Really great place to live in Binghamton. Has everything nearby: bars, restaurant, cafes, bakery, bus station, banks and pharmacy. It is very big apartment and big room with everything included.

The rooms are spacious and comfortable, but has very little sunlight. I'm starting to feel like a vampire:D. other than that there are no problems.


The lease signing process was quick and simple. Also, the tour of the complex was also great and very informative. Loved all the ammenaties offered.

You are doing very well. Just be more friendly and improve the maintanence system also add some mirrors to the gym and change the broken chairs in our room.

i live in university lofts. they have good fitness room also reoom is big and clean. comfortable to live this apt. recommand this apt to live .

Pros: -very spacious -nice set up -decent mattress -nice view from windows Cons: -gym needs more equipment -not sure if this is everyone, but my toilet flushes weakly? -key scan is too bulky. Would rather prefer a card or some sort. -I paid my rent late, and I received emails that went into my spam. Wish there were better ways to notify me. Overall, good experience.

Loving it here just hoping it gets completely finished soon. The courtyard should be awesome as soon as it's finished but because it is being finished so late no one will really be able to use it seeing as how the weather is horrible here almost the entire year

It was great. solid building, has decent amount of room, clean, staff were very helpful. the price was pretty pricey but it looks like its worth the cost. I hope to see more from now on!

Pretty good