Hi friends, university village is a nice place to live for students who go to Osu and they provide bus service to go OSU campus very often. Have lot of fun

Convenient and safe neighborhood. Great shuttle bus service. Different kind of free events with so much fun make University Village a special place to live.

The apartment is a nice size for how much rent costs. The area is a bit isolated from the rest of Columbus happenings, but that makes it much quieter than living on campus.

So far my experience is really good. I have noticed a few things wrong with the apartments. Maintenance is relatively fast when fixing things. But on a side not have not come back for the mouse trap they set a month ago.

A very convenient place to live close to the university. UV maintained bus facility to college and walkable distance to cota bus stop as well.

University Village is a fine place to live, they have member rewards, a good maintainence staff, and a nice community feel. Despite this, the apartments usually have alot of problems on move in.

The apartments look great and the neighborhood is very quiet. Great chances to get involved and active with all the community events and wonderful resources at the student center

The overall experience is nice because of the community But since all kroger shut down and there are no good eating places around its become kind of a problem.

Community feeling. Quiet. Good amenities. good staff and maintenance. Affordable. Shuttle services are great. Nice resident life center and gym

Near to OSU. good community neat and tidy. Good for students and people who work near downtown. Everything near by including groceries, restaurants

Apartments is nice, a few signs of age (leaky faucet, multiple layers of paint, etc.) But overall a nice place to live. For OSU students busing system is very helpful and dependable.

very good, I like it and enjoy it! But it is a pity that the sound insulation is not good enough, every moring and evening, I would be awaken by the noise from upstairs. It would be wonderful if you can do some improvement. Thank you for your nice service and help.

University Village is a very safe place for international students. It has great facilities like the RLC and organizes events for residents to enjoy.

A really nice place to stay if your studying at OSU. Bus service is really convenient. I like how they organize events for the residents and how they try to help you if any issues with your stay.

Great maintenance service, and they have bus to OSU, it is on time! With recent closures of Korger, there is also bus to Kroger on High Street now.

Resident Life Center is great! They have free WiFi, coffee, hot chocolate, study room and printer for residents. Also, there are lots of events like food truck, tailgate, free movie...etc.


The buses really needed air conditioning in the beginning of the semester and I’ve had so many issues with the washers and dryers before and even after you redid them. There’s just not enough washers and dryers in the first place.

University village is a very good place to near to campus. It's quite and great for people. It is very convenient to take the shuttle. All kinds of market and restaurant are around.

I live in a three bedroom apartment. The apartment is nice, the rooms are decent sized. The kitchen is a little on the smaller side but the bigger living room makes up for it. The rent is decent and they have a gym and study rooms so I like living here.

Absolutely love staying at UV :D Love the bus service to OSU and krogers <3. Free coffee, tailgates, pool and an awesome resident center. Maintainence guys are sweet too.

University Village can be said one of the best place to live in Columbus Ohio for students. It is safe, lively, beautiful and specially the management organizes many events almost every second, third week.

I got here all kind of experiences in University Village. The place looks beautiful in Fall, in summer and even in winters. Although it was very sad to know that Kroger and Big Lots are not in our neighborhood now.

Very nice community and very helpful staff. Apartments are nice just a little small. Maintenance responds at a reasonable time and fixes every issue

Very great community to live in. Everyone is very friendly. The only thing I have to say is the heat at night goes really hot to kinda colder