Despite being built recently, the complex has many problems. There is an overflow of bugs in and around the complex, and not just an average number of bugs, but an infestation of spiders and centipedes. The amenities are new, but the air conditioning in the gym is consistently off, making it very difficult to work out in the summer, the pool often has broken glass and trash floating in it, and there are never any dog poop bags in the stands despite the complex advertising to residents that they provide the bags. The dog park is a nice idea, but the drainage is a problem, causing it to always flood from solely the sprinklers running. The maintenance crew occasionally picks up left over piles of poop, but then rinses the shovel into a puddle where dogs can get into it in the park. Finally, the management is not helpful or friendly. The cares team is the friendliest out of all of the staff, and they do their best to make residents feel welcome, but if there is ever a problem, you cannot get it solved.

When we first in to the property was great. But with recent car break ins, guns going off, no parking for residents or guess parking to park. It’s becoming a nightmare to come home too. I love grilling but the grills are never cleaned. I ended up purchasing a grill scraper because they never have one available for the guest to use. The grilling area is never cleaned which is unsanitary. The glass bottles at the pool are never a great idea either. I know I have been one of many who have cut their foot. The people smoking at the pool is very nasty. I go there to relax not breathe in smoke. They have gotten better on keeping the Gym maintained with towels and maintenance I have no problem with they are great. Pest control needs work. Huge spiders on property and in homes.

It’s really been a very good experience at Waterford Trails as we have decided renew our lease with them again. Excellent environment and staff support and also the timely services of the request made us to think not to leave the place. 5 stars from me!!

I love it. The staff is excellent. Samone Collins made us feel welcome the moment we walked in we had made our decision by that alone. Thanks Samone.

Absolutely beautiful! I cant believe all of the perks and the helpful sites that literally do everything for your residents. I am so looking forward to this next year!

Great apartment complex. Very friendly front office staff, beautiful apartments, great location! Only problem is lack of parking! Hard to find spots and usually have to park on the opposite side of the complex.

The best community ever. The rooms are awesome. The gym, pool, grill, the dog park and the trail are lovely. I will be here for a very long time.

The leasing portion has been a breeze. Excited to get in and get settled. The team has responded very quickly to all of my questions and concerns.

I loved how Quiet Waterford trails was... recently it has been over crowded and the parking has been crazy full. The apartments are fixing this problem now so I am hoping for things to calm down and get back to normal! Other than that it’s a great community to be apart of!

Amazing !!! best community every : )very beautiful and clean ! Nice residents I love that the community have a cares team as well. I would recommend to others

I love the people in the office. They are happy to assist with anything and I always feel at home here. I recommend this place to anyone looking for a luxury apartment lifestyle.

Just recently moved in: Signing the lease was a great experience, getting quick repairs was relieving and receiving excellent service so far. Only complaint: technical errors with the gate clickers but the staff have made been accommodating on the matter.

Property is very nice. The complex gets loud on the weekends and the pool gets over packed with visitors who don't live at the complex. Lots of break ins have happened recently thankfully my vehicle or home hasn't been broken into.

Ive lived at Waterford Trails for 6 months now and absolutely love it. Beautiful and a great location . Only thing that would make it better is more parking.

The apartments are ok but I don’t believe I receive the value for the price we pay. First, the walls/ceilings are pretty thin and you can hear every word and footstep of your neighbors. The planning for this place was poorly done due to the horrible parking situation. Now residents will be penalized for trying to find parking somewhere in the vicinity of their residence? The pet situation is out of control as well and owners are not held responsible for cleaning up after their pets. Lastly, the maintenance of the breezeway needs to be more consistent sine the trash collects there and there is often a lot of dust and debris.

This is the best place I have lived by far, Love the built in garage and the walking path and all the other features. Great apartment homes.

The apartment is nice, it’s new and the set up is good. But the way they set up the parking is horrible. You pay more than you would like to by force, because you have to pay for parking that is not even attached to the unit. Trying to charge more by charging for garages or just a place to park where you live is absolutely ridiculous and it shows the greed of graystar. I guess if I keep living in apartments I find one eventually with some intergity. Not true thus far.

I love the community.. super clean and everything is very organized. And I love the amenities it comes with! Right from the get go it felt like home

I have had issues with my yard since last August. They have attempted to fix it a couple of times last Sept and Nov. but nothing since then. The manager has not called or emailed me back since I talked with her. Also, there is not enough parking. I was going to go ahead and rent a garage (even though I should not have to) but, again, nobody called me back. Other than these two huge issues, it is great.

Great please, we really like their location as well as the staff as it is one of your first impression as you enter the complex; it is very well kept, the pool area it is great!! well equipped gym with water and towels available to use, enough parking and their monthly social activities are awesome!! There is a small pond on the premises as well as a dog park. Overall we are very happy and if any upgrades or a Toddlers playground comes in the near future, will make it even better!!!

I enjoy very much living here. I enjiy taling walks. I just wish we had a play ground! There are many kids I thing everyone would enjoy it! :)

The parking and responsiveness of the office staff needs to improve and then they will be back to 5 stars! Everything else I still love about living here!

I am so excited to be a part of this new community! The staff is very accommodating and the property is very well maintained! Love the amenities!

Living at Waterford Trails has been great, the aparment amenities are great, great flooring, countertops, appliances, space, sound proofing. The knly thinks that I can think they need to pay attention to is the parking space, after 6:30pm is impossible to find a spot, sometimes you see cars parked at the curbside, and currently the is no availability assigned carports. The other think is the lack of a playground for children, they do have a dog park, they seem to be very friendly with pets but not with kids.

Love love love the cozy feel of my new apartment! It feels like a small house without all the extra upkeep, lol. Huge 2 car garage, stainless steel appliances granite countertops! Beautiful pool and gazebo area. I don't plan on going anywhere for a very long time!