UV is a safe place to live in. The RLC is one of my fav spots to hangout at. UV maintenance does a great job. Heating and the shuttle are really useful amenities provided by UV.

Living in University Village is safe, calm and convenient. There is a bus service to school everyday. And they ofen organize events for residents.

For a student University Village Columbus Ohio can be said a good place to live. It is safe and sound and rates are not that bad, although I will not recommend it for a working or family person nor for a long time stay.

UV is a safe, calm and student-friendly environment. The RLC and gym facilities are really good. It's bad that the rent (which was very reasonable till now) has been increased for the next year, despite the fact that Kroger has shut down and grocery shopping has become difficult for the residents.

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Our ceiling has not been repaired yet! It has been two weeks since we report it to the maintenance office. (PS: our apartment is 561, Apt 7)

Safe and close to OSU, very pet friendly. Nice workout facilities, McDonald’s is close by. The pool is awesome, and community events are great.

University village has probably been one of the nicest communities I've ever lived in. Quiet and peaceful, great amenities, affordability and a lively atmosphere have made this a wonderful experience.

i think it is a very good experiences in the UV . it is safe and convience to live here and i think that i will renew the lease in the future.

University Village is a very comfortable apartment. There is bus service to The Ohio State University campus every day which is really convenient for us.

Hi friends, university village is a nice place to live for students who go to Osu and they provide bus service to go OSU campus very often. Have lot of fun

Convenient and safe neighborhood. Great shuttle bus service. Different kind of free events with so much fun make University Village a special place to live.

The apartment is a nice size for how much rent costs. The area is a bit isolated from the rest of Columbus happenings, but that makes it much quieter than living on campus.

So far my experience is really good. I have noticed a few things wrong with the apartments. Maintenance is relatively fast when fixing things. But on a side not have not come back for the mouse trap they set a month ago.

It’s just a place to live foreal i wish it was more modern. The place kinda old in general tho but quiet neighborhood be careful of your roommate too

A very convenient place to live close to the university. UV maintained bus facility to college and walkable distance to cota bus stop as well.

University Village is a fine place to live, they have member rewards, a good maintainence staff, and a nice community feel. Despite this, the apartments usually have alot of problems on move in.

The apartments look great and the neighborhood is very quiet. Great chances to get involved and active with all the community events and wonderful resources at the student center

The overall experience is nice because of the community But since all kroger shut down and there are no good eating places around its become kind of a problem.

Community feeling. Quiet. Good amenities. good staff and maintenance. Affordable. Shuttle services are great. Nice resident life center and gym

Near to OSU. good community neat and tidy. Good for students and people who work near downtown. Everything near by including groceries, restaurants

Apartments is nice, a few signs of age (leaky faucet, multiple layers of paint, etc.) But overall a nice place to live. For OSU students busing system is very helpful and dependable.

University Village is a very safe place for international students. It has great facilities like the RLC and organizes events for residents to enjoy.

A really nice place to stay if your studying at OSU. Bus service is really convenient. I like how they organize events for the residents and how they try to help you if any issues with your stay.

Great maintenance service, and they have bus to OSU, it is on time! With recent closures of Korger, there is also bus to Kroger on High Street now.