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Apartments are falling apart. They don’t update anything unless it’s so far beyond repair they couldn’t fix it if they tried. My bathroom is straight out of the 60’s and all the “chrome” has been rusting since we moved in. The walls are paper-thin so i can hear my neighbors at all times of the day and night.

This place looks great at first, but ends up disappointing. I had multiple maintenance problems throughout the year and rarely got any attention for them. Often times the right hand didn't know what the left hand was doing. A lot of young adults are trying to run the place and they have no experience. It took me a week to get mailbox keys, my kitchen sink was leaking, and the refrigerator is still leaking to this day.

The resident life was good , other than that staff and rent were not good they did not explain enough. Rent was too high for the place . There

Started off as a good place to live, but quickly changed when our sink backed up a lot. Took maintenance forever to come an fix the issue. was told someone would come clean our carpet after the mess and it had yet to happen.

It pretty much sucks living here because everyone who works for this company is an imbecile. Especially that guy Dan Jones. I wouldn’t recommend this place to anyone :-)

poor maintenance service staff - still waiting for the service I requested months ago; last time maintenance staffer showed up to replace a toilet gasket all kinds of grimy and greasy stains were left around bathroom walls, sink, toilet, and even the carpet just outside the bathroom door; plus, I'm still waiting on the bathroom sink to be replaced as promised over a year ago

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I like to live in university village. Particularly, the shuttle is one of the things that I most like, it is so convenient to have this kind of transportation all day. I only have one an unfortunate experience so far , I had to pay full rent for living from the 27th to 31st of July. My parents were in town and they wanted to know my place. So they received the keys on July 20th. Nobody lived or used the apartment from that date to July 27th since I am from a different country. Nobody told to my parents that I would have to pay full rent for this. After a while, I heard about special exception if I would received the keys after the 27th.Please give more information to clients and let them decide for their own benefit.

Staff are lacking in communication. The place is newly built, but poorly built. Maintenance is the worst. They take forever and are sloppy! "Thermostat" doesnt even work. Windows leak when it rains and the place is so small for how much i pay!!! In addition, no more kroger and the shuttle routes suck now with the constructions.

I feel very extremely disconnected. When I go to the clubhouse, I feel that there is an air of superiority. I also feel that some staff have no follow through with contracts. The company caters to a certain dynamic and demographic. If you don't fit that demographic, then you don't really feel welcome.

maintenance service is awful...they make you feel as if they were doing you a favor and you worked for them, rather than the other way around (I guess paying rent to them is just business as usual and does not involve good customer service)

I like the buses, once I was finally able to use them.. the apartments aren’t bad but need to be renovated and should’ve been cleaned before I moved in... the gym and facilities outside of my apartment are all nice.

Good - Bus, bus, and bus Bad - Noise, many of cockroach, the way how Leasing office handle problem, and too old. Most of all resident have no right to early termination of the Lease. I want to escape here ASAP.

Maintenance is never on top of things. I always have put multiple request to thinks fixed. And even after all that it's only partially fixed and will be an issue again in a few weeks

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There are cockroaches everywhere. My roommate and I had to move because our apartment was being sprayed every other week. They were unresponsive with our complaints so we had to have our parents call.

The leasing office does not care about any problems you may have unless you make it a big enough deal. Dilbert in the maintenance office is really the only person you want fixing anything that may go wrong in your apartment. Amenities are ok.

My experience at UV has not been so great as we had cockroaches for the majority of the time we have lived here and treatments were extremely inconvenient

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Not the best place to live. People are nice here which is a plus but the buildings are just old and falling apart. Great concept for an apartment just not suitable to house so many residents. Water damage, crazy mold, dead animals all around, mice, etc.

Love the shuttle system! That definitely is the best perk of living here. It's crazy expensive because you pay more for the extra stuff like the pool, events, and shuttle, but overall a decent place to live.

Had a lot wrong when we moved in and fixed needed to things in our apartment. Ever since then it’s been good but still don’t have mailbox keys

Their online paying portal doesn’t always show the correct amount owed and then can randomly dump everything you hadn’t paid on you six months later. They said it had never happened before but I highly doubt that. Maintenance can be slow and I don’t think they read the extra notes in the matinence requests as they’ve been ignored several times. There’s a bus to campus which is nice

Maintenance is slow reasponding. The tell you one thing then turn around and change their mind if you can do something. Rec center staff is great and really nice!!

It’s Ridiculous that each building does not have a laundry room. I think it’s on acceptable to pay $500 a month and still have to walk across the property to wash clothes. Also the installation is horrible I can hear every surrounding apartment.

Maintenance needs to do better. Wish there were cabinets in the bathroom as well. Newer appliances should be put in places as rent is so high. It would make living here worth more.

I got water flooded in my apartment for 3 times. Mantainance came and fixed it. But it is certainly unpleasant experience. I hope they can do better.

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