The apartment space is nice. More space to place kitchen wares like pots and pans would be nice though. Really like the mini kitchen area in each room and mini fridge.

University LinQ started off rocky, but have improved in leaps and bounds since the new company took over. Management is a million times better than before and the office staff is super friendly.

The outer area look great. The inside is either messy, dirty, or moldy. My bed was dirty and carpets too when I first move in. Most of the things in the complex needed to be change.

I think so far it has been a great place to live. I never hear the noise from my neighbors, which I love! Everyone is nice and I appreciate that the front is always asking if there is anything they can do for me.

Really amazing property with countless amenities and a really good look. Apartments are spacious, the older units could use a fixing up, but the refurbished ones that are extra look very nice. Overall really good place.

I love living here it's really close to usf and nice office workers. They have been super kind to me and have been able to resolve my problems so far.

Overall decent place to live, the valet trash was a little wonky and would be the biggest criticism of living here. Other than that just make the elevators not sound like they're going to crash and burn

Although I have encountered some problems, they can be quickly resolved through the office. Very good environment, very quiet, fast repair service

My apt. Is a very clean, relaxing environment that I enjoy very much. I like to here the school right next to my apt’s. It’s puts a smile on my face when I wake up throughout the day , because it remind of my school days when we played outside.

I have had no issues with living here the office staff is helpful and I have never had any problems. The apartment is nice and the furniture is of high quality

The room is nice and spacious, the water pressure is a little low and the internet service here is not the best, given that we just received a new ISP. All in all it is a nice apartment and the staff are friendly.

Living here has been just ok. The hot tub doesn’t work after filling out a maintenance request and finding out they cancelled my request. I also told the office about it and they have done nothing about the hot tub not working. Maintenance hasn’t fixed issues we’ve told them about since we moved in which was two months ago. Maintenance also hangs out in the apartment when they do a job instead of leaving right when it’s done this is violating our privacy and the safety of the residents.

So far I have liked living here, the apartment would be nicer if more updated though. Also the people I have met are nice and my room mates are nice too. The only thing I don’t like at all is how dirty it is outside and how trash is thrown everywhere.

I’be been living at University LinQ for about 2 months now and I love it. The neighbors aren’t noisy and my roommates are great. The gym here is nice too, but I do wish they had more machines for abs and legs. Overall, it’s a good gym.

Great apartment complex that has everything i need. It is located in a great spot right next to the University of South Florida and is where I will most likely live for the remainder of my schooling.

It’s nice, I think the ac could be upgraded and there was a bunch of trash left by the people before me but besides that it is a really nice place

Great apartment conplex, but management is not great. They changed our locks without notifying us. There have been times when there is no one in the office on weekends. Did not have everything like new parking passes or keycards when first moved in.

I am looking forward to moving into University LinQ tomorrow. The staff is mostly composed of resident students and they are all very nice. The pool, gym, and common areas are consistently functional and clean. Big thanks to Brandon, Eric, e Mercedes for their kind attention. I feel very positive about the whole experience here at UL. I would probably give it 5 ☆, but I can't since I have not moved in yet...😉

Staff here is really helpful and friendly! Move in process was so easy and the apartments are really nice! Even on my first day, my roommates put a work order and it was done within the hour!

Its been a great experience I really enjoy living here its really nice and well maintained. I like that theres a nice pool and the people are great!

I have enjoyed living here with the amenities and the layout of the apartment. However, there have been occasional visitors around our apartment who do not live here and spend all day by the pool or outside someone's door.

It is a good neighbor that isn't far from anywhere. I walk to school and it only takes about 30 minutes. There is always someone willing to help and answer questions about the Apartment. It is a little nosy, music can be heard at different hours of the night but it isn't anything over whelming.

The place is nice but the communication from the staff is awful. They made it seemed like I would be paying 605 for rent but then sent me a lease saying rent was 665 and everywhere else in my price range was full so I was basically forced to sign it. Plus they never tell me when someone will be entering my apartment and they didn’t tell me that they changed the locks

Office staff is mostly very nice and helpful but maintenance staff (only like 2 of them) can be very rude and unhelpful. Absolutely lovely facilities. Overall a nice place to live! All apartment complexes have their own share of downfalls and this one is no worse.

Very helpful staff!! Whenever something is broken they fix it right away! They fixed a bunch of stuff before I moved in! The location is ideal as well.