I like UVill! My experiences with them have been great! I don't have any complaints. The rent with everything included works for me at this time.

This is my first year here at UV Charlotte and so far I've enjoyed every moment of it. I haven't had any serious problems. The only complaints I have are that the WiFi cuts out maybe once a week and its pretty slow and the morning bus is extremely packed. I would also suggest updating some of the gym equipment.

I Love it here so far! Free food/coffee every week really helps out. And the maintenance is always fast! The people in the office are very nice and helpful.

The pool house, free food, and printer is very convenient. The only problem I have is the maintenance work is not always done in a timely manner.

My experience at university village has been pretty decent . I've had a couple of things broken in my apartment when I moved in ... But they fixed it in timely manner

Maintance is slow to fix problems. I really like all the events that are held in the office. The gym needs more equipment and free weights to work out with

Nice place to live, some of the other people in the community can be... strange at times but overall it is a nice place to live and I would reccomend to others!

I mean y'all straight. It ain't that bad. I live in a 3 bedroom. I mean everybody that stays in a 4 bedroom or a town house seen to hate it.