It has been an all around good time, no complaints. It's a convenient location, especially for engineers. I would love to see more free food, but that's just me.

The location is fantastic - being able to walk to campus instead of trying to drive is huge. The apartments themselves are great as well, and the view is beautiful.

The location is perfect for getting to class on time! The only thing I would improve is the study room layout, you can easily fit more tables in there and make sure the printer is working. I would work on improving the wifi as well, it is super spotty and half the time phone calls drop and have a poor connection.

My random roommates are pretty cool so I'm glad the survey worked out as well as it did. The staff is awesome, most of them know me by name and the rest of them know my face, and it's super meaningful that they take the time to recognize me!

I have thus far enjoyed my experience living at the rise. I love the location and how easy living here is. The other residents are nice and help swipe you the elevator if you forgot your keys.

It is convenient for walking to class, and the rooms are a nice size. The gym is never busy which is great when you don't want to bike or drive to the Rec center which is always full of students. The maintenance requests get completed quickly and the workers are friendly and helpful.

Very nice facilities, good location. Most downsides are like small things. University Dr can get loud but u kinda get used to it. Overall pretty nice living.

I love living here! It is so convenient to be this close to campus, I walk to all of my classes in under 15 minutes! The CVS downstairs is also super convenient.

It's pretty good. High end living for a decent price. There is also a CVS downstairs so it's very convenient when I need to get groceries too.

I had 14 students used to live in this great community ANd they really like every thing they had, people, apartments, building, services, close to the university, etc.

The Rise is awesome, I haven't had any issues here and everyone is super nice. Every maintenance issue we've had we have had fixed in anywhere between hours and days and it is amazing.

The location is incredibly convenient because I can walk to campus. The noise level is pretty quiet which is also nice, and even when it is loud I can't really hear anything in my room. The gym is also an added perk. Overall a good experience.

The Rise at Northgate has done a really good job on providing premier housing for students at Texas A&M University. I highly recommend you guys for this place.

Awesome place to live, just wish the coffee machines worked. I am happy y'all have such an attentive staff and friendly workers. I love the tanning spa and work out center.

You have an excellent location and amenities. The pool and gym are always clean and well managed. My only complaint is that you do not have enough elevators.

Living at The Rise is really convenient. It is in a great location; close to food and class! I also enjoy everyone who works here. They are personable. Great job!

You are doing great! I love that I can get rewards for the easiest things while living at the Rise. It makes me feel so happy that I know I made the best choice by choosing the Rise

I enjoyed living here so far. Everything is amazing and I enjoy the amenities that the Rise offers. I am looking forward to living another year at the Rise.

Pretty smooth transition from summer to fall semester. It was very packed the first few days, but now the apartment complex is calm and quite again. Only complaint is that one of the elevators seems to not be functioning ruining flow between floors and makes going up or down the working elevators a chore.

The apartments are convenient, clean and close to campus. The coffee machines are usually out of service or low on stock, but great apartment given the convenience. The elevators do provide a wait between busy times, though it is to be expected. The pricing is very inconsistent and one could be paying significantly more than even a roommate even if you signed at the same time or resigned.

I love the rise at Northgate, it's really cool and close to campus. The staff is really cool especially Adam. I love the pool swimming is really fun.

My experience here at the Rise has been well so far. The only complaints I have regard the swimming pool not being fully complete and the limited amounts of parking for guests.

The Rise at Northgate has to be my best college living experience yet. The amenities are amazing, and the proximity to campus lets me make it to my 8am on time!

The location is extremely convenient and maintenance is almost always prompt. The amenities (pool, gym, billiards, study rooms) are very nice, but printing and visitor parking are constant issues.

I like it, but it a little hard to understand in the beginning. I would have instructions for the yser in the beginning and how to esrn points