I love living at the view! The location is great, the building is new, clean and very modern, and the entire staff is so welcoming. I have never felt more at home, while away from home!

I've only been at the View for 1 month but I absolutely love it so far. The accommodations are perfect for a college student. I love the fact that we have roommates so we aren't alone yet we have our own 'sleep' space!

super neat and clean! the security is super nice and helpful! staff is always friendly. I really enjoy having my own bedroom as well as a bathroom.

I love how safe and secure I feel by living in my apartment community. I feel like I have a true home here at the View and I love every minute of it.

Amazing staff and people! Always welcoming and there to help, great people really. Our dishwasher was leaking and someone came that same day to fix it which was awesome and super convenient

This is my second year of living at the view and I love it. I ultimately picked this apt for the convenience of living so close to campus but I have fallen in love with the service, amenities, and cleanliness of everything the view has to offer.

Community is well kept, conveniently located on campus, and currently across from on-campus police. Like the gyms, study rooms, and laundry facilities.

I love my apartment. Roommate matching worked out perfectly and I love the private bedrooms cause I can have my own space. I just have some confusion with office managers about pet policy because i’ve seen multiple dogs in the building and they said this is a no pet building.

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This is a great apartment to live in. Security is very nice and sweet, but they do their job very well, as does the front office. The gym is well equipped and always clean. I love to study on the 14th floor because the view is very nice and the room is usually quiet!

Overall it had been a great experience so far. The staff and security guards are always friendly and the maintenance staff was timely and clean. The only thing I would like if for the printers to be working more often and if there was a stair master machine in the gym.

Solid place to live! Have renewed twice now and never have had any type of problem with the place, b management is okay, rooms are nice. We had a leak but it was taken care of quickly

I enjoy living where I live, but the walls are thin. I can hear our neighbors, and this can be disruptive at night when I'm trying to sleep.

The View has been the best decision for us. The area is great, the living facility is great. We could not have chosen a better place to call her.

I have loved living in the view so far and if I decide to stay at temple university, I am positive this is where I will live for my next four years. Its very convenient and the staff are very friendly. I love it here.

I enjoy living at The View and feel that I have definitely chosen the right apartment complex for me. The staff is very nice. So far my only complaints are that the printer is often broken and the paint jobs in my apartment are kind of messy.

The staff has been extremely nice and has helped with repairs in a very timely manner. Only issue would be the elevator that can take a decent amount of time to get.

It's a nice place. Some things broke in the beginning like the toilet paper holder and the shower heater is bad at times. I like the layout of the rooms and the location compared to campus.

The apartment has one of the best reputation compared to others around the area. It is also in a good location so you feel safe. The staff is also very nice

I enjoy living at The View. Nice amenities and great because it’s super close to campus. Only downside is that it’s so expensive. Almost unaffordably expensive.

Beautiful, organized and great customer service. Highly recommend. Safety is a priority at temple. Extremely satisfied with the level of interaction and communication.

My experience at the View has been fantastic. For the first time I really feel like an adult and comfortable in my space. The View is also great because it’s so close to campus, so I know I’m safe and all of my classes are super close!

Love it. Very comfortable and close to everything. Great place to live. Love the amenities and everything that it comes with. Very nice place to live

My room is super nice and the staff is always incredibly nice and helpful. If there’s ever a problem in my room we’re able to get help fast and conveniently.

So far this is one of the cleanest, nicest buildings to live in her on Temple U. The staff is also extremely nice and if a problem needs to be fixed it will be fixed on the spot or as soon as possible.