The community experience is good. Also the RLC and the amenities available there are really helpful. RLC seems to be a really calm place to concentrate on acads and the 24/7 gym is one other perks of the community. But the houses can be maintained a bit more regularly and also the maintenance calls could be attended a bit more rapidly.

My university village experience has been good so far. The good certainly outweighs the bad. Pros: Bus route, Nice neighborhood, friendly staff, pool Biggest Pro: The living center is amazing. I utilize the gym almost every day, and the computers too. The gym could use maybe one or two more machines but for the most part no complaints. Cons: Utilities and rooms are outdated. Some times the showers shut of for repairs and what not with no warning. A little pricey for what you get. Biggest Con:No wifi or cable, have to get on your own. I would probably rate UV 3.5 but the living center earns it that extra half star. Not too wild on the weekends and really great restaurants withing walking distance.

I wish we had a basketball court as well as more sound insulation in buildings. But overall place is great. Really enjoy the different events.

I enjoy living at university village. I love that I am so close to The Ohio State University Campus. The bus is a wonderful resource that helps me day to day.

University Village is a great complex for any student in the area who is looking to get the best bang for your buck. The shuttle is without a doubt the best thing about here and is worth it to live here alone.

Overall, the experience has been positive. However, there are several areas of improvement that would make me want to continue staying at UV.

UV is very enjoyable, safe and valuable. The bus system isn’t perfect, but it is incredibly convenient and part of the reason I renewed my lease for another year!

Overall experience good. Just have had some annoying problems with getting in touch with maintenance, getting a response from maintenance and help when needed

Love living here! Being so close to campus in so valuable, and I love that there’s not too many undergrads and it’s not even that loud on the weekends!

This apartment is a very nice place for new residents in OSU. It provides shuttles, and if you have no your own vehicles it is very convinent for living.

So far my experience has been great. I enjoy the free events university village offers. One thing that I would change would be the way they handle maintenance requests as it could get tricky to get things fixed in your apartment.

University Village is amazing! However, I would love it if the shuttle services are not curtailed during holidays. Also, during the movie nights, enough tickets must be booked so that all interested residents may enjoy the movies.

Very quiet and safe neighborhood. All of the employees are easy to work with and there are great amenities! The pool is always well kept and the fitness center is very nice!

This is a great place to stay while in college! It’s easy to get to campus. Quiet neighborhood. Staff is great with questions when you have them.

The busses make traveling to campus really convenient. UV also provides bussing to Kroger and other stores, which makes living off campus super nice if you don’t have a car.

There are convinent equipments and shuttlebus.Also colorful activities,such as shopping,visiting and movie.The surrounding is quiet and clean.

Lots of fun, regular free movies, free food, free trips to cedar point, skiing, North Market, Kroger, Saraga international market, friendly community

very nice place, the utility is included and it is always warm and the staff are very friendly. The prices are a little high but it is compensated fro.

Three times now maintenance has entered my apartment without permission, cut holes in my ceiling, and left my apartment a mess and left without finishing the work. When I contact anyone for information on why I am ignored, so if it happens again I will be setting off my security system alarm. This is unacceptable.

We’ve had a big issue in the kitchen but UV was very understanding and helpful in the situation. So far we’ve seen none and love all the events they offer/amenities. We’ve been here for 6 months and the bus is so easy to take to class. We love it here!

I’m overall pretty satisfied with the apartment. The people are generally quiet and polite around here as well. I appreciate the frequent events and such put on residents. The primary issue I’ve had is with needing to make several maintenance requests for clogged drains having to do with the pipes far further down than I could do anything about and a broken electrical outlet, and the lack of response I’ve received from maintenance. Issues take weeks to be resolved. Currently there is a broken electrical outlet in my kitchen that I put in an order for well before winter break, and the issue still hasn’t been resolved. Additionally, it took over 2 weeks to get assistance for the clogged drain, and even still it barely drains.

It is very, very, very convenient to live here. There are shuttles going to the campus every 20min every workday!! In addition, there are activities very month!!

If I could give zero stars I would. I am extremely unhappy with having found 6 cockroaches since I first moved in August. I basically didnt even live in my apartment in October and November due to having my apartment sprayed so many times.

Living at UV has been great so far. Great community, great maintenance, solid bus service. Haven't found anything to complain about so that's great :)

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The location is quaint and quiet. The shuttle is extremely useful and the amenities in the RLC are nice. I appreciate that they introduced the Kroger shuttle run after the store on Olentangy closed.