Everything here has been great. The staff is helpful and friendly, the community is great. I wish the grounds were kept cleaner though. My dog constantly tries to eat the mess other residents leave in the parking lots and in the grass.

I like the maintenance staff here they are all nice and friendly. The front office employees are always very helpful and friendly. The grounds and landscape are always kept up and nice looking.

University village is a nice andquite place to live. Friendly staff and residents. Maintence crew is quick to come by and fix any problems in the appartment. Overall a pretty nice place to live.

I love the staff here. great atmosphere. the basketball court has a hoop. love the swimming pool. I have fun living here. university village is cool.

Every everyone is friendly and helpful the premises are very clean and nice they strive to keep the children safe or the tenants saves excuse me very helpful if a tenant is in need very quick to respond if there's a problem in the apartment very nice living area close to the college

This is the best student housing that I've lived in. The office staff and maintenance staff are so nice and helpful. Maintenance responds fast to any issues.

Upstairs neighbors are pretty sensitive about noise. Bug problem got taken care of though. I also like the maintenance guys being really helpful every time they do something.

U village is okay. Moved into my apartment with a burn stain on my floor and they covered a part of my carpet with tape to hide the big carpet cut on my floor

The staff is helpful but it is very noisy. It feels as if people below hanging out in the fenced in area are inside my room. Maintenance is quick to fix things that need to be fixed. Printer is often broken. Gym is very lack luster. There were no free weights no now i had to join a gym. Past apartment complexes had gyms with free weights, lifting bars, and machines that worked.

This apartment complex is wonderful to live in. I feel at home just as I would back where my family lives. I can see myself living here for a while..

I really enjoy living at university village. My townhouse is very nice and I love the layout. The clubhouse and pool are very nice too. But not the safest neighborhood.

It's a great environment to live in! It's not the newest or nicest, but it is home and nothing beats home! The furniture that comes with the room is also very comfortable and a big plus instead of having to purchase your own!

It's been a pretty great experience living here. I enjoy that there is so much to do. The only problem I have is that we had a couple of problems with our appliances when we moved in but the staff is really good about getting it fixed.

University Village, is a good place to live while in college! I like the customer service and the amenities that the complex has to offer! I really wish that so many other residents wouldn't have such loud and obnoxious parties that get busted by the cops all night long. I also wish that the complex had recycling facilities, its a hassle and a burden to take recyclables to a center elsewhere or to feel wrong of throwing recyclables away in the trash..

There are a lot of Great things about University Village from the Management to the Pool, UV is a nice place to live. I would recommend it to anyone looking to live off campus

Nice place to live, very quiet, depending on the side of the complex you're staying on. Staff is very nice and helpful. Close proximity to everything. Office can be a little unorganized at times.

The property, club house, and facilities are all really nice and spacious. The price isn't bad and the office staff are always good about answering questions.

I really enjoy living here. The service is great and the staff here are very friendly and reliable. I have a friend who lives in a fancy apartment, but the management is just so poor. I'm glad I have you guys as management at UVC

Everything has been great so far! I have no complaints but yet, I also have nothing that I really love. I work full time so I'm never able to join in for all the activities planned. I do however, like the App I downloaded that keeps me informed on everything!

I really enjoy how university village holds events where the whole community is invited to have food and meet each other. I also love my roommates and how flexible the complex is!

Rental prices are pretty good. University area is great for students and recent grads just starting out. Close to a lot of fun places, and you can use your student discount almost anywhere. Downside is maintenance orders can be very slow to process. Had trouble with them taking their sweet time to do things. Wouldn't recommend subleasing (admins pretty much leaves you hanging with that and responsible for all damages and whatever they happened to leave behind) unless you've had an agreement with the person you're subleasing from.

The wifi never works, as a student it's impossible to get anything done when you have poor wifi. And living off campus, going to Atkins isn't always an option.

I lived at University Village two years ago and I loved it so much I had to come back. Maintenance is always reliable and fixes pretty much every problem imaginable, the office does things to make us feel welcome, and the apartments just seem more homey than some of the other places I've been.

Customer service is good. Always notify you with emails and optional texts if something is going on. They also have things in the club house such as food giveaways etc

Everyone is pretty wonderful. My dog loves it here, I love it here, and we have employees that love their jobs. There's never a dull day here, and we are glad for that!!