I like living here. It is nice. It has a nearby bus stop and they have fun events. The staff at the front is kind. I also like that I have a spacious room.

It's a nice apartment for the price. You have to put in multiple maintenance requests for something to actually be done. The dog bags have been empty for about three weeks now.

Visually, this place is very nice. The leasing office as well as the units look very contemporary, neat, and vibrant. If feels like everything here is made to be as easy as possible and people are very hospitable here, from the workers to the residents.

I thoroughly enjoy living at ULinq. The atmosphere is quiet with Avery nice pool and activities center. Rent is rather inexpensive in comparison to some of the other apartment complexes in the area. The staff has always been kind and it's a great community.

I’ve enjoyed living here because of its location and apartment layout. The only complaint I have is about our old stove and that the front gates are always open.

Some of the office works are so rude, and the payment for rent is sketchy sometimes they take to much they say oh now it’s a credit on your account- Hello!! I’m a broke college student I need my money - not a credit. Other than that the room is ok and my roommates are great so 🤷🏽‍♀️.

The staff aren’t very helpful. The updates are awesome however. Rent seems a bit overpriced for what you get. Overall pretty quiet and residents are respectful.

Living here is awesome! the best part is the location. ...temple terrace is pretty awesome. usf is pretty close by too. has a bus stop right outside too.

A very understanding complex with office members who try their absolute best to make things happen! Love the area and love being in my apartment!

The apartment itself is great, and they are working on a lot of new amenities which is nice. The gym is really small and I don't like how you can look right in from the outside. The lack of privacy from people passing by discourages me from utilizing that facility. I hope management opts to put some tint on the windows or curtains of some sort. Amenities such as the pool and gates have been broken since I moved in August 2018 and need to be prioritized. The elevator has been down for a month as well. The staff is friendly but the issues are not being fixed. Maintenance never really seems to fix anything when work orders are put in.

I like living here. The work team is always thinking that the properties are in good condition. Every time I need something fixed, it doesn't take long. The property always look clean

It’s a fine place, but it seems like all new management did was put a fresh coat of paint on the buildings. I’ve been here a month now & the elevator is still broken and we still don’t have new key fobs. The room wasn’t cleaned prior to my move-in and I still have an outstanding maintenance request from my second week here. I like to give the benefit of the doubt, so I’ll see how long it takes.

Living here has been great. That staff is extremely helpful and friendly. Linq has great amenities and it’s positing to campus makes it a great place to live if you are a college student.

The employees are very friendly and any problems that occur in the apartment are fixed quickly. The only problem is the internet completely goes out 1-2 times a week for about 2 hours

I’ve lived here for 3 rotations of management. I think that the maintenance has vastly improved and while I think there is still some issues of communication between residents and upper management as well as bouts of unprofessionalism for certain situations, the leasing consultants are always amicable and willing to try to help.

The apartment space is nice. More space to place kitchen wares like pots and pans would be nice though. Really like the mini kitchen area in each room and mini fridge.

University LinQ started off rocky, but have improved in leaps and bounds since the new company took over. Management is a million times better than before and the office staff is super friendly.

The outer area look great. The inside is either messy, dirty, or moldy. My bed was dirty and carpets too when I first move in. Most of the things in the complex needed to be change.

I think so far it has been a great place to live. I never hear the noise from my neighbors, which I love! Everyone is nice and I appreciate that the front is always asking if there is anything they can do for me.

Really amazing property with countless amenities and a really good look. Apartments are spacious, the older units could use a fixing up, but the refurbished ones that are extra look very nice. Overall really good place.

I love living here it's really close to usf and nice office workers. They have been super kind to me and have been able to resolve my problems so far.

Overall decent place to live, the valet trash was a little wonky and would be the biggest criticism of living here. Other than that just make the elevators not sound like they're going to crash and burn

Although I have encountered some problems, they can be quickly resolved through the office. Very good environment, very quiet, fast repair service

My apt. Is a very clean, relaxing environment that I enjoy very much. I like to here the school right next to my apt’s. It’s puts a smile on my face when I wake up throughout the day , because it remind of my school days when we played outside.

I have had no issues with living here the office staff is helpful and I have never had any problems. The apartment is nice and the furniture is of high quality