Great place! However the bugs have gotten really bad so more inspections/ spraying would be a plus. Also some of the amenities were old so I’m excited to go back to see how the new construction has changed the clubhouse and pool area!

I have one annoying roommate. But okay overall. The apartment floors are dirty from remnant garbage left outside by tenants. They are not swept off on time and create smells and stains.

better than my last place! Moved in with my best friend and loved every second. The front desk was always amazing. My only complaint was the frat that was allowed there. They were very noisy and disruptive.

I have lived in this community for three years and it has been through three different owners. I am overall happy. Sometimes I wish I felt safer with more lights and all the gates working and being locked. I am happy some renovations are being done in my apartment now like getting rid of the burnt orange paint. However, since I’m still in my apartment I am not getting the renovations because I am still living in my room.

Office hours are pretty accommodating, overall value of apartment is good and lease terms are flexible (12m, 9m, 6m). Work orders could be better. Electric cap is relatively low, leads to often overages.

The staff here are excellent and always friendly! The complex itself can be dirty and things break more often than I'd like but the new maintenance staff are nice and quick to fix the problem. The apartments are a little outdated but nice, so overall I've had a nice experience here.

The apartments are really nice and comfortable though the beds could definitely use major upgrading. New appliances would be good but overall the apartments are very nice.

It was a nice place to live although the renovations were a little noisy at times. I didn’t but have many issues with management and the value was amazing for all of the amenities available.

Some of the staff was very nice. The trash company could have been better though. The maintenance people we’re inconsistent. The gate was never closed, which is very unsafe.

My roomates are pretty much like family. The space is just right. When we submit a work order, maintenance comes as soon as the next day if not immediately!

I like my apartment and enjoy living here, maintenance just takes a while to get to the maintenance requests that you put in. Other than that I enjoy it

Living here has been everything a college student wanted. A nice quiet, friendly, and respectful staff members. The apartment features a lot of amenities which are fun to enjoy and the apartment room size are big.

Convenient and safe. Definitely in need of better up keep with the lawn and tree maintenance. A huge Branch landed when i first started living there and it stayed for days without being touched. Shards and pieces of glass are all over, they just continue to grow in glass all over, accumulation without being picked. It’s a college type apartment so I’m not surprised with it being untidy and trash along the stairs, elevator. The glass was overwhelming and i can’t imagine those who walk their pets , and pay a fee for walking them through sharp objects on sidewalk and pavement.. i see this place not far from the right direction though..

close to school and work, great staff, nice looking neighborhood, do not feel unsafe at all, the pool and gym are in good condition, Roommates were very nice.

Lots of issues with cleaniness, sometimes to the point of hazardous (improperly disposed of construction debris like paint). Dumpsters are very inaccessible, especially if you have any disability. Internet has had consistent issues for the two years I've lived here. Lots of issues with understaffing, but employees have been pretty consistently friendly. However, this leads to big gaps in response time (it took me over a year to get my room key replaced which is a pretty big safety concern). It's been fine, but I don't think management has really bothered to put money in needed services.

Not impressed. Everyone at the front office is nice though, so that’s the only thing keeping me sane living here. Besides that, couldn’t continue to live here past 3 months.

The staff at Ulinq is absolutely amazing. Out of all the apartment complex's I've been to in the USF area, this is the best by far. They actually care about their residents a hold events for them. I highly recommend this apartment complex!

Love the location, only 5-10 min from Busch gardens and 5 min from campus. Paying rent online is easy. Parking is never an issue. And that's that.

The apartment seems fine. The staff is good, but oftentimes seems overwhelmed. The apartment itself is nice. I especially enjoy the walk in closet. The kitchen could be updated.

The staff are very well informed about all the resources and information available. Whenever there is a problem, I can count on the staff to fix it.

My time so far has been decent. I reletted my room from another student and the roommates were supposed to clean the whole common living room, kitchen, and laundry room, but it wasn't clean. Otherwise the room is good.

Great place to live. Nice amenities, and fairly good roommate matching. I had no fights which was nice and only saw the occasional bug. High ceiling in bedroom and good air circulation

This place is overpriced for the quality of living. I have lived with roaches for the whole time I’ve lived here. There is a pest control service but i guess it doesn’t work. There is almost no visitor parking.

The location is good since it is away from the chaos of busy street and usually quiet. The amenities are a great sell out for the community.

It has been good except i never got my money gift cards for signing my lease. Really disappointed. Talked to the front desk about it and said they would get in contact with the manager. NO WORD BACK :( very unhappy. Maintenance has been great.