Extremely happy with the maintenance, bus service, frequent tail gates and engagement activities like hot air balloon ride, cedar trip etc. The maintenance people are so helpful that they are at our service whenever we need them.

The environment is really good,there are a lot of trees and sometimes just think it's too quiet,nice people and community,shuttle is very convenient.

UV is a great place for students. Clean and well maintained apartments. Shuttle service to OSU is awesome! Maintenance is good. Awesome gym and swimming pool. Cool tailgate parties on game days and many more awesome parties throughout the year!

Good, I appreciate how timely maintenance responds. They are quick, neat and efficient. The weekly home game tailgate is another this I love about living at UV

University Village is a great place to live! This is my second year there and I appreciate how many events they hold and the free tailgates. It is a safe and well established community.

It would be better if you had turned on the heating earlier. I also wish the bus would run later on weekends, and more frequently. I often have late night events on campus, but I can't take the UV bus because it stops at 5:00 PM.

Overall a good place. Wonderful activities and community. A popular place. Things need to be improved: Often hear sound from neighbors. Unpleasant smell in the room ( I am not sure where it comes from, perhaps the carpet). Not good for cooking

Living environment is nice and clean. You can see squirrels every where in the community. Most surprisingly, they even got a staff who can fluently speak both English and Chinese. However, the apartment is not sound proof and is sometimes kind of noisy at night. After all, I like UV.

Generally great. Hopefully the event held could be more time flexible. If anyone new to the OSU, must highly recommend to live here, shuttle and various activities.

Awesome experience living here and basically if I could, I'd love to live here throughout my entire time at OSU. The staff, the environment.... everything makes this place a great one to live in.

Whenever I request for a maintenance, he or she, comes in and fix the problems quickly and asap!! Love the bus service! It comes every 20 min. or so that I do not have to wait for so long!

So far I have had no problems with service. My garbage disposal did break early in the year, and the next day someone was out and replaced it!

Nearby Kroger n Pingpong club are fantastic. Live here as we used to n always will. Shuttles give us closer distance btw home n campus. Strongly recommended to those who aren't willing to wait for Cota buses.

this is a great place to live for a student. The maintainence is great. the bus service is good. the weekend events and other tailgate events make this a fun place

the apartments are pretty nice. we had a leak coming into our apartment and called maintenance and they came and fixed it pretty quickly although the paint on the wall is starting to bubble and might need fixed again..

I prefer flexible activities for example instead of specific movie you can arrange a movie night and give movie tickets and people can go whichever movie in that night.

University Village OSU is by far my favorite off-campus housing. I used to dorm and visited several other places near OSU but UV is the best fit for me. As I don't drive, UV shuttle is very helpful to get me to OSU, clean pool, enough parking lots and the staffs are amazing. Another thing I like about living in UV OSU is events they hold for residents, I appreciate their efforts to entertain residents with social events like Gameday Tailgate Party, Movie night, Pool party, etc. The neighborhood is quite and safe and it's like a minute walk from Kroger which is a plus for students who don't have a car. Highly recommend this place !

This is a pretty safe place, clean, and quite. The apartments are not up to the date though, and little expensive as compared to others. So, all in all: 3/5.

The best part about UV is that you have lots of friends being your neighborhood. If you don't have car, you will find that a punctual shuttle is very necessary.

University Village is awesome! such a nic neighborhood and amazing community to live in! I love riding the bus, and using the pool! The tailgate parties are so cool

I think this place does a good job, the events are fun, busing to and from campus is really nice. Oktoberfest was fun with the bull and bungee cord thing.

I love the new buses. The social events are also awesome. The community is quiet, so it is easy to study. I thought the time it took to get to campus would be a problem, but it isn't.

I feel pretty safe here and it is very clean. It's pretty quite and friendly. Wish my apartment was more up to date though. I like that we have really good parking

University Village is a great place to be for a newcomer. The shuttle has you well connected, groceries are at arms reach, and UV has a whole lot of social events that you can enjoy!

It is convenient to live in this community, since there are a lot of shuttle buses running through here to campus. However the unsatisfactory part is that there is always something run with the original setting inside the apartment