The rooms are a nice size and so are the bathrooms. Walking distance from the school and the complex provides shuttles as well. There is often garbage thrown on the side walks but all of the staff are really friendly and the building and nature surrounding the complex is beautiful, especially the new hammock area!

I have had a great experience living at University Village. The office staff are always so nice and help me out a great deal. Barbara in the office has particularly helped my roommates and I a lot. I have really appreciated it.

I have enjoyed my stay so far here at University Village! The leasing office has been very helpful with any issues and answering all my questions quickly! I would say that my only "issue" is the wifi :)

Everyone is helpful and very nice i appreciate it. It’s easy getting work orders placed and taken care of. Wish i had more to say but I’m still new here.

Move in was rocky. There were issues and I have to purchase my own screen for my window even though it was broken out before I got here. We also still have a dirty chair that needs to be replaced or cleaned.

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Everyone is friendly! Really liking it so far, can’t complain. Great area, not too loud to be student housing. Very helpful office staff too!

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I love it here, it’s nice community, nice neighbors and not to mention a nice pool. The amount of stuff they offer is nice and the rooms are beautiful.

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The apartment units are very nice. I wish things were cleaner during move in like the carports and stairwells. And I wish there was more storage space available for the kitchen and bathroom. But over all everything is good so far.

Nice and easy going customer service. Appliances are somewhat run down. Internet doesn’t work without a router. And the dryer doesn’t dry unless you click it twice. The lay out Of the apartment is nice and spacious and water is very hot.

The complex is okay. A lot of things just being covered up by paint and stuff. Lots of mold falling through the cracks of my shower and not really “clean.”

Very nice rooms and staff is super easy to work with but very efficient. The offered amenities are Awsome as well. Everyone I have came in contact with has went above and beyond to be helpful with getting me settled in

I’ve only been here 3 weeks but it’s definitely way better than where I came from. Lots more space, great amenities, good communication from the leasing office, and just an overall better experience than a lot of other off campus apartments. I’m giving -1 star because of the WiFi. It’s 2019, and they’re still using a 10mbps up/down service over DSL. Literally every major internet provider in the Charlotte area has a starting speed 20x as fast as that for the same price. Although to be fair the leasing office has plans to upgrade the internet to gigabit this year, I feel like this is something that should’ve been done long ago

Moving in was fast and easy, so far no complaints other than the wifi could be faster. Staff is always available to answer questions which i really appreciate.

I recently moved in to University Village and really like my new apartment so far! Staff was very nice and helpful during move in process!!

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Great so far!! Only complaint would be about the wifi- it can be very slow and frustrating at times. Staff is friendly and are very helpful.

Living here is nice but I wish there were more furniture included with the 36/month package. Also there is many poorly installed things in the apartment like messed up paint.

A good place to live. The staff is nice and polite. The maintenance workers know what they're doing. The internet connection could be improved, however.

The community here is great and the amenities are okay. I wish that the WiFi was better and I wish that maintenance would be more urgent about requests.

The apartments are good but they could use some improvements. Such as larger appliances like refrigerators to accommodate 4 adults living together but separate. Or more cabinet space.

The people who live in this community are wonderful. There have been situations where people have been breaking into cars in the beginning of the move in period. There could be more patrol going on during late hours

I enjoy living here its just not what I expected though. The model apartment they show everyone is WAY nicer than the actual apartments. Lots of things are wrong with them for the amount we are paying! Dishwasher and dryer already broken and ive been living here a week. For the price im paying everything should be perfect. If it was a lower price i would give a better review.

My stove/oven broke the first time I used it. Several drawer handles in the kitchen were also missing. Everything else for the most part is good.

uville has been awesome recently. Very good srvice fulfillment and great customer service so far . Keep up the good work. I have not had any problems with the apartment.

Internet is really bad but being upgraded soon so hopefully that will fix that. Everything else is really good. Smooth move in process, nice people in the office, nice community

It’s been really good, only time I can find things that are bad about UVille is when I nitpick about small inconveniences but it’s still a very fun experience