Community rewards is a neat way to get involved in the community, I like the idea of this! Encourages us to keep updated and to get out and do things

UV is a good place to live that is slightly off campus, but has a very convenient private shuttle service, is very close to a grocery store, and has good apartments with decent maintenance service.

I love all the features and how maintenence is very helpful and fast! The price is a little high, so unfortunately I have to move back home after my lease but I would love to stay longer if I could.

Overall a great place to live in. Great location, great facilities, peaceful neighborhood, convenient transportation to campus. But sometimes I am really confused about my utility bills.

The environment was peaceful and quiet, that is the best part about it. The apartment is not a luxurious one, therefore it's cheap and perfect for students.

good enough the shuttle came on time and the staff in the leasing office always have services toward to residents. And also the swimmingpool is really amazing.

I love it. My apartment is very nice and quiet. Plus, it's just a bus ride away from campus and within walking distance of a grocery store. Great place to live!

I really like the university village. And I have wonderful days here. There are a lot of activities here, such as free movies, food and many friends.

Great community and nice people! I like the student life center and Starbucks coffee there. It is really a cosy place for studying! Besides, the workout center is great!

My apartment is good in general. I like the life in LRC, we have travel, free eating, movies, games sometimes. And I love the fitness center.

UV is really good and so convenient especially for OSU student. The community is pretty friendly and they can help you solve problem quickly.

The apartments are really nice and the prices for rent are low. The pool and gym are amazing. I love the bus shuttle too! My only negative comments would be that the staff constantly call you about promotions and renewing, and they are always changing things at the apartments. Also, Simple Bills is horrible.

It is an amazing community with great facilities and various of events to participate in. For me the free shuttle and the maintenance service are the most important.

I can hardly say if I like this place, frankly. The life facilities are really good, and I really appreciate the shuttle it offered, but the rooms are noisy, and the floor seems not that good. Also, the staffs are......

Apartments are very nice! Although living on the top floor gets hot when the residents below you have their heat set to 80 and I like my room around 60.

university village in Columbus is close to The Ohio State University and offers busing and many other amenities as well as events and activities

Great job. The leasing office staff are always nice and available. The resident life center is beautiful and also amazing. From the free coffee to the printing

It is an amazing experience to stay in University Village. I and my friends love to be here. We have security feeling and feel like real home here.

Nice Amenities, maintenance staff is very responsive. Could be better if there is a red bus tracking app or webpage. The bus is very convenient but not always on time.

University Village is a great experience all in all because they go the extra mile and make living there a pleasure. Countless entertaining events keep life interesting and fun.

Great space and community living. Comfortable apartments, convenient transportation to OSU and easily accessible to all stores and restaurants.

I love the carpet. I love the kitchen. I love the Kroger nearby. It's so convenient live here. And I enjoy live together with my roommates. It will be a good memory to live in University Village.

Nice safe community to live in. Very convenient location. Very friendly leasing and maintenance staff. Would have rated higher, but I think that the apartments are a little overpriced for what you actually get. Also there were some issues with electricity billing this past year that took quite a while to get worked out.

Lived here for 3+ years and I still like it here. Safest place you could rent near campus. The shuttle is a big plus. Community events are pretty cool too

I really like how secure I feel living in University Village. There are a diverse bunch of people here which helps me mingle with different people. I love all the facilities right at our fingertips! I think UV has done a wonderful job at maintaning a safe, comfortable, and welcoming environment. Oh and I absolutely love and appreciate all the fun events UV throws each month!