I really enjoy living in the View this year! All of the security guards are very nice, and the maintenance men are very prompt in responding to requests and getting things fixed.

Nice building, the workers are always nice to you, things are clean, location is great, the rent is too high through. Over alll a nice place to live

Great roommates, and staff is usually helpful. We keep having maintenance issues though.The community is nice, and the location is absolutely perfect. Right next to the tech center!

I love living at the view. The amenities are fantastic, the apartments are extremely nice, and it's so close to campus! A great housing option. Even having very noisy neighbors, the walls and doors of the building do an excellent job on blocking out sound as well.

I think that the View is a great place to live for sophomores because it's not quite a dorm, but it's also not quite living on your own in an apartment. It's a nice in between, and all of the facilities are super nice.

The View at Montgomery is a great place if you're a Temple student looking for apartment-style living close to campus. The amenities provided are great and the one price for everything is very nice (even if it is a bit expensive)

The staff are all very nice and helpful, the rooms are comfortable, but we’ve had problems with the air conditioning, WiFi, and tv within the first month.

Living here definitely has its perks, I get a kitchen with a living room and a pretty big flat screen tv for a decent rent, Don't understand why people complain when there are other apartment complexes nearby with the same stuff and rent but have mold and rats in the ceiling with poor management.

The view is very updated and has great amenities. I love having a gym in the building! I feel very safe since there is security in the lobby. The location is great. I never have to walk more than 10 minutes to anything.

Greatest place ever! I have lived here for over a year now and I love the apartment. Even the workers are friendly and professional. The building is always clean and safe.

Generally, the staff is very friendly here. The maintenance requests go through very quickly. The only problem seems to be with the elevators occasionally not working or being slow.

I really enjoy living at the view. I lived in Peabody the previous year and living in this apartment complex is such an upgrade. I enjoy all the amenities accessible to us as well

I love the view! The staff is so friendly, everything is great! Moving into a place that was fully furnished was the biggest blessing! I always feel so safe and secure in my apartment knowing there is always security around! You truly get what you pay for!

The apartments are sizable and comfortable, and the fitness center makes maintaining a healthy lifestyle that much easier for college students.

This is my second year living at the view now. It is a good choice for living. The staff is very kind and helpful, maintenance requests are always quickly fulfilled, and the furniture is nice. However, it is utterly overpriced for the size of the bedrooms. Also, there are not enough washers or dryers for the amount of residents per floor and at least 2 more washers can be fit in the laundry room. Also they constantly smell moldy from people leaving them closed. The cleaning people could easily add vinegar and run them to get rid of the smell, since sending emails doesn't solve it. I also do not like how slow the elevators are or that there is one running at times. The view is nice and a unique option for students at temple overall and it's location is very nice.

I love living at the View! I feel that there is a strong sense of community and the staff are very attentive. I enjoy having a fitness center downstairs and having a living space that is modern and functional.

Since we are on the second floor it's the only room without a "view". It's nuts. There's a dead bird outside my window. It's a good room but as the building would promise there's no view and yet the same price.

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The staff are so nice, everywhere seems clean and well kept. The area in which the building resides is a perfect distance from all of my buildings for classes.

Overall, the view is a very nice place to live. There are just a few amenities that could be drastically improved, especially with the amount of money we pay. Those entities include: getting the elevators to run faster...and keep them actually running. Can't count how many times there has been at least one elevator broken down for a long period of time! Also, the coffee machine is ALWAYS broken and sometimes the cable connection gets lost. It's just the little simple things that residents shouldn't have to worry about, especially with the amount we pay each month. Besides these few things, the view is a nice and convienant place to live!

The amenities of this building are mostly great. I love that we have a gym, although I haven't used it yet, and the literally view (not the name of the apartment building) is so incredible beautiful. The staff are friendly and respond to questions quickly. I really appreciate the security staff. I do have a few concerns though. Security seems to have some issues. We get ads for businesses and student organizations shoved under our doors, which I don't think should be allowed. I've also seen security wave guests up without checking ID or recording their names which makes me a little nervous. I'd like the security to be a little more through (although they are all really nice guys).

its been a really nice and pleasant and warming and enjoyable and optimistic time spent I've spent so far here at the view at montgomery. hashtag kanye 2020

It's been great so far, I've got a great room with a great view and a comfortable living space. Would definitely recommend to a friend looking for an apartment

I really love this apartment and already recommended to my friends and classmates, two of them have already moved in his summer. The service here is amazing. Staff members are always so helpful and patient

It was nice that the apartment was fully furnished and I loved the amenities that were included. The sky lounge would have to be my favorite. However, the maintenence people could be more helpful and more fast acting.

It is extremely peaceful and quiet with a lot of activities they do. The staff is very friendly and are always ready to help when needed. I particularly love the furniture downstairs so nice.