it has been amazing. Its quiet and I haven't had any issues. I only wish we had parking permits so I would have a parking space close to my apartment

Living at Waterford Trails has been very good, the apartment amenities are great, great flooring, countertops, appliances, space, sound proofing. They recently solved a parking space problem by adding more spaces but also they converted some existing spaces into covered car ports which cost $65. Another issue I see is the lack of a playground for children, they do have a dog park but we need a play yard for our kids. Another thing that has changed since I started living here is, the previous management was more careful about keeping the grounds, halls and stairs clean and they did a better job on giving proper maintenance to the green areas than the current management team.

Nice and quiet place. The apartment inside its really nice. Love the closet everything here its good. Only bad thing its the parking lot . T

I love living here! When I have questions, they get answered in a timely manner. I feel safe, and that’s important. The only downside is the parking isn’t the best. They added more spots which is awesome, but to get to those spots you still have to walk pretty far. (For most buildings not all)

It has been a very long time since I have lived in apartments. To say I was a little hesitant is putting it mildly. My fears were unwarranted with Waterford Trails. I feel at home and comfortable. The amenities are too notch and beautiful. I'm not sure I could ask for more.

It’s really fun and exciting experience living here in Waterford trails apartment. Favorable neighborhood and exciting amenities. The staff is very friendly. Loving living here!!

Michelle was wonderful during the tour and definitely helped make my decision that much easier! The location is great and the units are beautiful!

Maintenance is non existent and the ants are bad on the grounds and we also have had problem with ants and spiders inside the apartment. We love the cares team on sight but they have had to cancel events because no funding through apartments I guess. That’s why we still live hear. If the cares team leaves. I don’t see us renewing in December. I do hope the property gets better.

Staff is so nice and professional. Love my apartment and it’s amenities. So close to shopping centers and restaurants. Quite apartment complex. If you love animals there is a dog park!

I absolutely lovveeee this community! I've been many places, but never lived in a community that is so clean, quiet, friendly, and peaceful. I've only been there for a short period of time. But I feel this will be the place I call home for quite sometime.

I'm very pleased with living in theses apartments, coming home to a resort style design is so relaxing. The pool and workout room is amazing. There's one minor issue which is the spiders

Beautiful property, friendly staff, gorgeous features, great location, fabulous amenities. Pet friendly, regular resident events, quiet neighborhood.

This apartment community is by far one of the best I have ever lived at! I enjoy the personal relationships from the staff and the community events! My wife and I enjoy it all!

Great community. The staff is very helpful and the residents are nice. Great atmosphere and very safe and secure. Would highly recommend these apartments.

The apartment are great with new appliances. I just moved so there's really nothing to complain about. If there's was one thing I wish there was more regular parking around my apartments. There's plenty of carport parking and I understand it's a business move.

Overall I enjoy living here. There were a few hiccups and the office got a little sloppy after Marci and KC left but thankfully Ryan has made the experience better!

We've had a great experience living here at Waterford trails. We love all of the beautiful amenities, it's like living at a resort. we had a difficulty with parking at first but the staff worked very hard at coming up with great solutions that fixed the problem. Plus they provide three events a month which are fun and free and make available for you to meet your neighbors!

So I moved in at the end of May. I actually love my apartment itself and amenities. The only downfall is parking. I was told I was on the waiting list for a Carport. If you work late ( which I do) anything after 8 p.m. you will be lucky to get a spot. A lot of cars park outside of the gates, and in the fire lanes. When this apartment was built it is clearly not enough parking for each resident to have a spot. Needless to say it is July and I am still on the waiting list to pay to park in my own designated spot, even though we pay enough in rent as it is. Other than that no major issues, pretty quiet community. Love the Pool and workout center.

PROS: The apartment complex is new with a wonderful resort-style pool. I paid extra to have my own garage, which is great because parking is tough in the complex and it gives me extra storage. The apartments are spacious with large balconies and outside storage. I love the stainless steel appliances and the laminate wood floors. The dog park is nice also. CONS: staff & management are not very nice. There have been a few break-ins which makes me feel unsafe. Huge spiders outside all the time, but I will give it a pass because it's never inside and this is a new property in the country. The tap water tastes and smells weird, which might also be due to the new property. The apartments seem to have been built with cheap materials, as the paint is easy to chip, we've had to call in maintenance for constant repairs (which is odd because of new the complex is), and the mirrors in the bathroom are not even glued to the walls. There is no hot tub at the pool which I would use frequently. We will not renew our lease, but I'd give this apartment a 6/10.

Staying in Waterford Trails Apartment are quite the best. Calm and peaceful environment, very nice amenities, exciting events every now and then.

I love living here. By far it is the best well kept place we have lived. I like the garage and the back patio. It's nice that my little dog has a place to go out side.

Units are well built with amazing features, they allow larger breed dogs like our goofy boxers, they have great attached garage and yard options to make you feel like you have your own house without the maintenance hassle. Only downside so far is lack of substantial parking

We had a few bumps in the road getting moved in but Ryan handled everything perfectly. We love our new apartment and the maintenance has responded quickly to any of our needs.

Very nice and peaceful area to live in. The staff and residents are very welcoming. I am a new resident and have no complaints thus far. Very nice community!

We need more parking spots. Everything else is great. The staff is friendly and there is always something to do here when I’m not working!!!