Well I did really like the apartments but the process of moving out has been an absolute nightmare. I said I wanted to have someone take over my leave but needed notice and they told me on a Friday to be out by Monday. With Boone in the office to be able to respond to me. It has completely ruined my weekend and to make it worse, I have a lot going on and no time to deal with this. The stress they cause may cost me the focus needed to pass my final licensing exam I was supposed to be focusing on.

I dont. I only live here because of dirt cheap price. I couldnt/havent found anywhere else cheaper than The Ridge. I have to pay for myself so that's why I live here.

I had a lot of expectations when I signed my lease here and all of those expectations were let down as soon as I unlocked the door. It was gross in the apartment on move in day. Also the show room is very wrong

Poor front desk service, bad location, little to no visitor parking, awful maintenance response, average pricing, etc. I regret leasing here!!!

Staff underpayed and thus underqualified. Maintenance workers cannot replace microwave handle. Requests can take two or three tries to go through and dont always work.

Slow service and when you do get service they're rude and don't have answers! I pay monthly overages when I never use anything more than an occasional lamp. It's ridiculous.

Moved in early because of marching band camp, we were assured everything would be ready. The entire apartment smelled like weed, carpet in the main area had holes and was dirty, are dishwasher and garbage disposal was broken as well. Paint dripped and left on stove top, AC unit was falling through the ceiling because the wood was rotting from leaks, around the AC unit was mold (which was painted over). Garbage disposal was fixed but not reattached right so it flooded our kitchen again. Biggest issue was the bedbugs. We all had to move out and some had to pay still for the extra days of moving in when we couldn’t even stay in our home and move everything out. 4 weeks later and we have the same issue. The Ridge needs to get their *act together and completely overhaul their system.

They need to put money aside and remodel these awful apartments... Very dirty, very low quality, looks nothing like the model apartment at all.

The rooms were terrible it was clearly not ready for a new resident. The workers have not been able to fix anything . Worst apartment ever!!

I will not be living here anymore so I didn't quite love living here I tolerated living here because I couldn't break my lease. So that's the only reason I'm still here

Awful staff help, maintenance says they fix things but they will just say that to leave early. If you don't call and complain all day they won't take any action about anything.

I only like living here for the price. My apartment is okay. I just wish all the stuff in I could get fixe so that me and my roommates could have a great livin experience.

Terrible. I would give 0 stars if I could. My rent has been overcharged by $60 for the first two payments, we had to pay full rent for a WEEK of living here (immoral and illegal) , and our dishwasher has been broken for a month now even though we put in a maintenance request awhile ago.

Some money needs to be set aside to remodel at least a few units each year. It will make more people actually want to renew. These places are in terrible condition and look like a horrendous crime scene because of the terrible quality and oldness of them. The carpeting is way too old, the kitchen is falling apart, and the vynel flooring has been there since the beginning of time. They need to be all fully replaced with new tiles. It will be a lot more cleaner and better looking.

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horrible conditions and horrible customer service. the people in the front office don't really care about your problems or how you are doing.

My stay here was average and what you would expect from paying a under average amount of rent. The student workers are nice and helpful but the management needs major improvement.

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I have not had a great experience here. The maintence takes forever and the utilities bill will shoot up after your 3rd payment while living here.

There is a lack of interest in the residents and more on their rent money. Our appliances constantly break and management doesn’t act unless if we have to threaten to end the lease.

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The front desk is rude and not very knowledgable. You have policies, like no routers ,yet you allow people to keep even after other residents have complained that it is interfering with their use of the wifi and a representative from Airwave has come out to confirm it. Overall we have not enjoyed our experience and will be moving

I have been a resident here for 3 years and it has gotten slightly better due to some updates. Just keep in mind that 1) You get what you pay for 2) It is student housing. Not to mention that during the Fall 2018 semester there were gunshots on the property that required the police to come out but management never sent out an email as to what happened and if it was resolved. To make matters worse, every worker at the desk up front acted like they had no idea that it happened or that they knew about it but they did not know details. So you can only feel so safe.

Maintenance of the apartment is terrible. I moved in with broken, stained, and missing items. I have submitted work orders and they have not been completed.

There are too many fees and unnecessary charges that are placed upon the resident . This must be changed but as we all know that will not happen with these greedy apartment complex owners .

The place is way lower down than the model house... I consider it false advertising and the price is way too high for this kind of quality. I wouldn’t recommend this place to even my worse enemy

Nothing ever gets fixed. Maintenance either doesn’t come or whatever is broken breaks very soon after. Not all but some staff is mean and not helpful. Packages have been lost or misdelivered.

You get what you pay for. Maintenance does not fix things. We have had to three, maybe four work orders in for some things before giving up with them.