I am happy with the experience so far. I do not like that we cannot control the temperature of our rooms. The people in the office are very kind and helpful.

River park is great! We have a gorgeous view from the 7th floor it is so nice to wake up and look at all of OU. The staff is super helpful and friendly!

Nice apartment, friendly neighbors and great location. Also if you love dogs it is great, because it feels like every other room has a dog! T

nice area. pook is really nice. free cofffee. elevators in my building are convenient. the gym could be a little bigger with some free weights but it’s nice as well.

Overall a great place to live. It does get a little noisy at night some time but other than that no complaints. I really enjoyed the river fest!

I really like having the amenities such as the pool and gym, and the location is close to campus. Overall, I really enjoy living at River Park.

I really enjoy living in River Park. My roommates and I wil be moving back in next here. The set up is nice and having a gym and pool makes it all the better.

River Park is great! I can't think of a better place to live in Athens. The communiity is great, the apartments are amazing. What else can I say?

I love the location and affordable rent. I wish maintenance staff would respond to problems quicker and a lot of the office staff never get back to you with an answer to a question.

The living spaces are great, the residents are better, and the staff is as helpful as possible. It is a great place to live, as a refugee from the humdrum of campus.

Great place to live at. Maintainance is fast and swift, and the neighbors are nice. The washer and dryer still needs to be fixed on our floor, but other then that, I love it!

I absolutely love my apartment community, my neighbors are great and I always feel safe in my apartment. The complex is kept clean and the cleaning lady for my building is the sweetest woman ever. My roommates and I haven't had any problems and we continue to love living here everyday!

Faster maintenance, don't charge to pay for a laundry card. The pet fee shouldn't be that much when we're already paying a lot to live here.

River Park has been a great living environment. When we moved in the apartment was very clean, however we had to file a number of work orders. River Park has a friendly and helpful staff, and the resources available to us (coffee, workout area, pool) are an added bonus as I use them all the time. It is fast and easy to make rent payments online and I am impressed with it so far

Riverpark is great. The pool was awesome in the summer and the apartments are super nice. The only downside is that the laundry facilities are almost always broken.

Overpriced for the condition of the building. Elevator and washing machine is always broken. Other than that, it's a good distance from campus.

Good apartment living space but the management of the place is not the best. The location is really great though. The pool is kept up well and the mateneince guys are friendly

My wife and I have lived there for over 2 years and have enjoyed it. Safe walking distance to the campus and a quiet atmosphere is exactly what we were looking for and found at Rivers Edge.

River Park has been well worth the money, the facilities, staff and quality has been exemplary. At times there have been issues with laundry machines, but it has been handled professionally and promptly.

To use the washing machines, you'll find they are pricy for being by and large, broken or out of order. Other than that, it's nice, can be loud sometimes.

I’ve had a plesant experience living at River Park for the past year and a half. Parking can get a bit annoying at times and the noise could also be improved. Overall I reccomend the location.

Good, comfortable place to live. The location in relation to campus is really convenient and the people who live in the complex are friendly.

Enjoy the office crew thoroughly. Everyone has been super nice and helpful. The community at riverpark is also great. Everyone is fun to hangout with and be around

I could not find a working-washing machine on my floor last week, so I needed to carry my clothes to another floor or building. Please fix it. Thank you~~

The hallway is kind of messy sometimes. And strongly suggest adding quiet hours into the contract so that people won't be partying at 1:00 p.m. at night.