I have been staying in UV for one month now and I am certainly loving it. The rooms were clean and well maintained when we moved in. In case of any issues, the maintenance department is very prompt in addressing our problems. The bus service is the best in here. :)

Best apartment complex ever!! Love the shuttle bus to campus, the free coffee, and study rooms in the lobby! The community here is great! GO UV!!

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Very nice apartment community. The bus service to campus is very nice along with the amenities of the resident life center. The gym is small but the upstairs cardio area is great.

I love my apartment. Quality and location are super. The community is fun and they have events occasionally, especially in the summer. The study space, gym, and the bus are all amazing perks too. My kitty loves the wide window sills to watch the world go around. Cheers!

I'm having a great time at UV. Loving the apartment and the staff is very cordial. The structure offered to Villagers is amazing! (fit center, pool, meeting rooms, computer lab)

cons: Maintainance service takes up to 2 weeks to take an order. Air doesn't go freely in the room, making it around 5 degrees hotter than the outside in summer.

I have lived here nearly four years and I have had little to complain about. Anything that I did complain about was fixed promptly but the staff

I like living here quite a bit. I think it is a nice neighborhood and I feel very safe living there. There are wonderful amenities and the people that work for UV are very nice.

This is the absolute most amazing place! Don't put your students anywhere else! I cannot say enough about this amazing apartment. We don't have a single complaint and they keep their tenants super safe as well.

University Village is a safe and homey place to live. Although a few miles from campus, the bussing service is reliable and always gets me to class on time. I love the gym and the pool. There is also GREAT parking. Spots are plentiful and always available. I love the community here but I do wish it was a little closer to OSU campus.

Doing good but can be expected better in few departments. It was good to see that management has started the movie of the month again. Appreciate it.

The apartment is not vey new but the rent price is very reasonable and affordable for college student. My favorite thing about this apartment is that they provide free shuttle to the campus

UV experience could be better if maintenance were doing good. They take weeks to resolve the problems and many times they don't even bother to resolve.

I think this community is quiet and nice. There are many Chinese people. i like this because I am a Chinese and they make me feel at home :)

I am living in University village from last march and i like very much to stay in this nice noise free community and easy access to OSU students

Great staff and amenities! Everyone is always very friendly and willing to help with whatever questions or concerns I may have. Maintenance is great too!

I really love everything about it! It's close enough to campus (only 7-8 min from my doorstep to the campus building I attend by the UV shuttle), there's always a social event going on, the other residents are overall very friendly and diverse and the staff is always prompt in addressing your requests. One really gets their rent dollars worth here!

The bus drivers are friendly and generous with smiles. The maintenance team always knows how to fix anything that isn't functioning in the apartment.

University village is an amazing place to live in. I really enjoyed the atmosphere and can't wait for the tailgate events coming fall. Go bucks.

Very quiet, safe, and relaxing. This complex is very nicely laid out and with all of the amenities it includes, it is really a sweet deal for the price!

Very good deal for the money! Enjoy all the activities and people that work here. Friendly staff! The pool even has wifi. My friend recommended this place now I see why

University Village is the best place to live with peaceful weather and it has a good neighborhood.It conducts good trips and events, tailgates to have lots of fun.

For the most part, the apartment is well-maintained and any urgent repairs are taken care of quickly. The gym, pool and common area are nice too and the shuttle is convenient for those without a car or commuting to OSU. I only have issue when it comes to dealing with management problems. For example, switching to and from simplebill, setting up subleasing (lots of different info from different people and hidden fees).

Great apartment so far, we even signed up for another year lease. can sometimes here the floor squeaking above us but its not a big deal. JG