The best part about UV is that you have lots of friends being your neighborhood. If you don't have car, you will find that a punctual shuttle is very necessary.

University Village is awesome! such a nic neighborhood and amazing community to live in! I love riding the bus, and using the pool! The tailgate parties are so cool

I think this place does a good job, the events are fun, busing to and from campus is really nice. Oktoberfest was fun with the bull and bungee cord thing.

I love the new buses. The social events are also awesome. The community is quiet, so it is easy to study. I thought the time it took to get to campus would be a problem, but it isn't.

I feel pretty safe here and it is very clean. It's pretty quite and friendly. Wish my apartment was more up to date though. I like that we have really good parking

University Village is a great place to be for a newcomer. The shuttle has you well connected, groceries are at arms reach, and UV has a whole lot of social events that you can enjoy!

It is convenient to live in this community, since there are a lot of shuttle buses running through here to campus. However the unsatisfactory part is that there is always something run with the original setting inside the apartment

I love the apartments. The service is great. The employees are wonderful. We love living so close to Kroger and a bunch of other restaurants.

Really great place to living. Near by campus, there are UV own bus and lot of events in this place ! Also lot of peoples are living this place, so you guys can make a lot of friends tho !

nice shuttle, makes it easy to go to osu well, the wall is pretty thin, and it cannot keep warm in cool autumn It requires 140 characters to submit,

University village is great place to stay! The apartments are nice and cozy. The shuttle is a convenient way to get to campus. They also have social events and tailgating! The maintenance is a bit slow but they get it done eventually

Great environment. Amazing support. Especially the maintenance department, they get things fixed really quickly and properly. Parking is very good too. Never got into trouble finding parking spot.

University Village is really a nice place to live in.. The gayed community helps keep people safe... There are no nuisances in the society and thus it makes it a better place to love in, especially for studnets who need to spend their time studying in their apartment. The maintenance services are very good and timely...

I really like living in uv, there's a good sense of community, the apartments are nice, and it's a great location. It's expensive but I guess you get what you pay for.

The apartments are in a nice location and look nice. I had bugs. It took WAY longer than I would have thought for them to take care of the issue. A lot of phone tag! But I still like the apartment

University Village is a nice place for a freshman in OSU and in Columbus. The transportation is most convenient. I can take the shuttle and Cota #7 and #18 to campus which saved a lot of time before I bought a car.

I like the shuttle service here. It's convenient for me as one who doesn't have a car. There are something I'm not satisfied with, for example, last winter the heater of our apartment seemed not work rightly. We called the maintenance but only got the suggestion that to shut the windows and doors or to cover up the air-conditioner with plastic bags... The temperature inside kept around 70F which made us miserable all the winter. Hopefully it won't happen again this winter!

So far university village has been great. Most of the residents here are friendly and have a sense of community. On move in day, current residents helped me move in my furniture. The maintenance staff is also quick to respond and fix things. The university village events also provide things to do which is a nice change to the usually quiet atmospheres.

It's a great experience living here. The environment is clean. The stuff team is professional and friendly. Events holding for residents are excellent.

Overall a good place to live. The grounds are well-maintained, and maintenance is usually speedy and nice. I have yet to have a bad experience with the employees - they're all generally pleasant and helpful.

Living in UV has been a great experience. The shuttle service has saved the day for me many a times. The trips organized by them are great. Also amenities like the pool and the gym help a lot.

I really like my apartment, but they seem to kinda be falling apart and definitely need some Rennovations and pest control. But besides that, the living here is great

I have only been living in UV for a month now. But I am having a good time here! It's always clean and beautiful outside, the buses are always on time and kroger, big lots etc. are just a 2 min walk away.

I love living at university village. We are renewing our lease too! I love all the events and gathering we have its very good for international people and to make friends.

I really love where I live. We have great neighbors and it's a great community. I love all that university village has to offer. It makes it an even better time! The maintenance is very helpful as well as all the workers