I love it so far! Everything about RiverGate is amazing. I really liked the modern living as well as the amenities throughout the complex!!!

Really beautiful place. Clean and up to date on many appliances. I would recommend RiverGate to other people in the community. Adequately priced for what is received.

Living at river gate had its ups and downs. It definitely got better when there was a bus stop added to give rides to and from class. Walking uptown gets old from RG


. The property manager Maggie, and staff member Mariliz are both extremely helpful and very nice. They have always taken care of any issue that I've had. This also goes for the maintenance staff, Roger and his partner are good and speedy at attending to any maintenance needs that may arise.

It’s a great community, kinda secluded. The staff in the office is nice but sometimes not extremely knowledgeable in the issues I bring to them

I have had excellent service when I call with questions. I had a great tour of the building and was able to see all aspects of River Gate. I have always heard great things about it and I am looking forward to living there in a couple months!

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Living here has been a great experience, have never had an issue when something has been needed fixed. Always seem to be on top of things making sure everything is going smoothly

Rivergate is a really good apartment complex to live at. The rooms are big and it is a great location off-campus. I would definitely recommend it

Rivergate is a great place to live! I enjoyed my time here and will always remember it. I had so much fun at the pool and I’m the fitness center! I wish I would have used the tanning area more

I really like living at River Gate, and I appreciate what the people who are working in the office do for us just to make us satisfy about it. In general I enjoy living here.

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I love living at Rivergate! I’ve had no complaints in the 2 years I’ve lived here. The office staff is always very helpful and maintenance is usually available and fixes things in a timely manner.

I’ve made some wonderful newborn friends while living here and it’s been such a great time. I couldn’t imagine his year going any other way.

The amenities in River Gate are great. Maintenance is very quick and friendly for whatever issues arise. Management has high turnover but most are nice.

Most people do not pick up after their dogs, i have a dog and always pick up after him. Would like an outdoor trash bin because going in the garbage room at night is kind of creepy. other than that great place to live, well maintained

Living here has been great! My roomates and I have never once felt that something was bad or had a bad experience while living here. The only issue that we had was when the parking garage was closed and the under garage cars were taking up all the outside spots.

Living in rivergate is a pleasant experience. The people are nice and the workers are very helpful. The building is beautiful and each apartment comes with so many advantages.

nice living here pool and gym and free coffee, tea, hot chocolate are great, nobody is ever loud, there is also free tanning which is very nice

The employees that work at the front desk are always friendly and helpful. However, since day one, it is clear that RiverGate has some serious communication, and organization issues. It takes weeks to get maintenance orders filled, there are no responses on them until someone shows up at your door, whether you are home or not. It is clear that the office workers want to help, but they lack the information or proper training to aide you in any issues that are not straightforward. Additionally the original advertisements that brought my roommates and I to Rivergate were highly misleading, and my monthly rent is about $100 more expensive than I thought it was going to be.

The apartments are very clean and modern but it is a very low quality structure. The pool has leaked a hand full of times, the parking lot has had moisture issues making those who paid $350 for covered parking to park out in the snow contradicting the reason we paid for the covered parking. The other complaint is some rooms (like mine) have the air conditioning unit closet in their room resulting in unnecessary dust and loud machine noise throughout the night and can definitely affect someone with allergies. Athens has very few modern apartments to choose from which makes RiverGate a pretty good deal even with these issues.

The apartment is super nice, we came across issues with the fridge and we had a brand bew fridge within a week. Staff js always happy to help.

I love living at River Gate. I feel like I’m in a hotel. The staff is great and I love my neighbors. I wish I had heard about this place a lot sooner.

Thebcommunity is superb! I love Rivergate and all parts of it! Friendly helpful staff, great amenities, and suck kind, caring residents! I would highly recommend it to anyone!

Honestly it’s such a great place to live. Staff is friendly and keep everything clean. The neighbors are also super nice and it never gets too loud.