The security is really nice and always say hi when you see them. The construction is a pain and even with the windows closed is really loud.

The View is a great (albeit a bit expensive) place for Temple students to live. Prime location, great amenities. My only complaint would be that the walls are a bit thin.

The resident is really clean and If the room has problem or something is broken you can just submit maintence and wokers will fix it quickly. And all worker and security is really nice.

Place is clean and friendly. Front desk has nice security. Only problem is due to a lot of people living here the elevators can take a while during busy times.

The amenities are great. The people at the front desk are nice and informative. The only thing is that I wish there were cameras in the hallways or something in its place, because people are very destructive to other people's property.

I have had a very good experience, security guards are very nice. Only a few problems with appliances and needing them being maintenance on.

Ther View at Montgomery is a great community to live in. The residents and staff are super friendly. Also, the building is maintained very well.

Great great i like living here the view is cool it’s nice and y’all and has a good view and is nice lit lit wow what a cool place to live fam. What

It's in walking distance of campus which is super convenient! The apartment comes fully furnished so all you have to do is bring your own personal things. The rooms are pretty spacious. The kitchen is absolutely beautiful. It's a great place to live!

The amenities are wonderful, and all of the staff members are so friendly and helpful. Our apartment and view are gorgeous, and I enjoyed my time here.

The view is in a great location with easy access to campus and food places! They workers are friendly and helpful and the apartment is clean.

Living in the view has been a great experience for me. The amenities are fantastic here, and my apartment is a really nice space to study, cook, and live in. I really enjoy my experience overall, my only complaint is that rent is pretty expensive, and no discount is offered to Renew!

Staff and security are always very nice and helpful, common areas are always very clean. The rooms are smaller than expected, but I’ve gotten used to it.

I love this place. All of the features are so new and beautiful and I love that furniture is included with the apartment. I can't wait to move in!

Great location for Temple students. Amazing amenities and floor plans with lots of space and storage. The view has an engaging community and friendly staff.

Really love it here. Minimal noise, great amenities and the staff is always so helpful. They even rememeber me and helped me with getting a study room.

Living at the view is great! Something that I think needs improvement is water. getting hot water in the morning takes a long time, even if it is kept running for 10 minutes. This is a little wasteful.

I really like living here- great apartments and great location. The only thing that ever really causes an issue is that the printer usually does not work.

The view has very friendly security guards and a helpful staff. I wish the printers worked better because often times they break. Overall, the living space is excellent.

Living in the view has been the perfect transition from on campus to off campus apartments. Manintence requests are always quickly fulfilled, and any problems are handled.

Sometimes the decorations in the hallway feel like a Holiday Inn Express. Surprised at how clean the trash room, lobby, and washing machine rooms are kept. It'd be nice if the espresso/coffee machine worked in the lobby.

There have been highs and lows but my family is happy with my safety and I like the convenience. I don’t plan on moving I’m pleased and I’m here to stay.

The location of the View is perfect for classes and so close to campus! The staff at the View is amazing and the security guards are always extremely friendly and are always there to help. The view was a perfect transition from dorm living.

It's a great living place especially considering how close it is to campus. Only complaints would be the loud construction in the morning and occasional elevators breaking down.

The front desk is incredibly helpful and are always there to answer any questions that I have. I also enjoy the activities and events that the office provides for its residents.