This is one of the worst places to live in College Station. The clientele is all students who are in college to party. The building is run by college students instead of adults.

I love living at the rise because it's the perfect place to live. My only complaint is the parking situation (the lack thereof), but otherwise it's great!

Maintenance has been difficult in helping me fix the smoke alarm problem and I have gotten many different version on if my alarm has been fixed or not. Cleanliness is not the best because even after talking to the cleaning staff they refilled the paper towels in the tanning beds although were unable to but new towelettes to clean machines in the rec room. Also stair stepper machine is not working, weights are constantly a mess, and staff turnover is constant- which causes learning curves 24/7.

The Rise at Northgate offers best living experiences ever ranging from state of the art gym to study lounge. Also, the staffs are extremely helpful.

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The gym, pool, and public spaces are great to hang out and chill. Although sometimes the hot tubs break and the gym can get messy. Overall the rooms and kitchen are great.

The Rise is a great place to live. As a freshman, I didn’t get into a dorm and I was really sad that I wasn’t going to be living on campus with other freshman. Luckily, I found the Rise at Northgate. This apartment was super close to campus, which was great because I didn’t have a car. They also did a great job of matching me with my roommates.

My experience was terrible. The workers there and not friendly and are o my there to get a paycheck because they don’t actually want to work there.

The community is really great: I love the resident events (keep 'em coming)! My main complaint this time is actually the residents. Some are disrespectful to the common spaces :/

Repairs are timely, lots of things to do, nice study rooms. Apparently I need at least 140 characters to submit however my review is done. So now I have 140 characters.

Spams our email with tons of these community rewards emails. Drives me nuts. Cause it comes under the same address at the important emails that tell us when the hot waters out and such.

Living at the Rise gave me best experience. The location makes going to class easier than ever. We have the coffee machine for Residents for free and I really enjoy the gym with the sauna right next to it. he customer service is outstanding as well as the maintenance team.

Great living experience! I have enjoyed living here the past year and a half and can't wait to continue next year. Staff is great and always friendly.

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Not clean. Residents care more about partying than school. Not the place for someone who wants to succeed. Maintence workers are the only good thing about this place. Nice parking garage.

Unprofessional staff, clean workout room and pool, filthy hallways, excellent maintenance workers, nice parking garage. Roommate matching does not work.

I enjoy and appreciate the friendly nature of the staff. It makes the living experience nice. I hope to see community events soon and often.

I love living at the Rise at Northgate because of all the friendly residents and staff. It’s nice having a great gym, well furnished rooms and the study lounge as well.

I love being able to walk across the street to get to class. The hot tubs are finally working again so that's my favorite amenity to enjoy. The staff is also very nice and helpful, though still somewhat disorganized.

Living at the Rise at Northgate gives me the best experiences ever from decent study lounge to state of the art gym and so many more. I would highly recommend students living here and experiencing new things.

The amenities were great. I was able to study there well. The staff is helpful when you need them. Roommate matching is not the best. Maintenance fixes problems fast.

I have signed a lease with the rise for 2018-2019, and I am moving in this August. I have been waiting for a long time for my room assignment, which will also help me fill out information for my renter's insurance. I have called several times though, to the rise's phone number to ask about this, and they have told me they have a new general manager, resulting in a delay in room assignments. August 11th, the first day of moving, is quickly approaching, and I am concerned about myself and other residents to see if they can get everything they need to get done on time before they can move in to the rise. I hope that they can fix this issue fast, and I am looking forward to living here.

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Sometimes the printing is an issue but the Rise is clean and sooo close to campus that convenience trumps everything. Multiple starbucks machines which is a plus in addition to a super clean and quiet pool area to bring friends to.

The best things about living here are that you can just walk to campus, and there’s a CVS in the building. However, while living here, I’ve had to deal with horribly loud construction from amenities being renovated, which were honestly better before the renovation. During busy times, I’ve waited 10 minutes just to use the elevator, and there’s no way to access the stairwell to go up from the group level. The kitchen definitely wasn’t made with enough space for four people to share, and desperately needs a pantry. If you need a place across from campus, it may be worth it, but otherwise save your money and find somewhere else.

When we first moved in Maintenance would leave our door propped open with the deadbolt when we were not home despite several complaints being made to management about lack if security/ the ability for any passing person to have access to our apartment/ valuables. Amenities are frequently not up and running, printers are out of toner, tanning bed bulbs need to be changed ON BOTH BEDS, multiple cardio machines in the gym are out of order, the pool is closed, etc. We had several days where the water was out (ONE OF WHICH WAS GRADUATION MORNING) and the rise offered residents zero compensation for the inconvenience. The wifi went out without any notice and on that given day there was no one at the front desk ALL DAY despite their claims that someone is always there. Maintenance work orders can take a week + to be fulfilled and that was after multiple calls to the front desk complaining. There is also no necessary curtesy notice necessary for management/ maintenance to enter the apartments. Maintenance workers have entered our unit without permission/ unannounced on multiple occasions to find my roommates and I in the shower/ only dressed in towels. Such a violation of resident privacy. Great location in terms of proximity to Northgate but everything else regarding the management of this apartment is sup-par to say the least.

If you want a closenit community with nice people and a good environment to study in, don’t live here. The apartment building is full of people who only seem to want to party.

The management does a good job with making a connection between them and the residents, but there’s not a lot of resident with resident activities in the community to get to know the people in the building. Pool/grilling hangouts would be a great way if they held an event like that.