The food people cool in these buildings smells so bad. I would recommend vent fans that actually work. Also maybe clean the carpets outside our doors once in a while, they haven't been cleaned since you opened and it's obvious.

University Village is a convenient place for shopping since it is close to Kroger and Big lots. I don't have a car, so I like the shuttle to school. the rent is a little higher than I expected. The equipment is kind of old.

Sometimes the buses are late during the afternoon but overall good service from the shuttle. Maintenance department resolves issues quickly too.

Sometimes it is hard to know what paper work is needed overall. But the staff are friendly and helpful, and the buses are really convenient.

like the environment here in UV. Enjoy the shuttle bus, It's so convenient. Like the neighbourhood. The leasing office work stuff is very friendly and nice.

Love how convenient and fast the shuttle works, I'm never late to class, Thanks! The laundry room is so close makes it easy for me to get my laundry done quickly.

University Village is the best place to live in Columbus with a great locality and very good staff. I can give full marks for UV's services.

I think it's a wonderful place. Fair rent for all that we get, and they try really hard to retain you from year to year. I like that they care so much about us deciding to stay for longer.

The shuttle is good. The community is clean and beautiful. I feel safe in this community at most of times. It is very convenient to go to the supermarket because a Kroger is nearby.

I love staying at UV. The bus service is good. The monthly movie parties are great. I dont like the pool parties. Because I dont drink. The atmosphere is good. But sometimes the weekly cleaning of the appartment is missed.

Please keep Squirrels/ RATS off the roof... Or inside the roof because I leave on the top floor and hear them nibble on the wall/ ceiling...

I love living in UV so much. U-Village is a four-story coeducational apartment building housing 425 residents. It is part of a project of the Wedum Foundation, a non-profit family foundation that has designed this facility to provide residential access for U of M students. U-Village is located near several sports arenas and Stadium Village (a local shopping and eating area). U-Village is easily accessible by foot, bike, free campus connector and shuttle system, and soon to be completed - light rail. U-Village opened its doors in the summer of 1999 and the first U of M student residents took occupancy in September, 1999.

Love the apartment. Great community. Plenty to do near by, and still close enough to campus to go on the weekends. They hold great events and the people near by are all cool

you need to lower the rent. It is very high as compared to others. Heating is poor. Everything else is awesome. Also, you should either decrease resident life fees or keep it minimum for people not using your services

Insulation not so good. Probably because of the ages of the property. Activity is not bad. But the movie night every time is Thursday night. I have classes that night. Can it be like sometimes different nights in a week ?

Hi all, I have had a best community experience here at university village apartments. The surrounding is safe and the apartments are close to Kroger, Big lots , Applebees, Subway, Mc Donalds's and many other food places. However, the thing I love the most about UV is their shuttle service and socials. It makes my living easier and fun.

Been a member for 2 years and have really enjoyed my stay. The maintenance crew is great! If you come across a problem, they are always available and get the job done quickly.

It is awesome to live here in UV. Finally after 2 months of dilemma and hardship I am happy enough to live here in UV. It is so convenient and very much friendly environment.

UV had maintained a safe and relaxed environment. Staff is helpful and everything is at a hands distance. Living at UV has been a good experience overall.

Very good experience so far - we're looking forward to the new rec center, and have been very happy with the bus service. The mail situation could be improved, but we're not sure how. It would be nice if there was a locked mail room that packages could be stored in until residents go to pick them up.

As an international students, I come to US unknown of many things and UV clients help me a lot. Shuttle bus is convenient and always on time so it help me not be late for the classes. UV have many activities. I like the activities very much.

University Village OSU is a good place to live. Everything you need close to you: supermarket, restaurants, clothes stores, and also pubs...

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It is very good to live in here and very convenient to go to school! You can choose to live alone or with roommates. The facilities are new and if there is a problem you can just make a phone call and then UV will send people to fix it! The shuttle which runs around the university is very convenient for us.

Wonderful!!! Staffs are nice! The area is safe and quiet which is perfect for a studious grad student. The only problem is that maintenance can be slow sometimes.