I haven’t had any issues out of living here. I have lived here for about 2 years now and I don’t know if I got lucky or not but I haven’t had any issues with apartment itself or the roommates I have had.

The Ridge at North Texas has made living in Denton an amazing experience. The apartments are nice and the furniture is sturdy. Maintenance takes care of requests efficiently.

Apartment complex is pretty quiet so I have no complaints. Nothing really goes around that has me very concerned. Nice and safe environment. Apartment is very nice and spacious but just a bit outdated

Overall atmosphere is nice. However the units are outdated and dirty. Previous unit had black mold from a leak that was never fixed and current unit has old appliances that keep going out. Also would be nice if the office space would be brought back so residents can print.

Everything has been good with my roommates, neighbors, and location of the apartments. Usually my roommates and I will go to the basketball court to go hoop and be active while still being close to our door. The apartment itself is really close to the university that I go to so traffic isn’t so bad if I go through the streets

The Ridge is the best apartment complex I’ve ever lived in. I’m so glad that I found them. I love that the create fun things to do with residents.

The staff at the Ridge if North Texas are amazing!! So is the maintenance staff they are always very helpful. I never have any problems here.

The Ridge is a pretty cheap apartment complex, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. I personally like my apartment and I LOVE my roommates and don't have many complaints except the bathroom. I love the amenities

I absolutely love living at The Ridge! The office staff are always so helpful and welcoming. Maintenance is speedy and definitely know their stuff. I never have issues with noise or pests which is great. And the plus to all of this is the monthly resident events. You get to meet new people, have fun, and eat free food! Who doesn’t love free food ?

You definitely pay for what you get. The cheap pricing definitely comes with a lot of downsides. The tiles in the kitchen have been coming up since me moved in and we’ve been trying to deal with roaches since moving in as well. Maintenance either comes by and leaves a business card or doesn’t actually do anything about the bugs.

Upon moving in the staff were very helpful and attentive to any of my questions or concerns. I haven’t had any problems so far and I’m thankful for that.

I have never had any problems! This place is a great and cheap place to stay. The staff people are very nice. The maintenance people are quick and efficient.

Maintenance is not responsive, nor does a good job of solving the problem that they are supposed to fix. I would rather repair these things myself and get money off my lease than out in maintenance requests at this point because of how long I have to wait on even emergency repairs, or have to put in the same order multiple times because either the job was not completed or no response.

I really enjoy my living experience here. The staff is kind and maintenance is incredibly fast. The gym is great and the apartments themselves come with little problems (such as a small kitchen). However, I've never had a bug problem and the walls are surprisingly thick. I cant even hear my own roommates let alone my neighbors.

I’ve been living here since 2018. Love the renovations made here!! Great staff as well! They respond at a good time and are very helpful. Only down side is how far visitor parking is.

The Ridge is absolute garbage. The most redeeming feature is that it’s cheap. Been here two years it’s time for me to move on. Only live here if really strapped for cash.

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This place is affordable . That is the only good thing I can say about this place . They also got rid of the printers which was the only other good

Love loving here. Super close to TWU and UNT. Local restaurants and stores are also conveniently close! I would definitely recommend for students!

I have not had a lot of complications, but there has been a few. Overall, the space if far enough from campus that is enjoyable and I have had a good roommate, randomly selected, and we are compatible in some ways. As far as the living space, it is large enough in my 2x2 to live comfortably compared to other student living complexes. Maintenance needs some work as far as notifying residents that they had been inside their apartments, that is one thing I do not like. We get notified after the fact and I feel that is very backwards. Some times problems are not fixed completely so they are called again to come fix what was asked to be fixed originally. Yet, I would still live here again if need be.

The location is perfect. It is far enough away from campus that I don't have to deal with game day/ school event traffic, and close enough to my job and grocery store that I don't feel that it is out of the way.

It's fairly decent for the price. The location in relation to stores and services is ideal. Student workers man the leasing office and that is apparent, but they try their best. Rent is consistent. Electricity is a different story but it's not too crazy.Good neighbors. Cool pool. They need to finish the computer lab, it's been ages.

You get what you pay for . These apartments need some renovations . It seems they haven’t had any since they were built . The only thing I appreciate is that they don’t raise the prices.

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The place itself is pretty nice. There’s not much you can do about dog poop everywhere though :( other than that no problems have arose for me.

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-filthy apartment -rude staff -creepy maintenece -run down -unenforced rules I didnt like living there at all and left within my first semester to a newer development. best decision

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