Really excited to live at ulofts, the rooms are spacious and the amenities look very nice. It is also in a very convenient location downtown.

Great amenities and best staff!! Spacious apartments with windows that open. Overall a great community and building. Also very close to the bars and bus stops.

University lofts is a very nice place to live in, with its selling point being that everything is included. Sometimes the hallways smell, but that's only normal for a place that only houses college students.

Haven't even spent a night there yet, however your staff's service has been wonderful and I am very excited for my stay at University Lofts.

ulofts works really hard to make sure residents have a wonderful living experience. Apartments are cozy, staff is amazing, and location is convenient.

the apartment is really nice and everyone is awesome here. Hopefully, i will have a great year staying with Ulofts, and probably again next year.

Loved living here, gorgeous apartments, all the amenities a college students needs. Really nice helpful staff and great, quick maintenance. Ll

Ulofts is awesome I have no complaints thus far. I first heard of ulofts from a friend of mine and he had great things to say as well. Thanks!

Good amenities, great place to live, good wifi, good staff and good maintenance who always shows up in a timely manner of when you need them

You're doing well, I lived here for a year and I enjoyed my experience thus far. Good amenities, staff and the maintenance is always quick to helo

I love my apartment at University Lofts. It is very cozy and has all the amenities I need in the area I need to be. I look forward to my next year as a resident. The only downfall is the walls are quite thin.

University Lofts is a great place to live. I highly recommend this complex above others as it's got amazing amenities and the apartments are so unique.

Universit Lofts has great amenities that enhance the overall living experience. My favorite spaces are the gym, yoga room and computer centers.

Apartment is good for what you're paying. Great location and amenities. Not the most high end finishes, but anything more is unnecessary. Excited to live here

Community rewards is a very interesting program. It helps people stay more involved in the community. At the same time, it acts as a good incentive for people to pay attention

I really enjoy living at University Lofts, there are various useful amenities and the staff is extremely helpful if I have issues. I also love that it is in a very nice location downtown.

Great staff, friendly and quiet building. Close parking is very helpful. Package deliveries are very simple and easy. Support and maintenance is quick.

University lofts staff and maintenance are really reliable. However the amenities like dryer and washer aren't that great and because of my apartment location I don't get sunlight.

Good app can work a little better. Slight issue with the app, not allowing me to get the gift cards that I chose. App should be publicized more

I am so excited to move into Ulofts in August. I have heard only great things about it and the amenities offered could not be beaten for the price. This is my first year off campus and I can not wait to go back to school.

this is great. I like it a lot. great place to live. great good amazing fun clean healthy respectful, no noise, good amenities good place ot live.

I have a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom apartment. It is spacious and comfortable. All the appliances work properly for the most part. My only complaint is that ive needed many work orders because the handle to each door keeps fallingoff, the windows detach and the handle to the sink fell off.

I have been here for a year and it really feels like home. I love the aesthetics of my apartment and the amenities the building has to offer.

It's great here, I love it! I like how we have access to s lot of great places like weight room, game room, and study room. Also, our rooms are great too, a lot of privacy and great quality of bathrooms and kitchen.

University lofts is great for the money, the wifi is spotty, the printing room is iffy with whether or not they have paper, overall I would live there again but they could do better