Convenience: shuttle bus available to main campus and Kroger. Activities: lots of activities such as tailgate, movie night or trip to zoo. Price: relatively great. Facilities: gym and studying area provided.

Great community, friendly and helpful maintenance employees. Great amenities and easy access to laundry and the gym. The bus is also extremely helpful.

Love it here everyone’s so nice an helpful. It’s peaceful an have fun event for us. Ghkogfsukvfkj dhjnkllkvdyj hjllbdkmgst. Jfhifkksag $&&,:

It’s very quiet and the people are all kind and courteous! No one has caused a problem, and anyone I’ve met has always offered to help me carry things or get the door.

Amazing ,Fantastic and Incredible fun.It is literally the best community I have ever stayed.The UV stuff are friendly,supportive and helpful.Regardless your country of origin, your cultural background and your hobbies, etc, you can always find something you like.Therefore, I strongly recommend this apartment community to you ,without any reservations.

Good, can be much better, have a good response time for maintenance issues. Exciting events on the weekdays and weekends, getting to meet few new people in the community

Amazing place at an Unbeatable price! Undoubtedly worth every penny. The apartments are spacious and emergency maintenance are prompt. Some amenities are a bit outdated but not to the point of annoyance.

The community is amazing. I made many friends here. the amenities are awesome and the UV office is great place to study and hang out. So far, I only have good things to tell about UV.

For students University Village is still one of the best options available in Columbus Ohio. They organize many fun activities time to time. Thanks to their management, maintenance, security and shuttle teams.

Very friendly community. Always helpful if we need something. Perfect for college/grad students. Definitely recommend. Love living at university village

The surroundings are very safe and the environment is very good. UV facilities are perfect, there is a study room, gym, swimming pool, free printing, coffee, hot qiao, tea, etc. UV transportation is convenient, free shuttle bus daily between OSU and major supermarkets in China and the United States. UV will also regularly organize a variety of free entertainment activities, such as watching movies, going to the zoo, water park, hiking, skiing and so on. For people who work and study in Columbus.

The place is really good and so is the staff. I really like this place and the amenities are good. The apartment is nice and the neighborhood is amazing.

I love my living space! The amenities here are so helpful, all of the staff are super nice and the on-site maintenance makes living easy. Couldn't ask for more

Some people think it’s super pricey paying 950 for a 1 bedroom that’s only about 500 SQ FT. But all the amenities that come with it are a huge plus, they make the pool something to look forward to in the summer, they provide transportation to OSU (which I haven’t seen any apartment place do), they have a tanning booth, free Starbucks, I could go on. So it’s really worth it. Plus we live in a really nice area with Good-all-around demographics! Thanks UV

I was at the Residence center and I wanted to go tanning.. it was my first time and Molly helped me out.. she was the sweetest person I have ever met and she even went out of her way to get my boyfriend a gift card as a thank you for being in the military.. 100% appreciate her and her going out of her way to do that for us. Not many people are like that but I’m glad to have met her! Very sweet girl!

Very friendly helpful people that work here and live here. Very convenient at fixing things in a timely manner. Awesome tailgating events. Great free busing to campus. Great gym. Respectful Neghibors

I would give this place 5 stars. I enjoy living here because it’s well kept by maintenance. There’s a great turn-around and the staff is so nice. The buildings are a little old, but they are better preserved.

A lot of things about UV I love. I love my clean, quiet, cozy, fully furnitured apartment. The neighbors are polite and respect the others. Lots of activities are held thru out a year, eg, movie night (free ticket), festivals, ...

I really enjoy the community at UV. Everyone who lives here is very respectful of others and not too loud. I enjoy all the amenities that UV has to offer as well.

The University Village maintenance works when you need it the most. The university village staff always responds on time. it is a Home away from home

Great place to live. University village is located right next to campus, but it feels like you live in a suburb. The gym is nice and open 24/7.

Great experience!! People here are very nice. I like the bus shuttle services. The residents center is also a great place with great services for residents, especially the printing and the free Starbucks bar!

I love living here! University Village is amazing and i could not possibly ask for a better residential community to live in. So happy with my decision!

It is in a good location and the UV bus makes it very convenient for going to school. It will be even nicer when the plaza next to us opens.

The only complaint I ever have is that the dated plumbing fixtures are occasionally difficult to deal with. Other than that, I've had a lovely time living here. I rarely hear from the neighbors except when we pass and greet each other. I never feel unsafe in the area.