Its almost perfect. Please add grocery trip to an Indian store (once in a month maybe) as tehre are considerable number of indians and the current international market trip is not good for indians

I'm currently living in UV, it's a very safe place, and you can always meet nice people here, one of the most convenient thing is we have shuttle to campus every day. The leasing office is a good place for studying as well.

I like very much staying at University village, because of the nice environment. Also had lot of entertainment activities and trips to different places.

I like to stay at University village, it is a very nice residential area, more secured place with lot of fun activities. I recommond my friends to stay at UV.

Good place to live for students. I can get to campus quickly. Also, it's nice having the gym to work out at and the study rooms at the RLC.

Great place to live for students. It is quiet, in a good location, has a decent gym and study area, and it is affordable, especially with a roommate.

I really like living here and love the bus service. The apartments themselves are great but the buildings themselves need a lot of repairs. Our building has flooded twice and the pipes creak and make a banging noise pretty frequently.

I enjoy living her and our apartment is really nice, but we've had some horrible pipe noises that we've asked to be fixed and it hasn't been taken seriously. Super frustrating as it wakes us up in the middle of the night every night.

Awesome place to live at Everyone is super friendly Andy positive Have had no problems with music or solicitation and especially all the amenities that come with it

All is good but can the shuttle have the real-time location on the UV app¿because sometimes it is not on time due to all kinds of reasons, and waiting outside is too cold

Living here is perfect for school because of the bus and the community center. The only thing that has really turned me away is how poor of shape the apartment was in when I moved in and how slow maintenance is when it came to fixing something. It took them 2 weeks to fix a window leak. Needless to say if you don’t mind living in an apartment that’s worth less than the rent you pay then it’s a great place to live with great events and oppurtunities.

The location is great, the bus service to The Ohio State University is the best part! The pool is nice for the summer if you have to stay. Renewing your lease is easy.

University Village has been a pretty good place to live over the past 2 years. Reasonable rent, great facilities, plenty of community interaction.

Location and accessibility to OSU's campus is excellent (especially considering shuttle service), but a bit over-prices for the type of amenities included.

University village is a good place to live. It locate at the safe place, and most of residents here are students in OSU. So it is easy for making friends. Moreover, they organize different kinds of activities every month.

The staff is friendly. Maintenance has knocked on the door really early in the morning to check for flooded apartments. I wish the apartments had a dishwasher. I would make it easier because I am always busy, so I don't have a lot of time to do things like wash dishes.

I have really enjoyed my time at UV. The maintenance and resident life staff have always been very nice and accommodating. The amenities are very nice and I have had a very positive experience here.

Facilities in the building lacks maintenance. Light bulbs sometime won’t work, the walls are painted roughly. It’s ok once inside you apartment. Heating is good if you are on ground floor but once you live on higher floors it gets colder.

Nice location, shuttle service for those who don’t have cars, constantly evolving (new amenities) However kroger being gone is a huge setback and the grocery run during the week didn’t really help a lot. As far as shuttle service goes, the bus is very old and SUPER smelly during the summer bc some passengers don’t wear deodorant and the buses have poor ventilation, also it gets so hot during the summer and some drivers won’t or not able to turn on the ac, it’s really uncomfortable. I really think that being the key point of uv, the shuttle service should be improved.

I think this place is wonderful to live. It’s very homie and I have met a lot of great people in the community. It’s also nice that maintenance responds to issues in a timely manor

I really love living at University Village because of all the events they have. They really try and succeed in making it fell like a community.

I've had a great experience since I moved in about 8 months ago. Maintenance requests are always dealt with in a timely manner. The resident life center is really nice and convenient. The 24 hour workout area is very clean and the laundry rooms were just updated. My only complaint is that there is not laundry in every building, but that isn't a big issue. Overall, it's been a great experience.

I am overall very happy with my experience. The resident life fee basically already payed for itself which is awesome! You have really cool activities available. There was only a few problems with my room but mantainence took care of them very quickly. Staff is generally very friendly and the lot is pretty clean (aside from dog poop). One of the biggest downsides, which is not your fault, is we lost a lot of good stores in the plaza. Not having the Kroger there right outside anymore is a huge bummer and seeing that plaza was one of the big selling points for me coming here. But like I said that is out of your control. But yes overall I am pleased with my choice of staying here at University Village

Love this big home! Lots of activities, movie night, museum trip, soccer game... good roommates, warm-heated shuttle drivers... love the 24 hour gym...

I like living in University Village! It‘s safty and quiet. And the shuttle service is great and convenient for not only student, but also their family. I also recommended University Village to my friends!