This has been one of the worst apartment living experiences I’ve ever had. I do not plan on resigning a lease here ever. The property looks nice and there are quite a few amenities that I do enjoy since the construction, but overall it isn’t worth it if it means dealing with the noise, messes, lack of security, and lack of responsibility. Not a single staff member has been trained to handle conflict effectively unless it includes lying. They do not care about their residents as individuals which has been proven time and time again through their unwillingness to assist when an issue arises.

pay too much for the plumbing to always being going out. Got an email on sunday to not use the toilet, without a followup email as to when I was allowed to use it!

Application and move in process was very easy. Had a few hiccups signing lease but it all worked out in the end. Greg was great and very helpful.

Problems seem to regularly pop up in our apartment, and maintenance can be very slow to resolve the issues sometimes. This issue seems to be building wide, as problems with water, electricity, and elevators seem way too common. Multiple times we have had no water for an entire day. That's unheard of in the half dozen apartment I've lived in previously. The other major problem is the package lockers. Amazon is a major delivery source, and they frequently have no idea how to deliver packages in the lockers. Amazon Logistics (the primary delivery service for Amazon Prime), does have a designated routes, so deliveries are not made by the same person. There needs to be a better way to help these drivers learn to use the lockers, so we can use the lockers.

This place has been good overall. I like the space in the apartment and think the price is fair. Negatives of this place include having the water shut off regularly, other things breaking down or needing repairs, and the small kitchen.

Just moved in a few months ago and I love it so far. The lobby and common areas are decorated beautifully and are always super clean. The water and electricity have been shut off often for emergency services, which is an inconvenience but I guess that's what you get for living in a large building. The renovated units are gorgeous but the floors are extremely uneven - which is pretty strange. The AC in the living room works great but the temperature in the bedrooms are a lot warmer and don't seem to get much airflow. I also wish there were more security guards at night and security cameras installed in the parking garages as there have been recent break-ins to cars.

Love living at Veda. The neighbors are great. The renovated apartments are great, with brand new & updated appliances. The amenities are the best when compared to other apartments in the area.

Great location and amenities. Don't be need to go anywhere as the gym abscess pool is agregar. Only negative is I hear my neighbor upstairs.

Unit is nice but overall building is nothing special. Amenities are just okay for the price you pay in rent. Move in experience was fine. Even though the building was remodeled you can tell that the elevators and other building infrastructure is old.

The facilites are getting better and better with the construcción. I like the washer and dryers un the Unit. Can't wait to use the pool this summer

When we moved in the apartment wasn't even ready like it was supposed to be. Things have slowly been getting better but in the beginning it was awful and the manager is very bad at communication.

The apartment and staff overall are fantastic, and couldn't have asked for a better location. Only downside is certain essential features within new apartments not working or needing repair/replacement and maintenance slow to respond.

Been here for 2 weeks, there were a few things that went wrong like our dryer not working and a leak frm the ceiling. As of a few days ago it’s been fixed.

Great neighborhood. Prices are increasing. The only issue is living in a luxury apartment facing a huge garage. No views and need to hire more maintenance.

The water gets shut off and on quite often to perform emergency repairs. How can it be an emergency every time? The gym and pool are always clean though so overall my experience is okay so far.

It has been a great experience living here. I've enjoyed living here. I was so excited when the pool was open again and enjoy how secure the building is.

Very friendly staff. Unfortunately the rent is very high for units that have a very poor quality craftsmanship. Paint jobs look unfinished, the floors are not leveled and the installation of appliances is pretty bad. The walls are thin and you can hear every sound coming from the units next to, across from, above and below you at all hours of the day.

This has been my favorite apartment I've ever had the chance to live in. I'd recommend this place to anyone. The only reason it doesn't get 5 stars is because of the noise level. Also, the rent increase was a bit higher than my roommate and I were expecting.

Building management our terrible. Very slow and unprofessional. They don't finish things like repairs that needs to be done. They promised me a credit for not having the unit ready when i moved in, and never received it yet. (two months already)

This is home, love it here. Smaller hiccups but overall great. Pool area is nice, just wish we could play music etc without complaints from leasing office.

Great amenities and awesome location, but the high rent price is not justified and maintenance requests are not fulfilled in a timely manner

Great location for commute, right next to the 101 freeway. Close to restaurants as well. Makes it easy to go grab a quick meal or have a nice dinner at the Sherman Oaks Galleria. Also near lots of markets. Gym is convenient but a bit lacking in equipment.

Absolutely in love with the building and its amenities, maintenance gets done very quickly and they leave a note that the task has been completed.

The appliances are Cheap. The apartment building, elevators, everything other than the lobby is DIRTY. There is Trash everywhere and you can tell that the residents don’t respect the facility. And how do you shut electricity off for 12 hours??

Good location with good freeway access. The brand new gym is one of my favorite features about the whole apartment. It has high quality equipment and is not always very busy