Awesome!!! Keep it up!!! Very nice looking bedrooms and i love the walk in closet with bathroom in each room. Swimming pool area is very clean and modest.

Apart from minor issues, living here is extremely convenient. It's relatively close to campus, the apartments are nice and spacious, and the community feels safe.

I am a new resident at Varsity House in Gainesville and I think so far that the people at the front desk are being very helpful. I love it here so far!

The amenities are nice and the office staff is friendly. The walls are so thin that I can hear my next door and upstairs neighbors talking on the phone. The hallways are dirty and no one makes an effort to clean them, as far as I can tell. There are no security cameras and some of the exterior locks do not work. The parking assignment system is absolutely idiotic. There are not enough residents to fill the parking garage in the first place, there is no need for assigned parking. Furthermore, many residents either do not have an assigned spot or park far from their apartment's location. There are many unused spots in the garage that should be reassigned.

A little problem at first with wrong apartment assignment and no parking spot. Other than that everything has gone well and hopefully our work order can be solved soon

Great so far! I love the amenities. But we've had a couple problems with the printer being broken, no coffee, and wifi down :( I hope maintenance gets on top soon!

Overall I have had a very positive experience living here, however I think the management department could use some improvement. It is often difficult to contact managers.

Walls are paper thin. Washer machine broke! Need to be FIXED ASAP. Front desk staff are not quite responsible, I went to pick up my package and they said as soon as it arrived they will send me an email to pick it up. Amazon Prime noticed me that my package has arrived for over a week, but they never sent me email to pick up my package

So far so good! A little bit of a rough start, but overall I am satisfied with my stay here. I absolutely love the rooms, and I love how close my room is to the bus stop.

I have not had a problem yet. I love this place! The rooms are nice, the parking garage is great, and beautiful building. Loving it so far!!

The apartment is really nice but the move in process was very chaotic. Management needs to be a little more organized but overall the best place I've lived so far.

Apartments are very nice. Location is great for price, but wish more busses ran through. Some things do not seem like they were planned out ahead of time like parking.

Assistance from Community Assistants could be better but overall I love the apartment and the amenities it includes. The location is great. Parking is definitely been an issue but it hasn't stopped me from having friends over, etc. I wish there was maybe one more bus that ran in front of the complex along with the 117, but other than that I'm happy!

This is the second year that I've lived at the Varsity House (Grove) and it's definitely gotten better. There's still room for improvement but the progress is nice to see. For example while the parking situation has gotten better, the lack of guest parking is frustrating.

Lack of full furnishings almost a full 30 days after move in, shows a definite lack of preparedness. Staff are friendly enough and want to help, but doesn't make up for being so far behind.

So far there have been a few bumps with move in and things going wrong, and management has fixed a few of them. There are still things that can be improved, especially the parking situation and visitor parking problem as well. I can deal with those problems, but we have had a HUGE bug problem and spraying twice has still not fixed it and it it just going to get worse as we continue to live here.

Fantastic! The Varsity house has gone out of their way to make our experience as good as possible. They fixed the broken doors, revamped the parking system along with the online portal.

I love my apartment, but I hate that there is no guest parking. I also dislike the lack of kitchen counter space. Overall I'm okay with stuff.

I really enjoy living here in Varsity House Gainesville so far! The only thing is that the trash system is really annoying and often the stairways are covered in trash that people were too lazy to take to the trash shutes.

I really enjoy their community rewards program. I just earned a $10 Amazon gift card :) The complex is clean looking and the amenities are great!

All staff members are very kind and willing to fix any problem. Management however messed up on my room assignment three separate occassions. Still really love the place though!

The Varsity House Apartment Complex has been wonderful so far with service and support. Every time I call, a cheery employee answers the phone with helpful and reassuring advice. I cannot wait to move in this week!

1) Security Cameras needed around garage/hallways/stairs (Ensure peace of mind to renters/ catch and fine whoever is leaving trash around the property and fine them accordingly[the cameras will soon pay for themselves!!] 2) More recycling/ Trash bins 3) More upkeep on the property (hallways/entrances)

A little disorganized as I don't know the room assignment and I don't know everything I have to do before moving in. I have go constantly call and confirm.

My walls are very thin and there is not enough parking available. The new GM offered to speak to my roommates and I but failed to respond when we gave him a time.