Generally good. Buses to campus are very helpful and the main reason to live here. Rent is reasonable if you have a roommate to split things with. Some of the appliances are a a bit old and finicky; I have to have maintenance come fix the stove every five or six months.

I like the new improvements in Maintenance and online portal. Bus Tracking will be very useful once it rolls out. I love the printing facility, please keep the printer running always.

Living at university village has been great. The pool and gym are just a couple things that make it awesome. All of my neighbors are super friendly.

It's really comfortable. Timely bus service and grocery runs to Kroger have made life so much easier. Monthly movie nights is something I look forward to join.

Well maintained and safe community. Best thing is the bus facility to campus and grocery shopping. Social events are nicely organised. Overall you will enjoy your stay at UV.

University village is a good apartment for everyone. University village is very good for everyone. I feel comfortable to live here. Very nice.

University Village is good for its location, shuttle, and fitness office. A little drawback is the house was built in the 1950s, so the facility cannot be updated very soon.

Walls in the apartment remind me of a piece of paper. I love hearing everything my neighbor does, including their phones vibrating. The lady who works in the office for maintenance is possibly a monster? I'd avoid her at all cost if you wish to not be taken hostage by her horrendous and agressive personality

The community experience was good. Good neighbors. The amenities are good like swimming pool, gym, buses etc. Maintainance could be improved in terms of service and also could give some offers to people who are renewing their lease

Poor maitenence and leasing staff interactions. Super thin walls. Deceptive leasing practices. Events often lack the appropriate amount of food or other resources. Price is good and pool and bus are nice.

Love the location and the amenities (pool, dog park, parking, laundry). I have had an overall positive experience living at UV and can see myself staying here for quite a while.

Pretty decent place to live overall and very affordable if you are taking advantage of everything they have to offer. I’ve seen reviews with people complaining about insects in their apartment. I’ve yet to see so much as a single ant in mine. The only negative part about living here is how often they have to be in your apartment. They always have some excuse - whether it’s pest control or an inspection, etc - to be in your apartment 1-3 times a month. Everyone that works in management and maintenance has a key that works on every door so if you’re not home they will absolutely still enter your apartment. The normal person wouldn’t have a problem with this, but I work nights so when they show up it always seems like I wake up to a burglary. With all the accommodations and events they have, I can look past that one flaw and that’s why I’ve stayed here.

Nice location, nice bus service, quiet environment, beautiful scenery, friendly people, but the rent fee is a bit expensive, which occupy a large portion of my income

It is good place to live. I can go to school and grocery stores with the shuttles. Sometimes I can hear small noise. But is it not a critical problem.

The neighborhood is nice and I felt comfortable coming home each day. The RLC and Pool are nice amenities. The apartment provided what I needed during my time in Columbus.

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My overall impression having lived at UV for a decent amount of time: It’s acceptable. It offers a suburban-like, calm feel versus a campus or city-like feel, so it appeals to people who want near-campus convenience but also like trees and room to breathe (like me). Below are more detailed descriptions of the factors that matter most to me, including quality, safety, and the bus service. The Resident Life center they provide is the best part of UV, where you will enjoy spending most of your time with study space, gym and games.

Overall good experience. My only compliant is maintenance might take longer than expected to complete request. However it has improve the last few months.

Nice community with great amenities and lot of fun activities... The staff is really helpful and friendly ... The shuttle service makes more convenient to reach at campus 👍

It was very good. One of the best place to stay in Columbus. It has many facilities that can be used while you stay. Moreover they organize lot of events

I love living at UV since I can make lots of friends over here and the enviroment is pretty, especially it is closer to campus and shuttle makes easier to school.

Very good value for money. The bus service to the campus is definitely an asset. Really good place to live considering the neighborhood and amenities, especially for students.

Amenities are good, but the apartment is kind of old and expensive when compared to that of others. Maintenance is sometimes terrible. Rlc is the best part

At this point ( only been here a month ) I am very satisfied. I had taken a sublet for 3 months, however, decided to renew for the upcoming year. I don't think I would find anything I would like better. Office is friendly, bus drivers are friendly, maintenance friendly. Safe, clean, quite.

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Nice and Clean Apartments. Love the resident life center where I can workout, hangout with my friends, study and get free coffee! 10/10 would recommend!

The rent is reasonable. I wish the bedrooms had more room. I share a one bedroom with my partner. But for what we pay, it’s ok. I like the pool. Wish dogs were allowed at the pool. The pet rent is outrageous and i think they’re making money off of people with pets.