I'm having the most problems receiving my gift card. I always have issues trying to get in touch & receive assistance. This company is unorganized.

It is always noisy. Inspections taking two to three weeks is an abuse of power and is also illegal. It is not a pleasant experience when residents are put into a position that they cannot control nor have any say in.

Terrible customer service. Gym is Always filled with people because it is so small. The study area is also extremely small and always packed. They need a bigger community center, new policies and staff.

Ohhmergerd so fantastic. Office workers are not helpful at all everytime when I go in and ask for assistance they always says you can do in online. Yeah that's helpful

University village maintenance is not helpful, they constantly ignore my calls and say nothing is an emergency, and when they do come nothing gets fixed.

Staff shows poor customer service, especially maintenance, but also RLC staff, sales / leasing staff, office staff, and even management. Why, for instance, are residents forced to walk around all the construction zone adjacent to UV, even in the cold of the winter, or when it can be dangerous late at night, just to get over to OSU's Ackerman buildings and Buckeye Lot, when the long fence separating OSU from UV could easily have at least one opening? Lots of residents work and study at OSU outside shuttle hours and it would a lot more logical and safe to walk straight across from a well lit OSU lot at Ackerman to UV instead of walking all the way around, even when it is dark out and during bad weather.

Heat is unreliable (will turn on randomly and displays incorrect temperatures at times), bathroom is falling apart (sink sprays water everywhere and the bathroom is very hard to clean), walls are very thin (footsteps can be heard every time someone leaves as well as their door being shut). I hope this message is informative in explaining the problems living here. These issues among others make it a very unpleasant place to live.

Extremely unsatisfied with the services provided by the maintenance department of late. I've been complaining about my shower for over a month now and it has still not been fixed. All they have done is change the shower head which wasn't the problem to begin with. Furthermore, i lodged a complaint yesterday as well, and the lady who took my call

University Village has been a terrible experience for my roommates and I. The apartment had so much potential ruined by poor management, a constantly rotating maintenence staff and an absolute laughable definition of "renovation".

The community is ok not very friendly. There is a clear diversity gap between much of the community and it feels as though university apartments is a complex that people use as a last resort. Knowing how poor management and maintenance are it seems understandable.

I gave it a 3 star since maintenance requests have been very bad recently. Example, I requested maintenance 3 weeks ago that still has not been resolved even though they told me it will take about 3 days.

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Quality of living in UV has been deteriorated for last few months. Maintenance is not working properly I have requested for 3 repairs in last 2 months and by now got resolved just one only. Not many events are going on. Some policies are really bizarre, if they are not going to be changed then surely it will loss tenants. Most important there is no reply from management, they never take suggestions seriously. For old tenants it doesn't matter how many years you stay, UV office cares only for new tenants. Carpets should be cleaned at least once in a year but they clean it just once in 2-3 years and eventually when you leave apartment after 3 years, they charge a lot for a dirty carpet which was already old enough. Few of their buses are vomiting loads of smoke and are not environment friendly. Think twice before coming here.

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Average place. Management is shady. The location isn't very impressive. You could do much worse, but on the same side you can do much better than staying here.

Walls in the apartment remind me of a piece of paper. I love hearing everything my neighbor does, including their phones vibrating. The lady who works in the office for maintenance is possibly a monster? I'd avoid her at all cost if you wish to not be taken hostage by her horrendous and agressive personality

not the biggest fan out there. apartments are too small, maintenance takes forever to fix the problem, and resident manager Tammy Lusk is not helpful.

This website will not let me say how I actually feel about this apartment so everything below is a lie. I love this apartment and it is the best place I have ever lived at. I would tell everyone to live here. I have never had plumbing or bug issues. This place is super cool and they definitely help right when you ask them to.

My basement apartment is infested with cockroaches and I don't know whether it's summer's fault or the fault of the location (being close to the ground) but it's the most frustrating thing ever.

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There was no announcement made when an apartment across from me was broken into and the resident harmed. My car was unrightfully towed from my parking lot. And the noise from my top neighbors has been a problem for the last year, despite several complaints.

Shuttles are up to 10 min late Maintenance didnt show up for 4months Construction for 2 months and would play loud music from 8 am to 8 pm everyday

Things are constantly broken (i.e water leaks, sewage coming out of my bathtub, etc). Everything is poorly made and overpriced! I would never come back here every again. In fact, I would not wish anyone to live here

Three times now maintenance has entered my apartment without permission, cut holes in my ceiling, and left my apartment a mess and left without finishing the work. When I contact anyone for information on why I am ignored, so if it happens again I will be setting off my security system alarm. This is unacceptable.

If I could give zero stars I would. I am extremely unhappy with having found 6 cockroaches since I first moved in August. I basically didnt even live in my apartment in October and November due to having my apartment sprayed so many times.

Having issues with my online account and it has been close to a month already since I moved in. The amenities are some of the best, but if you work full time, you likely won't get to enjoy many of them.

Maintenance is slow or does not fix the problem although they say they have. Apartment was not ready until 3 months after the time that I was supposed to move in per the lease. My car was broken into on the grounds and no one did anything and I was told no employee was allowed to come jump my car because it had killed the battery to have it broken into. The heat did not work until after Christmas break. The bus system is nice though several of the drivers are not. The gym is a nice amenity, but often too crowded to use.