So far I've really enjoyed living her and the people around me. Having the bus service go to the school while also avoiding on campus priced living areas is great. My only problem is either coming to my apartment unannounced or staying there will be service coming and it never does. The prices for living here though are really great compared to other areas nearby when looking at the quality of the apartments

Its a nice place for the price. It is very secluded which I enjoy. The walls are pretty thick as well. I only happen to hear my roommates if they are particularly loud.

To be in University Village in Columbus gives security feeling. Find many good friends around, ambience is nice and staff is supportive. I would like to recommend this to others.

University Village is the ultimate adobe to local and international OSU students. Big red buses and fantastic events are the lifeline of UV. I would like to recommend UV to every student coming to Columbus.

I've been really happy with my UV experience so far! The only thing I would like would be more signs reminding drivers to slow down especially since it is winter.

UV is a safe and appropriate place to live. friendly neighbors and staff in leasing office. But I think the gym and its equipment should improve and extend.

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Great living in the UV! They're making a lot of changes, and sometimes it feels like they make it up as they go (with fees) which is why I took away a half star, but overall its great.

UV is clean, friendly, and safe. The free facilities they provide are nice and I'm excited about the new resident workout/study center they are building! Only complaint is the number of plumbing problems we've had. While I will say that UV has been very quick to respond to these issues through their maintenance requests, often the repairs have not been permanent. I think we've had over ten plumbing repairs just in the last three months alone. Wish someone had told me not to live in the basement!

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The staff should be more patient and more friendly. And there should be more shuttle buses on weekends. Lower variable fees although I know that is your extra income.

I have been living here for past 2 years and never had any problems with anything. There are a few maintenance issues here and there but most get fixed with 24 hours

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Really enjoy living here! The maintenance is quick, though we have had few problems. The pool is nice and always clean. Very convenient to campus and quiet area.

It was a great experience to be in the University Village. I like the shuttle bus running from the University Village to OSU. Also, since Kroger is near here, it was easy for me to buy something.

Great! Keep up the good work. Wish there were more fun things like barbecue parties like we had in the summer! Great apartments and community !

Waiting for bus is sometimes frustrating. Overall, it's pretty decent except the rent is $500 without electric and internet. The gym needs to get a lot bigger.

Still doing great! The new keypads on the exterior doors add to the security of the entire complex, and the updates via mail and/or door hangers are very useful.

Pretty warm here during winter times too. Not very loud around here and pretty good neighbor environment. Rents get cheaper from 2 bedrooms.

Perfect nighbourhood, close to OSU, the shuttle is realy convenient. The Maintanance department is very professional, and they response very fast.

UV is a really nice place to live. We all love UV. I hope the price can be lower for those who have lived here long enough. Thanks, UVVVVVVV!

experience here at University Village OSU is good. Just one thing that there is not enough discount for last minute renew, compared with new residents.

I really don't have any complaints about anything involving University Village. Whenever we put in a request it gets taken care of and the people in the office are very nice and always willing to help.

I have enjoyed every minute living at UV. Buses are always on time, maintenance is super helpful and fast, the price of apartments is reasonable, and I love all the community events!

Good Community to stay in. Utilities are expensive. Gym is small but overall feel of the place is good. I enjoy the small events they organize almost every month.

Overall it's been great. I love the social event at university village! The uv administration is friendly and fast to react to complaints! Love it here!

The food people cool in these buildings smells so bad. I would recommend vent fans that actually work. Also maybe clean the carpets outside our doors once in a while, they haven't been cleaned since you opened and it's obvious.

University Village is a convenient place for shopping since it is close to Kroger and Big lots. I don't have a car, so I like the shuttle to school. the rent is a little higher than I expected. The equipment is kind of old.