It is great living here, very convent and close to campus. You guys have great amenities and everything is always very kept up and clean. This place is awesome.

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My time at the Rise has been above average. The service at the front desk is always helpful, and the events the Rise sponsors are enjoyable. Management isn't always available, but when they are, they are very helpful.

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So far I have had little to no issues. I love my individual room and the pool is awesome! It’s great to be able to visit my friends so easily.

I really like the community events here. Also the management this year is very diligent about things, which is really appreciated :) I'm excited for the coming months of living here!

The Rise at Northgate provides state of the art gym, walking distance to engineering buildings and decent study lounge. It is worth living here.

I love living at the rise because it's the perfect place to live. My only complaint is the parking situation (the lack thereof), but otherwise it's great!

The Rise at Northgate offers best living experiences ever ranging from state of the art gym to study lounge. Also, the staffs are extremely helpful.

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The gym, pool, and public spaces are great to hang out and chill. Although sometimes the hot tubs break and the gym can get messy. Overall the rooms and kitchen are great.

The Rise is a great place to live. As a freshman, I didn’t get into a dorm and I was really sad that I wasn’t going to be living on campus with other freshman. Luckily, I found the Rise at Northgate. This apartment was super close to campus, which was great because I didn’t have a car. They also did a great job of matching me with my roommates.

The community is really great: I love the resident events (keep 'em coming)! My main complaint this time is actually the residents. Some are disrespectful to the common spaces :/

Repairs are timely, lots of things to do, nice study rooms. Apparently I need at least 140 characters to submit however my review is done. So now I have 140 characters.

Living at the Rise gave me best experience. The location makes going to class easier than ever. We have the coffee machine for Residents for free and I really enjoy the gym with the sauna right next to it. he customer service is outstanding as well as the maintenance team.

Great living experience! I have enjoyed living here the past year and a half and can't wait to continue next year. Staff is great and always friendly.

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I enjoy and appreciate the friendly nature of the staff. It makes the living experience nice. I hope to see community events soon and often.

I love living at the Rise at Northgate because of all the friendly residents and staff. It’s nice having a great gym, well furnished rooms and the study lounge as well.

I love being able to walk across the street to get to class. The hot tubs are finally working again so that's my favorite amenity to enjoy. The staff is also very nice and helpful, though still somewhat disorganized.

Living at the Rise at Northgate gives me the best experiences ever from decent study lounge to state of the art gym and so many more. I would highly recommend students living here and experiencing new things.

The amenities were great. I was able to study there well. The staff is helpful when you need them. Roommate matching is not the best. Maintenance fixes problems fast.

I have signed a lease with the rise for 2018-2019, and I am moving in this August. I have been waiting for a long time for my room assignment, which will also help me fill out information for my renter's insurance. I have called several times though, to the rise's phone number to ask about this, and they have told me they have a new general manager, resulting in a delay in room assignments. August 11th, the first day of moving, is quickly approaching, and I am concerned about myself and other residents to see if they can get everything they need to get done on time before they can move in to the rise. I hope that they can fix this issue fast, and I am looking forward to living here.

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Sometimes the printing is an issue but the Rise is clean and sooo close to campus that convenience trumps everything. Multiple starbucks machines which is a plus in addition to a super clean and quiet pool area to bring friends to.

The management does a good job with making a connection between them and the residents, but there’s not a lot of resident with resident activities in the community to get to know the people in the building. Pool/grilling hangouts would be a great way if they held an event like that.

My experience st the rise was good over all. The amenities and close proximity to campus was the biggest bonus for me. The elevators were very slow

It was a great experience living at the Rise. It was close to campus, and everything was very comfortable here. It's a very safe place to live as well

Great place to live, super close to everything on campus, northgate, and shopping centers along university and texas ave! Prefect for anyone new to college station!

The Rise at Northgate gives me a great living experience and I think it is one of the best apartment in College Station. It provides you state of the art gym and fully equipped study lounge.