The rent is way too high for inaccessible staff who threaten to fine for every little thing. If something is needed after hours, there is nothing residents can do. There have been no events at all yet, I wasn't informed of my apartment space before signing my lease so I had no idea there would be essentially no windows and no sunlight. You can hear everything your neighbors are doing as well as the parties going on downtown even with doors and windows closed.

I feel as though the place is pretty good but the gym does need some work and the carpets arent the cleanest so if those things could be taken care of that would be great

I have enjoyed my stay in unlofts so far. I enjoy that i had my own bathroom for two years which was huge. The tile flooring in the kitchen is also nice.

I like the location but the building is under staffed and unreliable. I couldn’t even get into the building for the first 4 weeks I lived here.

The amenities are a great feature and there is always paper in the printer. The building is also in an awesome location. The staff is great, but the community would benefit from more maintenance staff.

University Lofts is a great place to live. The staff and maintenance team have been prompt and efficient with any issues that are addressed. I recommend this community to anyone looking for a place to live.

My apartment is very nice - I really like the high ceilings and the size of my room. I've never had an apartment with a bathroom inside of it, and it's something I've come to really enjoy. The lighting is a little dim, so you'd have to bring in extra lamps to make everything look brighter. The placement of the lights in the kitchen is also strange, because there is a light directly above the sink, but not a direct light above the stove, which is counterintuitive because I feel like you should be able to see what you're cooking. You don't need that much light to wash the dishes. Other than that, the location of this apartment complex is one of its best perks. That's the perk that I've enjoyed the most.

It has been good for the most part. I know there is new management so it was a bit confusing at first. But my apartment is spacious and comfortable and my room is nice as well. I like having my own bathroom a lot. The gym is nice.

Everything has been ok. I love the place but the management sucks and maintenance sucks so far. It’s only the beginning so I understand it’s backed up. Amenities are great but wish there weren’t so many problems with my apartment prior to moving in.

Staff is very nice and the rooms are very nice. The location and amenities are great, but sometimes the maintenance crew takes too long to get to complaints about internet service.

Ulofts is pretty cool. I really like my room because it is very very very big. I have a sink and a kitchen and a bedroom and I put an xbox in my living room.

The transportation is very convenient here but I feel like maintainence could be better because the room was not very clean when i came in. Overall it is a decent place.

Friendly staff, slow progress at resolving issues. Management could have better communication. They need more than one person on the cleaning staff.

Fairly quiet, nice staff, but the apartments are of unequal value in terms of space and amenities — which doesn’t make sense when everyone’s rent costs the same. I got the short end, with older flooring and a smaller apartment that doesn’t include an island.

When I first decided to live in ULofts, I chose the first floor 3 bedroom instead of the 4 person one because my roommates and I wanted windows in each of our bedrooms since there wasn't going to be on in our common living space. Only upon moving in, did we find out that our windows are entirely blocked by the building next door. We get zero sunlight in our apartment, which makes it feel like night time 24/7. I feel like I got scammed as I purposely chose to pay for one with windows. At this point, I might as well live without a window. The parking situation sucks too, because I moved in the day after move in day, the oversold parking passes which shoulda been able to accommodate to residents living there. The key fobs were also a main issue and still having that issue as every time one of my roommate's fob gets reprogrammed, someone would get booted off the system. There was also an incidence where my friend that lived down the hall had a bat in their apartment. Shout out to the maintenance guy though. He is very helpful when the whole building is backed up and there's no one at the front desk. Hopefully, things will go smoother.

Extremely slow response times to emails and phone calls. Emails are usually ignored. Phone calls go straight to a loud, incessant beep. On the other hand, Brandon, the maintenance guy, is terrific! Amazing, contagious personality. Extremely easy to talk to, never gives you a hard time, always says hi and asks how your day is going. Doesn’t make a big fuss when you ask him for help. He is the ONLY maintenance staff member, which means he does EVERYTHING in all the tenants apartments - the bathrooms, the lights, the kitchen, the washer and dryer, the windows, the closets, the living room, the tv, the batteries in the remotes, our bedrooms, ; I mean EVERYTHING. He’s been at ULofts for over a year and hasn’t been promoted or even received recognition or anything. I personally think he deserves so much in return, especially considering how much work he does for everyone in our ULofts Community.

I love it. The high ceilings really exude a sense of luxury. The staff are extremely helpful when it comes to addressing our issues with the apartment.

We were shown a different model apartment and were placed in the basement with no windows in our bedrooms and poor air circulation with smaller couches than everyone else and still paying the same rent. we tried to make it as homey as possible but our friend has asthma and sent a doctors note and other friend has very bad anxiety with a service dog and no one is reaching out to our concerns. it was so dirty too with cobwebs everywhere when we moved in

There are still a lot of management issues which include faulty key fobs. However the maintenance is nice, we understand he’s getting around all the units.

ULofts is in the perfect location of the city and the complex is modern and has great facilities. However, upon arrival my room was not clean and did not have any windows, as promised. There is only one maintenance man and he is extremely overworked, there needs to be more staff.

I’ve been living here for a little over 3 years now and it has its ups and downs. There has been quite a few changes in staffs for my time here and it has been frustrating. But the location is convenient

Second year living here and heard there's new management. The location is good and the apartment itself is nice but hate paying for the renter's insurance which is $12 on top of rent every month. It's only the second week, but maintenance hasn't been responding, a lot of key fobs do not work, there's been a bat in the hallways, and water damage in some rooms. The parking lot also oversold a lot of passes and will close some levels until LUMA ends.

I love the personal space I get living at University Lofts. I love the vibe the dim hallways give off. I also really like the location of University Lofts. It is so close to everything downtown! My biggest issue with University Lofts is management. It needs serious improvement.

community and staff is great, building is AMAZING, convenient, new everything. maintenance rocks. My experience so far has been great! Rooms are clean, up to date, and provide a great living space for students. Could not be happier with living at other place.

Living at University Lofts was amazing! I had a gigantic room, ample living space and so many useful amenities! Overall it was a great experience!