I wish there was more activities around the complex to meet other people around the neighborhood. Additionally, I wish the roads were better kept as they are really bad.

I really like University Village as a hole so far. All the staff are very helpful and easy to talk to. Wish there was laundry in every building.

Overall, I feel as though University Village does an amazing job of working with us, as renters. Whenever I have an issue or question, I have always been able to get help from either the rental office team or maintenance and issues seem to be handled fairly quickly, which is great. Thanks so much!

Convenient in terms of traveling back and forth between campus, the efficiency of maintenance, and grocery. The whole community is pleasantly quiet in general.

The new life center is very nice. I like that the computers have mice now, and the printing is very convenient. The 24 hr gym is also a big plus.

It is an amazing place to live. Near OSU campus, nice building, nice community, and easy maintenance when you have trouble. It's also easy to shop groceries. And, the new resident center is great.

The environment is great! I likes the convenience nearby the OSU. And the stuff are very kind for help us. Comparing with other rent house, the rent fee is fare, including many benefits.

Is good place to live, they have a great residential life center, office people are always helpful with everything. Great pool, a brand new residential center. A lot events to meet people and have fun.

Love living at University Village! The work out facility is great and the location is perfect! The staff are very accommodating and are always trying to find ways to please the residents. Almost every week there are events put on by Univ. Village, pretty cool.

I love living here. The benefits and location are fantastic. I use the bus services all the time. The new resident life center is really great and a nice place to hang out or study. Everyone that works here is really great and helpful.

convenient location, easy commute, nice environment. love the new recreation center. maintenance react relatively quick to repairing requests. it's pet friendly.

This is a great place to live and the new community center is great! I think that the community center is really the best part of living here and the gym is great!

This is a good place to live! Kroger and a lot of restaurants are super close! Also UV got a good gym which opens 24 hours! I have been living here for one and a half years and will be living here till 2018! Recommend this place!

I've been living at UV for 3 years and I've had nothing but the best experience. It's safe, pet friendly and has great amenities! The staff at the leasing office are great and very helpful.

Living in UV is very convenient. There are shuttles running everyday, so don't need to worry about driving or parking. Now there is a new resident life center with a brand new fitness center. I like living here.

I think the new resident life center is fantastic! I love how there are so many different places to study. I think one thing that can be improved is the heat policy. There were several instances where I felt I wanted to turn my heat on but could not because all of the units are turned on at the same time. I feel that my EAS bill is pretty high for not being able to control my heat until almost November. Overall, though, I've had a great experience with UV so far.

Like the Buckeye spirit, University Village is designed around a sense of tradition, community, and unparalleled happiness. They are deeply rooted in Columbus, Ohio’s rich history, and offer students at The Ohio State University and nearby colleges the sense of belonging and appreciation. Built in 1959, University Village was first brought to OSU with one goal in mind: housing Ohio’s best.

The university village is a convinient place to live in. It has a very useful shuttle bus system and supermarkets are around the community. It hold different activities for the residents. Glad to live here.

Great place to live! Shuttle service is nice and the new recreational center is gorgeous. Apartments are priced well compared to others in the area

I have lived here for about four years now. Any issue I've had with the apartment, the maintenance staff has fixed. Rent is more manageable than the surrounding areas. The property is much safer than many other places

Not a bad place to be it has great people that work here people do not bother you and Saturday tailgates for games. Can't really ask for much more with an awesome place like this.

I really enjoy living at UV. The bus transportation is convenient, the outing events are great, the tailgates are fun, and the new resident center is awesome!

I like the upgrades the community is making and I like how convenient the online pay is, as well as the shuttle busses and the new leasing off.

This place is just cool. Can you make this a good thing and place to come, then just come here and make yourself at home. The shuttle is also fantastic.

Great experience. Amazing staff. Love the tailgates. The new community building is beautiful and fun. Maintainace is always comes same day. Haven't had a problem since I moved in.