Maintenance staff takes way too long. Other than that it's lit. Very clean and organized. Please tell place to live. Everything works very well

Very clean, convenient and fun environment to live in with all the amenities. Not to mention the amazing coffee machine, study rooms, pool and gym facilities.

River Gate Is a very nice apartment complex to live in. I really enjoy all of the amenities that river gates apartment complex offers. I also like the events river gate holds for its residents

The staff here is very kind and caring and also are reactive to any request you make. The amenities are nice but they are having issues getting the pool open on time.

The apartments and community are very nice. All of the neighbors are friendly, and the staff is accommodating. Summer time is the best time because the pool is open and everyone comes together to have fun.

You guys are doing fantastic. Living here puts into perspective that if I were to live anywhere else it simply would not be as enjoyable in comparison.

Friendly staff, good maintenance crew, all around amazing apartments! Can't wait for the pool to open back up ( should have a spring pool party )

Love river gate apartments. We have not had any issues with them since we have lived here. me and my roommate re signed our lease the first day we moved in and we couldn't be happier!

I love living at Rivergate. It is a lot nicer than most of the other places to live in Athens. The staff is so nice and maintenance doesn't take too long to fix things.

Very nice apartments, staff is always friendly and willing to help me when I have a question. The tanning is great. Only complaint is that there isn't enough hot water to last a whole shower sometimes

The place is great I love it to death. So many different great things like the poold the gym, free coffee, what's not to love! Wish time here didn't go so fast!

I've been almost completely satisfied with my experience living here so far. Slow to respond to emails and maintenance requests, but I adore my apartment and the amenities of the complex.

Its been a pretty good experience here at rivergate since i moved in. I really like the modern feel to it. One of the things that sucks at rivergate is their policy on having pets

Very good i really enjoy using the gym its better to go their as opposed to having to go to the cramped campus gym and the pool was really nice.

Beautiful apartments with nice services, nice maintenance. Very good place for the apartments which is near the campus. The best apartments in Athens.

Fun place to live. The ameneties and the rooms are perfect and exactly what you want to come home to after a long day. The staff is very friendly and always accommodating

i really enjoy rivergate and i am so happy i chose to be here. i don't think it can get much better than this. i can't wait to live here next year as well!

I think you guys are doing great, I love it here! I have not spent as much time at the pool as I would have hoped, or at the gym but there is plenty of time for all of that!

The apartments are great and the community as a whole is fantastic. There is always something to do around the complex. The pool party was a blast and I cant wait for the Halloween party.

Great!!!!! wonderful fantastic i love would not live anywhere else would liver here the rest of my life if possible everyone should live here even obama should its the best in the world

Rivergate is awesome! Great place to live, great people and just feels like home. I wouldn't want to live anywhere else in Athens but Rivergate.

River Gate is an amazing place to live, and you get so many things out of living here. The pool is amazing and having access to a gym, tanning, and coffee is just icing on the cake.

I absolutely love living at river gate! Everyone is extremely helpful with any questions you may have. The amenities are great, and everything is always clean

I am having the best experience I could ask for. It is nice having staff on hand during the convenient hours of the day. It has also been great having a 24 hour workout room right below me.

Good so far. I am confused about my gift card, and no one has completely explained it to me. I am not sure what this points are for. Being told what this points go for would be helpful.