Staff is super helpful and kind. The property has everything we need (roof top patio, full gym, fire pits, etc) and the location is wonderful. Our two main issues are the frequency in which the fire alarms have been tripped (for a variety of reasons), non of which have been for life threatening which are loud and annoying and become sort of a “boy who cried wolf.” Additionally, there are a lot of things that are worn out - such as equipment that isn’t maintained well - that bring down our overall rating. To be fair, there is a massive renovation occurring that could change a lot of that. But overall, can not speak higher of the staff both at the leasing office and maintenance crew who are solid people.

This is a great apartment complex- the amenities are competitive and the location is central. That being said, the price is high. I pay almost half my salary to live here which is why I’ll be moving this spring.

Glad to see that much needed improvements are being made to the hallways, common areas, etc. Service requests have been handled promptly and overall I have enjoyed living here.

So far I am very happy with my time in the apartment. Would recommend to a friend. We seem to have no consistency with our utilities. And can we get a recycling bins in more buildings

Really like this apartment complex. I love the gym, however some of the equipment needs some maintenance. The courtyards should have more grass, then it wont smell like dog urine!

I moved into Uptown Square in October 2017 and I have never lived in a better community! I have told all of my friends they should move here too!

The office gave me push back when trying to renew my lease at price specified. That was a bit frustrating. After living here for a year my name is still not in the system to buzz people in. Brought this up 5 times already.

Great location, neighborhood cannot be beat. Great new interior common area paint job too! Lots of interesting apartment designs and great community.

I think you've done a great job fixing the fire alarm issue. Maybe make sure there is gas in the grills at all times? I have tried to grill a few times in the past and they were all out. I'd suggest two other improvements. I think it would be great if there were an additional squat rack in the gym with more weights. I'd also like to ask for the removal of the turf sections in the dug run around areas. In the summer when it gets hot, the smell is unbelievably bad.

I just moved in last week. I know I have had things sent to me and they don't arrive at the door and I don't get any kind of notification from the office so I am not happy with the package situation. My apartment also lets in a lot of noise. The laundry room I can't find because it seems to be mislabeled on the guide I was given. Besides that it has been fine so far.

The apartment complex is pretty nice overall. The rooms are big and spacious and really nice. Parking is a huge plus having a huge parking garage makes it a breeze

So far the experience while living at Uptown square apartments has been great for my boyfriend and I. We love our apartment, the amount of space and the view we have of the park, downtown and the mountains!

There are both very strong positives and negatives to living here. Positives: location is unbeatable, my apartment is still quiet even though I face 20th (they seem to sound-proof the units), parking is very reasonable, and I have never had a negative experience with my neighbors. Negatives: Staff members are hit and miss. Some are friendly and upbeat, others make it seem like a chore to help you get a package. The package system needs to be rethought because it is not convenient for residents or staff. There was a car stolen from our gated garage (the victim posted notes all throughout the building asking if anyone had seen/heard anything) and when I went to check my car I saw that it too was broken into. When I reported it (three days after the car was stolen because I hadn't used my car) they were completely unaware that a car was stolen and others were broken into. Not only that, they were more concerned that someone was posting unauthorized notes in the building and not that their gated garage was broken into and a resident's car stolen. Not sure how it's possible they didn't know, but it demonstrates a level of apathy/incompetence.

Excellent staff. Very helpful. Great prices. Nice to find a place with reasonable pet fees. Walking distance to just about anything you could need.

Great neighborhood, friendly staff and great amenities. I moved in July and plan on staying here for a long time. They do a good job here keeping the units updated and clean. I really like it here.

Great apartment. Nice amenities. Helpful staff. Appears the fire alarm issue is being fixed. Rent is reasonable. Gym is nice. Walking distance to restaurants.

The amenities, office, and people have been great here. The walls seems to be thick and I haven’t heard any neighbors. The location is lovely as well!

Located in a great neighborhood and within walking distance of tons of great bars and restaurants. Uptown Square is the perfect place for the best Denver living experience

I have called Uptown Square my home for four years now. I was a single resident with my dog friend, and now am married. The two of us are comfortable and happy with our apartment lifestyle in the city. Uptown Square has been consistently upgrading and improving the courtyards and buildings since I have been here. My personal maintenance issues have always been dealt with in a timely manner. I have thoroughly enjoyed all of the fantastic memories I have and am still making at Uptown Square.

Other than no one took us seriously when we were looking or would show us an apartment or give us any information about moving here, we really do enjoy living here. We had no clue about our apartment or even what building it was in until we moved in. Luckily we like our apartment other than the super weird layout (what 1 bedroom is 20 feet wide and barely fits a bed other than in one spot). However, we really do like living here. It is temporary but we enjoy the location and our apartment. The staff seem to not get along so getting packages is difficult when they won't help each other out.

Things are great! Maintenance is awesome and so are the rest of the staff!pool and other amenities could be better. I think the system for packages could be better. Love my apt though. Great price too!!

I love the staff here. They are so friendly and warm. I do wish our pool was better and that we had a hot tub. I love my apartment. It's great, and the price is right. I'm happy. Just want a hot tub :)

Love the apartment in general (layout, view, closet space, can't hear neighbors)... the neighborhood is also great. However, I've been treated so rudely by a certain staff member that I got a PO Box just to avoid going to the office. Most of the staff is wonderful, but as they say it only takes 1 rotten apple to spoil the bunch. The fire alarms go off so much I could scream. My entire apartment shakes from what I'm assuming is the HVAC in my apt and the person below me. Everything has a buzz when mine or theirs is on and at night my bed vibrates and it keeps me awake. I could go on, but why... I'm paying A LOT for all the annoying things. I don't plan to renew my lease.

The individual apartments are very nice. The Hall ways and elevators are a bit out of date and often times dirty. Overall it is a great location.

Great Apartment. Maintenance is always extremely quick to fix any problems. My studio apartment is also extremely large and very roomy for a studio.