Over all, Rivergate apartments is very nice. However, I don't think the rent should be as high as it is for what we receive. Not to say that the amenities aren't nice here at Rivergate, (they are), they just shouldnt add $200 in "value" a month to the rent.

I like living here a lot, the amenities are good and I like that everything is furnished already so I don't have to buy furniture that I'd never use again after college. However I feel like there is always something going wrong as far as the websites used to pay rent and all that. It feels a lot harder than it needs to be sometimes.

The apartment is cool. I like the community and the people I live with . Al of the staff at rivergate are very nice and helpful. Maintenance takes a while to fix things but other than that good.

Nicest place at OU! Always get my free coffee in the morning at the starbucks machine. The workout facility is very clean and has a nice selection of equipment.

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Living at River Gate has good and bad things about it. It is super safe and conveniently located. Also, the leasing office staff is so friendly and great! However, maintenance takes weeks to fix any issue that occurs which is unfortunate because these apartments cost a lot of money. Also, some things that were promised at the beginning of the year do not actually work, such as the free printing.

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This apartment has its pros and its cons. The pros are that it has the garage. I love having the garage in the winter when there is snow and I don't have to deal with scraping the snow off of my windshields. I also love the safety of my apartment. It's great that you are required a key fob to get into the building making me feel very secure. I also enjoy the coffee. I also love the community atmosphere in the apartment, Cons: The maintenance really takes a long time to fix any problems that happen in the apartment. But I understand this is typical wherever you live. I also miss the promises that were made when you first move in. There used to be coffee sleeves and candy and things out front but those have since all been removed.

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So far I have loved living at River Gate, anytime I had a question they answered almost instantly. The staff is always there if you need anything. Maintenance is very kind and helpful. Overall, great experience.

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Living at RiverGate has so many perks. Not only is it a clean and friendly environment, but there is also a great pool and free hot chocolate and coffee!

Apartment community seems friendly . the apartment complex hosted a party that gave us free food. can’t go wrong with that. the lounge is also welcoming and inviting

Rivergate is a wonderful apartment complex that fosters a friendly community. The management and staff strive to meet all expectations and ensure each resident is taken care off.

Great place to start off the year not too much move in and was able to get in quickly and relax with the already furnished apartment and bedrooms

So far, my experience has been great. The amenities are great as well. The only thing I would say is that maintenance takes quite a while, but otherwise good. I look forward to the rest of the year

It has been a great experience, the facilities are very nice, and have had little to no issues besides some minor things that have since been resolved.

The gym and the pool are a huge plus. Parking is very convenient and staff is helpful, including maintenance. This is my 2nd year living here and I am very excited!

I love it so far! Everything about RiverGate is amazing. I really liked the modern living as well as the amenities throughout the complex!!!

Really beautiful place. Clean and up to date on many appliances. I would recommend RiverGate to other people in the community. Adequately priced for what is received.

Living at river gate had its ups and downs. It definitely got better when there was a bus stop added to give rides to and from class. Walking uptown gets old from RG


. The property manager Maggie, and staff member Mariliz are both extremely helpful and very nice. They have always taken care of any issue that I've had. This also goes for the maintenance staff, Roger and his partner are good and speedy at attending to any maintenance needs that may arise.

It’s a great community, kinda secluded. The staff in the office is nice but sometimes not extremely knowledgeable in the issues I bring to them

I have had excellent service when I call with questions. I had a great tour of the building and was able to see all aspects of River Gate. I have always heard great things about it and I am looking forward to living there in a couple months!

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Living here has been a great experience, have never had an issue when something has been needed fixed. Always seem to be on top of things making sure everything is going smoothly

Rivergate is a really good apartment complex to live at. The rooms are big and it is a great location off-campus. I would definitely recommend it

Rivergate is a great place to live! I enjoyed my time here and will always remember it. I had so much fun at the pool and I’m the fitness center! I wish I would have used the tanning area more