Good community and great staff. Management is really nice and on top of things. For the price it is one of the best places in Denton. I recommed

The ridge is great community for a cheap price with great staff and great amenities. Close to both college campuses in denton plus the bus stops rigt infront of the apts!!

The apartment is close by good restaurants and grocery stores. The maintenance people are slow but do a good job. It’s a quiet place to live too.

I like living here, my building is nice and quiet. No trouble at all. I live across the dog park we have and that makes me happy. Neighbors are nice. Maintenance guys are nice too.

I love living at the Ridge! The price is great and i love the activities that the office puts on to make us feel more connected. Finals week snack packs are a plus too!

The Ridge has its ups and downs but for the price it's a good deal. The rooms are a good size, the amenities are nice/work and the staff is nice! I'd just like more parking and maybe some updated furniture. Other than that, I'm happy here!

Not bad experience for the price. Subletting and pet deposits is very expensive but it is in all complexes. Maintenance could better over all everything is fine

I really enjoy living here. I like how there is a lot of open green space. It's great that there's a bus to take to get to campus and there's a gym too.

Overall I have really enjoyed my time at the Ridge. The staff is friendly and maintenance is usually pretty Quick! Sometimes the noise is loud.

Just signed the lease for Fall 2018 and I'm so excited about moving in! This place looks amazing and its close to the university I will be attending this fall!

This Ridge is a great and affordable place to live. You get more than what you pay for. This is my second year going on and plan to live here for another year.

It is my 2nd year living here and the experience has been great so far. My light was broken and it took them a while to fix it so they moved me into a new room.

I actually really enjoy this apartment complex. There’s not too much that goes on, it’s pretty quiet majority of the time. It’s in a good location, literally everything thing is around here.

The Ridge at North Texas has been a major improvement from the tiny house I used to live in. Having a bathroom is a blessing! The service here I also very good.

Great management, prompt maintenance. The grounds are always well kept and clean. The ridge at North Texas is the best value in town. It’s quiet and calm during the week

So far living here has been fine. When we first moved in I was disappointed that our AC was broken and it looked/smelled as if the cleaning crew never got to our apartment. Matienence took a while to get to our requests but I understood it was because there were a lot of requests at the time.

Not to mention it's location and accessibility to almost everything, it truly is a very quiet, clean community. The ammentites provided are really nice and resourceful.

Pretty good. I haven’t been robbed and maintenance comes when needed. I wish there were better events and more of them and the mailboxes should be more secure but what can you do.

As a college student, this complex suits my needs extremely well. It is not expensive considering everything that comes with the rent, and all amenities provided are fantastic!

I have lived here a few months ago and I love it. It is affordable and comfortable and makes a great home away from home! Maintenance is good even if they do take some time, but overall living here has been great!

I truly ove the ridge, I spend so much time here. The people in the office are spectacular. Such a great place to live, great community too. So thankful.

I have been living here for over two years, and I like it a lot. The reason why I don’t move out is because of the location. We have everything around us. It is very convenient for living.

This is my second year living here and I love it. There are a few things that I don't personally like but that has nothing to do with the apartment complex but with the residents. I referred my sister and now we both live here.

So far it has been a really relaxing and fun space to live in. The community seems to be calm and connected. I think there should be a 24/7 availability of the game room!

The Ridge is very nice, I REALLY enjoy living here. The front office workers are very helpful and paying rent is so easy. The apartments are very affordable and you can even ride the bus to class to save on gas!