the atmosphere of living here is great and welcoming. The convenience of each apartment and all that it has to offer is also one of the best parts of the community.

The apartment itself is very clean and nice. The apartment complex itself is also clean and nice and the different amenities are very nice and asscessible.

I really enjoy the location and the fully furnished apartment! This area is great and there's plenty of room for my dog to play and make friends.

The apartment community is very nice. there are a lot of people that live here and it is easy to meet new people with the pool and the volleyball courts.

My experience at Riverwalk is good. The staff members always make sure to fulfill my needs. As well as going the extra mile to help out when needed. I wish I was made more aware of the emails & events they host.

I have lived here for 3 years it has been a great time although it can be aggravating. Other than that I believe the staff and the neighborhood will excellent this year.

It’s a nice place, beautiful and pet friendly. They’ll work with you on stuff. It’s nice. I’ve had some problems in the past, but things have gotten a lot better

I personally don’t like the staff and I thought the events would be cool but I never get notified but I’ve heard they’re pretty lame. So I guess I don’t like it that much.

Have lived here for a few years and still love it. The Internet is really good and the community is nice. The apartments come fully furnished which just makes it even better

The community is very welcoming and the people that live there are very nice. The amenities are satisfactory and clean. They seem to want to have a nice property.

Really affordable, I enjoy having my privacy, but the noise level can be crazy sometimes. My old place used to not handle my packages with care and I appreciate that Riverwalk does. The staff is also friendly!

Community is very welcoming. Many pets around so that is cool. My dog loves it here. The office staff is very helpful with any problems that may occur.

I moved in just over a month ago. Luckily I was able to be placed with a girl that I met through Facebook and had already gotten to know a bit prior to move-in. My roommate is great and really laid back so I'm happy about that. Overall my experience here has been good, except for a few incidents with irresponsible residents crashing into parked vehicles. Another thing that is quite annoying is that many residents who have loud exhausts on their vehicles will sit outside with their cars running (sometimes for over an hour and late at night). My apartment was clean for the most part. The only real issue I have is that my bedroom windows/screens are not seated properly, and because there is a giant spotlight directly over my windows, there is a huge family of spiders that has made their home on my window. I'd really like to be able to open my windows on cooler days so that I don't have to run the A/C, but I can't because there is a gap in my window and bugs get in. I put in a maintenance request for the issue to be fixed and supposedly they came out and handled it (while I was not home), but nothing is different. The problem still exists. My front door also does not pull to all the way when I close it, letting out A/C and driving up my electricity bill. I understand that River Walk may not be able to do anything about other residents being loud, but I do think that they should take my maintenance requests more seriously and do a thorough job to make sure that they are resolved. I will say that the office staff are very friendly and as helpful as they can be.

Living here is not terrible but there is some community clean up that needs to take place. The management is not terrible Carrie is the absolute best but the stairwells and breezeways are disgusting.

It has been good but trash for the building sometimes sit for 3 or more days and insects come. Some slugs come into the apartment. Sometimes it can be noisy.

Overall I am pleased with my experience here. I've been a part of the community for about two months now and I'm so glad I made the decision to move here. The grounds are beautiful and well kept, office staff are friendly and helpful, and it's quiet enough to get plenty of studying done. Sometimes maintenance takes a while to respond, but that's understandable considering how many other people live on the complex. My favorite parts of living here are definitely the gym, which is always very clean, and the beautiful view of the river. I'm planning on recommending this place to friends in the coming months.

I love living here, they have awesome amenities and the pricing is really good for what you get. I would totally recommend people to live here!

Staff has been very friendly since moving in. The community is welcoming and in a great location to the school. It has been a good experience so far.

Residents and staff are all really nice. Only problem is people don't like to pick up their dogs poop or their trash (like pods and other trash)

Nice place, but when I first moved in it was not the cleanest whatsoever and it was ridiculous. Carpet in the living room was given and furniture as well, but every room needs new carpet, and new floors in the bathrooms.

I have had a great experience since moving in! Move-in was not the best because my apartment was not ready to be moved into right away (many issues with cleaning and maintenance). Everything was finished by that night however and since then I have been happy!

The staff is great, lots of great amenities and my apartment is so nice! I love the neighborhood, location and people! The shuttle bus is super convenient and helpful!

River Walk is a great place to live. Every apartment complex has their issues, but River Walk’s staff is extremely friendly, helpful, and ensures that any issues are resolved promptly.

I enjoy that the staff is very caring and respectful of our space as well as being super helpful when situations that are unexpected arise. I also appreciate the package email system going on.

Riverwalk has some of the nicest apartments that are very clean and modern up to date furniture! Very nice place to live! They have amazing amenities like the pool and new workout center