its small but is it possible to get a boxing bag in the weight room.

Couldn’t be happy with the choice I made over a year ago when I decided to call trilogy apartments my home. I am looking forward to many more yet to come.

Appliances could have been a bit cleaner when I first moved in. Just the smaller details that need to be looked at when getting an apartment ready for move in.

My residential experience, so far, has been remarkable, you guys really care, and i mega appreciate that, thanks for all you guys do. Smooches

Nice, cozy one bedroom apartment. I've had no maintenance issues so far, my neighbors are quiet, and the complex is neat and well kept. My only complaint so far is that the windows are poorly insulated, so sound and outside temperature get through very easily.

I really appreciate the maintenance team. They helped with an issue of plumbing in my bathroom very efficiently and thoughtfully. Thank you!

We are staying here for the past 5 months and we are totally happy and satisfied with the apartment and with the trilogy team who repescts and responds to our problems immediately and yes there is an easy and quick solution if there is any repair in our house. We are fully satisfied with the team's service. It's a quiet and pleasant place to stay and surely we would recommend it to our friends :)

Great location, staff is very friendly, maintenance responds quickly and they always have friendly conversation. The dog park is awesome. Only downside is the dog park is always full of poop because other residents don't clean up after their dogs.

Very clean, well maintained ... only downside is the windows - they are hard to open and the frames need to be caulked, but maintenance responds pretty quickly to any requests. Just haven't put in a request for windows as of yet.

I really love the outstanding area also due to the fact that this is my first home in Missouri. It’s a outstanding place live . Gym,pool,and laundry ohh brother I’m happy

Very friendly staff and responsive maintenance. Love being able to use the dog park which is directly across from my apartment but hope there will be updates made to it soon. Specifically, another obstacle or putting down grass where the dirt path is because my dog gets very dirty when we go there.

I have enjoyed my stay at Trilogy Apartments. The management office staff and maintenance have been responsive to my needs! My only request is for the windows in the apartments to be changed, they are old and drafty during the winter months.

Trilogy is a great place. They keep the facilities nice & have great response time on any maintenance requests. I would recommend to anyone looking in the U City area

So far I have really enjoyed living at Trilogy. The location right by 170 is very convenient. At first I was worried the highway traffic would be extremely loud but inside the apartment I can barely hear it.