It’s nice and the rooms are spacious. I’ve never had my own bathroom before so that’s definitely a plus lol the staff are always nice and maintenance is always there to help.

The best living space! There are so many amenities here that add onto how nice these apartments are. Everyone who works at UO are so kind and always willing to help.

One of the best housing experiences I’ve ever had. I enjoy my stay here all year round. The pool is always nice and the gym is up to date. University Orchard is the best housing I. Salisbury

Its been fair living here. Its close to everything so I dont use alot of gas driving. The landlords are very helpful in the moving in process also.

Had a lot of issues during the leasing process. The employees did not communicate with each other very well. My room was generally clean when I moved in but the common area was not so I spent 4 hours cleaning it myself. Also the cabinets and other areas of the house are all scratched up. The area is very nice and I love the look of the buildings, but the inside should be taken care of a little bit better for the amount of money it costs a month.

Everything is great. Pool is nice. Bathrooms at the pool are gross tho. Need more ping pong paddles and the TVs in the game room and gym are broken. Landscaping is always on point. Love the pizza bagels and coffee in the lobby

The apartments are nice but the walls are thin and my car was broken into. I have also had multiple occurrences where the hot water has not worked well.

Nice complex! Staff is attentive and friendly. The walk to campus is not too bad either, about fifteen minutes. The events held are engaging for the community as well.

Been here for two days so far so good. Lovely appliances and great roommates. Staff has been very nice and helpful. Place looks clean from the outside which is nice

Even though I only spent two short months here, this place had everything I needed it to and was incredibly comfortable. The staff was so helpful in finding me a place to live and I don’t have a single bad thing to say about the staff, the apartments, or the surrounding area.

I’ve called the clubhouse a few times in the past few months to try and ask a few questions, and it told me the line was disconnected and then the other times, no one was around to answer.

My experience here at UO has been great so far. Parking is never a problem and the club house stays open till later in the day. And their is plenty of space and equipment in the gym

I love living here! The staff is so friendly and the amenities are amazing all for a great price! The location is perfect! I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else!

Security isn't always available and there's no way to reach them passed 11:00. Trash and broken glass is everywhere. The staff however is nice

Have lived in uo since last fall and have had a good experience. Maintenance has always been quick to respond and helpful. The only issue we have had is the people in apts above us throwing trash down on our porch

If the guy living above me could move my stay at Univeristy orchard would be amazing. He is the reason I lose sleep every night. Other than that I would say I really enjoy it

I haven’t been there long but it’s great! Got my own bathroom, and the apartment comes with everything! I even have cable television! So far zero problems!

Top notch apartment! Wonderful place to live. Great spaces to meet and be with friends. The staff has been friendly and helpful since the first day we moved in.

There's no working security number after 11:00pm which means if you have any issues passed that hour you either have to deal with it yourself or call the cops. There's beer cans scattered everywhere. Recently people have to get maced because of how out of hand a party got. It doesn't feel that safe. However the actual apartments are beautiful and the staff are always helpful.

The apartments are nice, the workers are helpful, the gym was closed for months and we did not receive any kickbacks because residents "dont pay for amenities" which is nonsense

I absolutely love UO. I am so glad that I chose to live here. Only thing I wish was different is that the prices were a little bit lower. Other than that, everything has been great!

I love living in UO. The apartments are furnished, it's a safe apartment complex, lots of parking, a pool, and study area. I really enjoyed the gym but it is getting re-modeled currently and am looking forward to when it opens again. The staff are always welcoming and open to questions. Maintenance is also really fast at fixing issues.

Best place and the staff is amazing. They always exceed my expectations and needs!!!! I renewed my lease for next year because I can’t wait to have another great experience at uo! The pool is awesome and so is the big tv outside!!

University Orchard is a decent place. It's definitely not everything they make it out to be. I have no clue how many maintenance requests I've submitted for things that need to be fixed, but it's a lot more than it should be.

I have enjoyed living here the last three years. The staff are very nice, and the maintenance requests are done quickly. I do wish we had more notice on events and sometimes I do not receive all the emails that get sent out.