Nice and safety place to live. I like the work out center and resident life center. I like playing the billiard ball. The coffee there is also wonderful.

Awesome place to live in, especially if you are new, don’t have a car and like quiet areas. The new RLC is a nice place to socialize and get some extra work done. Gym is well equipped and not too busy.

It has been a great experience at UV. The bus service to and from the university is a privilege. The maintenance is also very quick. Lot of different activities at RLC add to all the fun!

I must say I really enjoyed this experience and learned a lot from the otherpeople. Every day was different, and I felt like understanding each person better and better, as we progressed in the program. This experience helped me to understand that the visitor was a right choice for my career, and now I am motivated to teach alone, and to put into practice everything I learned at OSU.

It is one of the best society to live, in terms of safety, maintainance and cleanliness. It has its own shuttle service which is very convenient to commute to university and markets.

I've lived in UV for three years now, and haven't really had any issues with them. My former roommate, and one of my good friends, however, both had complaints such as water leaks and low water pressure in the shower.

The amenities are amazing. I moved in to a 3bdr 1bath updated apartment and they updated the laundry room next to my building. Maintenance has been helpful when we needed them. The carpet in my apartment is a little old and could be cleaned or changed. There is a moldy smell in our hallways/stair area that also needs to be changed. Overall I am happy with my experience and I believe that I’m getting the most from what I am paying.

I have been happy so with my apartment since the day I move in! These apartments are so much nicer than anything you could find near campus at this price! Great amenities and the leasing staff is so friendly and helpful.

I love the location and the gym access. it also has nice extra like the outings. I dislike the maintenance time to get anything fixed. The snow does not get plowed as quickly as you would hope.

I think overall this is a pretty good place to live. The amenities are nice to have around and the new resident life center is nice to work out or just study. The bus system is pretty great for getting to campus.

nice community. run shuttle to campus and nearby grocery store which is quite convenient to those who don't own a car. What I like most is the new-built 24/7 fitness room.

Great, clean and cheap. Just a little far away from campus. In a 2 bedroom with 3 people and plenty big enough. Could use a bigger kitchen though

Sometimes when you need maintenance they don’t contact you or anything like that. Some residents don’t pick up after themselves, like I see dog poop and trash sometimes. Other than that it’s pretty nice here. The staff is nice.

Noise is sometimes a problem and buses are not always on time, but other than that it is a great place to live. Kroger closing should make it cheaper to rent

Friendly and non-noisy neighbors. Very responsive management and maintenance crews. Extremely useful resident life center, especially the gym and computer center.

I haven’t had the best experience. My apartment was a mess when I first got here. The buses have no A/C so I sweat buckets on the bus. But other than that, this apartment complex has been nice to live in.

University Village is an awesome place to live near OSU Main Campus. It's a quiet and nice neighborhood full of friendly people. The community center is an excellent place to hang out: it has a two-storied gym full of cardio machines and weights, pool tables, televisions, and FREE coffee and tea! I love the activities UV offers to it's residents - tailgating, Cedar Point, CBJ hockey games, movies, Snow Trails, the grocery store, and more! The bus service is convenient - it takes you to campus and makes frequent trips to nearby grocery stores. The rent prices are fair and they offer multiple layouts - studio to 5 (maybe 6?) bedrooms. They also accept pets! They have multiple huge parking lots, so finding a spot is always easy. I love my stay at UV and I would recommend it to anyone. Room for improvement: lay salt on the sidewalks - it's really icy during the winter. Also have more recycling bins located around the community. They have one large bin in the center of the community, but it can be a difficult walk with your arms full of recyclables.

It has been a good experience at UV. With RLC and the UV bus service, UV is a great and affordable community for students to live. Sometimes, there are weekend activities as well!

I have really enjoyed my experience at UV! My apartment and the community are great and the amenities are superb and convenient! I have always had great interactions with all of the leasing and maintenance staff and have really enjoyed spending 2 years here so far.

Overall a good experience, Management is nice. But the apartments are a little run down. constantly need repairs. plenty of space for parking and the community center is great!

The workout center is nice! The people that work here are also very nice. I wish you could take at least one friend to there trips that they have set up.

it is a good place to live and learn.There is a good office over the holidays between those who have someplace to go, and those who do not. “The Apartment” is so affecting partly because of that buried reason: It takes place on the shortest days of the year, when dusk falls swiftly and the streets are cold, when after the office party some people go home to their families and others go home to apartments where they haven't even bothered to put up a tree. On Christmas Eve, more than any other night of the year, the lonely person feels robbed of something that was there in childhood and isn't there anymore. welcome to University village!

It's pretty well in general, but there is still a little bit problem, Like this heating system is not works out well, because I still feel cold even the heating system is working in such a cold day. And Room is not in each apartment which make me walk outside to another apartment everytime I have to wash my clothes.

This is the best place to live, the price versus quality is awesome. There a lot of free events and service like go to ski, zoo, AMC movie theateretc., and service like a free bus to go to Lennox, University Collage. The resident life center is the best place to study, print, with a nice decorations, free Starbucks coffee and Internet also there is a cool area to play billar, watch TV, doesn't forget the gym area. The apartments are great with good maintenance and out side the gardens and streets are very clean and beautiful.

Great amenities and free services, convenient and quiet, even if it's a little far from campus. Overall great experience living here so far.