Amazing place to live!!! Very quiet place to live. People are always friendly. Staff are always there to help. An always there to fix any problem you may have.

The experience here has been very quiet. Office Staff is always pleasant and timely and the one bedrooms are efficiently built and cozy. I’ve enjoyed my experience thus far.

Great first month!!! The area is quiet and it’s a pretty community!!! My dog likes the areas to walk and most neighbors are friendly. Always parking available.

My experience at Windsor Park has been pretty good so far. The community has been very nice and quiet for the most part. I’ve not had any issues so far

For location and price we find it’s great to live here. All residents seems friendly but quiet and live privately! Everything we need or ant to do is within 5 minutes drive.

Loving living here! The fall season is in full swing and the colors on Bonita Parkway are beautiful. Great weather and a great time of year for outdoorsy stuff!

Management and Maintenance are great. Their response to any issues are fast. I love my apt and location. Plenty of room and places to walk my dog. Met some great neighbors and other dogs.

Love calling this place home! So many neighbors who have became family! Peaceful! Quiet! Well kept! Maintenance crew is helpful and quick to fix any issues that come about!

I am very happy living here! It is cozy and a nice place to come home to. The showers are awesome, wasn’t expecting that perk. The hot water works amazingly well.

I didn’t realize how much my last apartment was ripping me off. Didn’t have to wait forever for a reply and was able to get in immediately. Apartment has been kept well and amenities are nice.

so far so good, had a smooth transition into the apartment, the office staff was very accommodating! the size of the apartment is perfect for my needs.

We have had such a great experience with this complex. Moving in was fast, easy, no hassle. The staff are wonderfully professional & friendly. We’ve had no problems this far!

I love my home at Windsor Park! The staff is very friendly and helpful, the neighborhood is quiet and peaceful, and the yard is always well kept!

The office staff is always polite and helpful! Anytime I have had a maintenance request it is resolved quickly and in a satisfactory manner.

The stay here is good. I don’t really have any complaints. The small events held here are fun. Still quiet. Staff is very helpful and maintenance seems to get done quicker.

It’s nice place to live ,very calm and no disturbance.Excellent school district,near to all the shopping complex like Walmart Kroger bar and grill.

I have had a great year living at Windsor Park. The neighborhood is perfect and the staff here is amazing. I’ve had 2 pretty rough water emergencies happen after hours and the response was very prompt. Follow-up has been great too. I decided to extend my lease another year!

Very quiet and friendly! Everything feels very cozy and home-y and little to no trouble moving in and getting to know neighbors around the complex.

This is a great place to live. People are very nice an quite. I have been here for 3 years now an haven’t run into any problems. I would highly suggest someone that is looking for a place to live to look here.

i moved in not too long ago, ever since ive been here its been so nice and quiet not to mention i am near to every shop and every store my experiace has been amazing!

I am thankful for the affordable rent and utilities. I enjoy the quietness of the community, and the good hospitality of the staff. Windsor Park apartments is a peaceful dwelling place.

Management is wonderfully pleasant ! I love the setup of the one bedroom apartments here. Very efficient and spacious and I love the island in the middle of my apartment

I am so happy with the apartment! The application process could have been more streamlined, but other than that things have been great. Thank you!

It’s quite lovely just a couple issues but overall great the carpet soft I’ve told people about they should get they own apartment over here the kitchen needs a little work but it’s beautiful

Too much to say! Great homely atmosphere that really gives you that hometown suburb feel. Might seem a little exclusive, but its quality. I'm glad to have found a place so close to work and the nashville