Wonderful!!! Staffs are nice! The area is safe and quiet which is perfect for a studious grad student. The only problem is that maintenance can be slow sometimes.

It's affordable and safe. But some maintanance has to be done. I also love the facilities and tailgates. I will definitely refer UV to my other friends.

The faculty is nice. But the facilities of my hoyse are old. btw no heaters,I have to use AC the whole winter!!!!!!and sound insulation is really bad.

University village is awesome place to be especially for an international scholar like me. Very convenient shuttle service is the highlight and the nearby grocery store and the fitness center make it an ideal place to live with family. Thank You.

good it 's Benin good . The repair is fast staff is friendly and equipment is good. People are friendly. The decoration of the apartment is good

Activities for away games like tailgating and watching the game on a monitor and screen Bigger gym Lounging areas Other outdoor activities Study rooms

So far so good. I hope it's not fake. Our hot water stop working the other day and it took till the end of the day for them to actually come out and fix it for us which is a bit crazy. But it didn't get fixed Finally. There was a water leak in our ceiling and there is a ceiling stain on it now which we told them and has not been fixed. They heater barely works but I don't get cold too easy.

I love it here. I feel safe in my apartment and it's a friendly community. I feel safe that I can park my car in a parking lot instead of on a one way road.

So far I've had a really good time here at UV, there's always fun activities we can participate in and we haven't had any major problems with our apartment.

University village is a wonderful place for OSU student. I have never thought the great convenience it brought to me by the bus service. The bedroom is comfortable as well.

Overall, UV is doing a good job. The apartments are nice, comfortable for students. The neighborhood of UV is quite and suitable to live. The management team is nice.

Extremely happy with the maintenance, bus service, frequent tail gates and engagement activities like hot air balloon ride, cedar trip etc. The maintenance people are so helpful that they are at our service whenever we need them.

The environment is really good,there are a lot of trees and sometimes just think it's too quiet,nice people and community,shuttle is very convenient.

UV is a great place for students. Clean and well maintained apartments. Shuttle service to OSU is awesome! Maintenance is good. Awesome gym and swimming pool. Cool tailgate parties on game days and many more awesome parties throughout the year!

Good, I appreciate how timely maintenance responds. They are quick, neat and efficient. The weekly home game tailgate is another this I love about living at UV

University Village is a great place to live! This is my second year there and I appreciate how many events they hold and the free tailgates. It is a safe and well established community.

It would be better if you had turned on the heating earlier. I also wish the bus would run later on weekends, and more frequently. I often have late night events on campus, but I can't take the UV bus because it stops at 5:00 PM.

Overall a good place. Wonderful activities and community. A popular place. Things need to be improved: Often hear sound from neighbors. Unpleasant smell in the room ( I am not sure where it comes from, perhaps the carpet). Not good for cooking

Living environment is nice and clean. You can see squirrels every where in the community. Most surprisingly, they even got a staff who can fluently speak both English and Chinese. However, the apartment is not sound proof and is sometimes kind of noisy at night. After all, I like UV.

Generally great. Hopefully the event held could be more time flexible. If anyone new to the OSU, must highly recommend to live here, shuttle and various activities.

Awesome experience living here and basically if I could, I'd love to live here throughout my entire time at OSU. The staff, the environment.... everything makes this place a great one to live in.

Whenever I request for a maintenance, he or she, comes in and fix the problems quickly and asap!! Love the bus service! It comes every 20 min. or so that I do not have to wait for so long!

So far I have had no problems with service. My garbage disposal did break early in the year, and the next day someone was out and replaced it!

Nearby Kroger n Pingpong club are fantastic. Live here as we used to n always will. Shuttles give us closer distance btw home n campus. Strongly recommended to those who aren't willing to wait for Cota buses.

this is a great place to live for a student. The maintainence is great. the bus service is good. the weekend events and other tailgate events make this a fun place