My apartment is spacious and well furnished. My only complaint with the building is that it is very dark, and the view from my window is a brick wall, even though it was advertised as a view. Obviously this isn't ideal, but I still do get some natural light.

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I wish the wifi was better and the gym had more cables attachments and equipment. Even a water fountain in the gym would add alot. My apartment also is very hot, even with the windows open.

Good app can work a little better. Slight issue with the app, not allowing me to get the gift cards that I chose. App should be publicized more

My apartment community is very quiet and people are friendly. The staff is willing to help you out with anything that you may need and they are excellent at answering any questions you may need.

Wifi is awful, needs to be fixed, I can't even do homework. Garbage bins are not always put on the floors at the scheduled times. Other than that, very happy with ULofts.

Would have liked certain things to have been completed before move in such as the ramp from garage to the building. I also feel communication isn't great.

Have a great apartment looking over court street. Once settled in living here is pretty nice. People at desk are very helpful, and attached parking garage is a plus.

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The internet connection isn't great and it's hard to regulate the temperature of the apartment. Other than that, I always feel very safe and content here!

Maintenances have had multiple delays but outside of that friendly/ respectful staffs as always, clean hallways, safe mail services and honestly much better than other student housings.

Great space and nice environment, wifi was bad but it got better. The gym being the building is really convenient. The Staff is also really nice and helpful.

I love living right across the street from the city bus station and right in the heart of downtown ! University lofts location is amazing!!!

Very clean facilities and good help at desk when someone is available. The wifi is awful and needs to be fixed. Had issue with dryer but has since been fixed. overall great experience

Good amenities, great place to live, good wifi, good staff and good maintenance who always shows up in a timely manner of when you need them

University Lofts has improved this year. The gym still needs a water fountain but aside from that the facilities are clean and management seems to be better.

Honestly this place is very close to the bar and everywhere. There is also a garage link to ulofts, which is great and wonderful. The staff is very nice and friendly.

You guys have good service. The apartments are cozy, and nice to live in. However, the dryer doesn't dry our clothes and the wifi is very spotty.

Maintenance could be better. I find that there are a lot of problems in the apartments, especially in the basement. I've submitted many work orders within the past few weeks ranging from the electricity going out to the ceiling leaking and the dryer machine not working.

The living space is very nice and management/staff are very helpful. The amenities are cozy as well. The location is excellent, in the middle of downtown. Some issues with timely fixes and repairs. Also it is rather pricey. But overall it is a pleasant apartment complex.

University Lofts is the underrated student housing in downtown Binghamton. Less expensive than its competitors, yet offers almost all of the same amenities and the rooms are very big and spacious.

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Very spacious rooms and its a very nice buding. Only thing to complain about would be the wifi is terrible. I can barely use my computer because my Internets always lagging.

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I love it here but the apartment is very dark and has minimal lighting, the air conditioner is either freezing cold or super hot, and rent is expensive but we still have to worry about not using too much electricity.

Gym equipment could be improved as well as trying to limit the noise in the courtyard late at night. Rooms are great but living room lighting could improve.

While I do love the feel of the building and the location is great there are little things that are off putting. I know it's being worked on but the internet is very spotty, the wipes in the gym were out for a week, there isn't full cable in the bedrooms, etc. Otherwise I do enjoy the space and the effort the staff puts in.

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The apartments are nice. However, I am not thrilled that I do not have a window in my bedroom or that the door connecting the parking garage to the building is still incomplete.

Friendly and helpful staff. Apartment is as advertised. Dishwasher maintenance was handled promptly. However, still waiting for lease signing gift card and parking space in the garage.