River walk is the best complex live in! It offers great ways for the residents to feel appreciated. River walk is overall the best because it is safe environment!

The apartment space is great, not a big fan the white carpet and walls. The grounds are well taken care of. The pool and club house are great.

Good experience. Roommate is crazy, but the facility has all I could ask for. Staff is helpful and understanding. I enjoy being close to and from all I need.

I haven’t lived here long but it is a good apartment complex. The amenities are great and everyone at the office is always super nice and helpful. The apartments themselves are nice and spacious.

This is a very nice great amazing place to live. I love the view, it’s not far from campus and I live with my most bestest friend ever and I’m very close to all my friends!

Love it here and great people and community at this complex. The location is great and right next to the tuck. Also, I love the game center and gym.

Outside is really kept up with and kept clean as well as all of the amenities also all. of the employees here are extremely helpful with any questions that I have.

No problems so far. Maintenance requests are answered quicky! Nice office staff. However, I wish there were more dog poo stations. Maybe people would pick up their messes more

Great community, very clean facilities and a lot of amenities. Love the view from my porch and the cozy feel of my apartment. Great place for pets too!

Great Amenities. Welcoming staff. Beautiful neighborhood. I feel very comfortable and at peace here. I don't know if there is another place in Cullowhee, I would rather live in. The only downside is limited guest parking.

So far living here has been great! Other then being in the middle apartment. I love the pool and the area is great. Maintained very well and kept very clean.

i like living here but the trash is too far and noise complaints are given too easily. this has been a problem for my apartment. i do enjoy living on the river though

The furniature and amenties are very nice! Also the maintanence staff and property manager, Dawn, are always open to help when there is an issue. I give 3.5 stars for the fact that residents speed through the parking lot, the visitor lot is almost always full but there are plenty of "resident" spots open (although you'll seriously get towed), and the noise levels from other residents can get loud and there isn't anyone to enforce "quiet hours." Other than that Riverwalk is a great bang for your buck and it's right on the pretty river :)

My first month living at Riverwalk has been very successful. The facilities have always appear to be kept clean and tidy. My only complaint would be it took them about two and half week to fix an order I put in about a broken fan. Otherwise all is well!

The space and atmosphere at river walk is pleasant. Although noise is an issue, from thin floors and walls to people and cars outside making more noise than there should be.

The staff here is truly amazing. Everytime I go to the office the staff is always in a good mood and willing to answer any question I may have.Based on my own personal experience with the staff they are willing to help you with any problem that may come up. For the price that you are paying for the apartment it is completely worth it. The amount of space that you have in each room is amazing. Also a lot of people do not know that there is a game room right by the pool. The best thing about living at river walk is Free Food Friday!! All you have to do is go to the office if you are a resident and get something good to eat.

I love the RiverWalk. Everyone is friendly, the office staff is always willing to help with problems or answer any questions. It's the best!

So far I have enjoyed my stay here! The staff is very helpful and living here has made my school year run a lot smoother than last year! I would definitely recommend this place to others!

Love riverwalk, wish there was better visitor parking spots. Love the view, my neighbors, they people working at the leasing office, a very amazing expenerience!

I have loved it. It has been the best place I could ever imagine living. I currently live with my brother. We are super close so it makes it feel like home.

So far so good but we have neighbors that seem to complain about every little thing, and I’ve been waiting for quiet some time to get my service dog registration reviewed. Other than that, it’s a nice place to live.

This place is nice. The property is well taken care of. If they didn’t tow people all the time they would actually have people that would want to come visit

This apartment complex is nice and well maintained. The staff is a little iffy and is a little reluctant a to help from time to time but overall, I have had a good experience here.

Have lived here since they opened nice apartment complex but the office staff could be better. Very rude and never helpful when it comes to issues that arise.

So far I'm loving River Walk! The maintenance staff is very timely and has done a great job on the projects they've done for me. Unfortunately, my apartment was not cleaned before I moved in.