Stephanie is the best in the front office and definitely made my move easy and smooth. There are a few apartment problems (can't get in all doors, ground vault pops, etc) but otherwise it has been great here.

The apartment so quiet and safe. We love the swimming pool and gym. Staff is friendly. We feel safe and secure for kids. Kids love free hot chocolate.

5stars if it had a basketball court or a hot tub. Everything else is top notch. Good community nice apartments. Lights do go out a lot more than expected during storms.

Great place! The only thing stopping me from giving it five stars is that I wish the pool was a bit colder and the app updated a bit faster. Other than that, everything else is awesome!

Very nice apartment, the front office staff could not be more friendly and helpful. I enjoy having the gym on property also and the social events. I would like to see the security tighten up a bit.

Beautiful complex with very nice fixtures and details inside and out. Gym is large and the pool is beautiful. Minor repairs needed in my unit and the last building in the complex is being completed.

Moving into this beautiful apartment complex has been wonderful. The amenities are so nice and them being open 24/7 is amazing. The staff is helpful and they try their best to do what they can. Friendly neighbors and nice indoor living style. The valet trash pick up has been a little bit inconstant but it's gotten better! Definitely would re-new!

The place is very nice would not want to be anywhere else. Amazing atmosphere! The rooms are nice as well but there is only one Ethernet port in the living room which makes it hard for direct connect. WiFi seems like it is not exactly 300 like promised but should work fine. I wish there would be a fan in the bathroom as well.

It's been pretty good, not a lot to complaining about it. Friendly people, Quiet area. It's my first apartment but for a first one it's nice.

For the most part almost everyone is very nice and welcoming, a few less social people here and there but it’s nice to already have friends next door!

Over all it has been good. I've been here since April and having a good time. I've attended a few events and they have been fun. I also enjoy the community every one seems to be nice and friendly.

Great place to live! Residents drive very dangerously (onto oncoming traffic) on the roundabout and I have almost been hit 3 times. Other than that it is a great community, fantastic amenities and I'm glad we moved here .

Good place to live. People are friendly and it’s safe and beautiful. Lots to do and many offerings that many others don’t offer. I’m very happy here.

I feel happy to be here with my daughter and feel apart of a lovely Apt Community. Everyone from the residents to the staff have been so nice and friendly. I’m glad this is our new home.

Fantastic community and staff. My only gripe is the resurrect to the property of my neighbors. I’m in 7420 unit 1122 and the entry toward the parking lot is always disgusting. Carpet is stained. Always smells of trash and there’s a massive hole in the wall in the stairwell. This is a beautiful community. Keep it that way.

I love living at vintage at winter park apartments. The environment is very exceptional. And I love all of the amenities! The gym is my favorite part. Because I don’t have to drive far or leave the apartment to workout!

Wonderful amenities! The community is happy, peaceful, and relaxing, while still being lively and inviting! Lots of dogs to make your day better and awesome gym!

Great place, great service and beautiful place. I had some issues with the place when I first moved in that never got fixed but they were so minor I didn’t even bother reporting them.

We just moved in and we love it. The staff is amazing and helpful and the grounds are beautiful! My children love it as well. I should have moved sooner!

Five Gold Stars to a fantastic rewards program. Whether you shop at Target, iTunes, Amazon, or Nike; there's something for everyone to enjoy.

Great amenities, community, and affordable rent. Currently living in a Mead. High ceilings and fairly spacious. Big kitchen with a lot a cabinet space. Unfortunately, the apartment does not have a storage/utility closet. Instead, all of the storage space is in the laundry room. The apartment also does not have any LAN connections, which is a negative in any gamer's book. Overall great place.

All of the apartments are well put together. The pool is beautiful alongside the gym which offers unique workout equipment, making living here a wonderful experience.

I'd give this place a 4.5 stars! The apartments are extremely nice, the amount of amenities are staggering, and it's in a very nice location too if you are going to college around here. My only complaint is that it sometimes takes a while for a maintenance request to go through and be taken care of, but I totally get why. There are a lot of separate apartments here with many people living in them, so not everything can get done in one day.

Loved living here so far. The amenities are awesome, the gym and the clubhouse room with the pool table are my favorites. I only wish the wine machine was running!

Moving in was extremely easy! The leasing office had an amazing team of extremely helpful employees that made me feel comfortable about renting my first apartment.