I personally don’t like the staff and I thought the events would be cool but I never get notified but I’ve heard they’re pretty lame. So I guess I don’t like it that much.

It has been alright. I am however moving next year. Too many spiders, had to get security for certain reasons, do not feel too safe out here, and the price is a lot higher than most complexes.

Well River walk has been good and bad honestly. Not the best place or people but I have a roof over my head. We are college students and they think we make 100k a year. NO!!!!

the workers are great but the quality of the apartments are not very good. I wish they enforced office hours I've been to the office multiple times and they weren't open in their hours

It's been pretty good so far. Living on the first floor sucks because i constantly hear the people walking by my bedroom and someone stole my cacti that were on the porch.

I do not know how you are doing. Therefore I have you one and a half stars doe your work. So continue to do you and I do believe that everything will be ok.

Great. The only complaint I have is the inability to get a fine dropped that I have been contacting your office about for months now. No results have been made by your team and it is very frustrating.

Sometimes unsafe due to no cameras which is unsettling because of the amount of activity and the amount that everyone pays to live here. But the buildings are sort of nice.

Overall, Riverwalk is a good place to live. Good location I geuss. There have been multiple shootings here though so I do not feel safe. The staff never picks up the phone and they are not open on sundays and there hours in general are strange (they dont open until 10. ) and even if they are technically "open" I find nobody there because they might be giving tours which is fine but then you should have two staff members. You also never know if you have a package or not unless you check the site you bought from or somebody tells you they are sending something. Honestly, if I didnt have so much stuff I would move.

While there seemed to be no problems when I first moved in, I have repeatedly now had problems with both staff and roommate cooperation. They recently switched to a new staff, but I'm still having problems and I can't even have friends over because my roommate and her dogs who will attack a lot of things they shouldn't.

Disappointed. The main reason I chose to live here was because we were promised river access which still isn't open and I was told that if we needed additional parking we could buy extra passes which they quickly changed their minds on. Now I"m stuck with three vehicles and only one parking spot. I've had to park at my friends for the past year. Not the pace to live if you like it quiet. Staff is friendly though. Maintenance is great.

Poorly watched, security and rules wise. Love the space and furniture but need easier printer access. Way too loud all the time and poor handicap access to building

The apartments are all around alright, depending on how well the person who lived here before you took care off it. Water pressure is bad. The carpet is a little stained but it is a pet friendly apartment. I'm ok with all that. What gets me the most is the unfair amount of money they charge for rent. On top of that they said there're about to increase the rent soon.

Living here is not terrible but there is some community clean up that needs to take place. The management is not terrible Carrie is the absolute best but the stairwells and breezeways are disgusting.

Need to be more lenient on all the fines! We are all college kids with no money! Riverwalk needs to work with us! We pay a lot of money for these apartments and we keep getting fined for doing something that had no effect on the community

Nice people but need to be more aware of community. Longer hours and answering phones more often. I like where I live a lot but a big problem is the dog poop situation here and I think it needs to be cracked on. The maintenance staff is really helpful here so thank you for that. There should be more programs as well

I moved into a flea infested apartment, there’s bugs everywhere, maintenance is always around especially when mowing the lawn at 8am and management hasn’t been the best

i like living here but the trash is too far and noise complaints are given too easily. this has been a problem for my apartment. i do enjoy living on the river though

Not a bad place for undergrads. Not the best place for graduate students. It's too loud and there's not much visitor parking. plus rent is ridiculously high. 635$ for a 2 bedroom, when a single at rabbit ridge is 600$??

I guess it's okay here. They really need to go down in rent tho. They do free food a lot which is nice. Maintenance does a really good job aswell. They really need more visitor parking.

There have been multiple times where communicating with the office and managers has been difficult. The apartments need to be renovated. The price is fair for the apartments though.

I think overall that this is a great apartment complex; safe, well taken care of, good maintenance and staff. But there are situations I wish would change. For example dealing with the immature kids dropping stuff/spitting off of their balconys onto cars, and the noise after 11:30 on school nights.

Have lived here since they opened nice apartment complex but the office staff could be better. Very rude and never helpful when it comes to issues that arise.

Overall good place to live. Needs more activities for residents though commerical is a little misleading but that's excepted for anything...

I moved in just over a month ago. Luckily I was able to be placed with a girl that I met through Facebook and had already gotten to know a bit prior to move-in. My roommate is great and really laid back so I'm happy about that. Overall my experience here has been good, except for a few incidents with irresponsible residents crashing into parked vehicles. Another thing that is quite annoying is that many residents who have loud exhausts on their vehicles will sit outside with their cars running (sometimes for over an hour and late at night). My apartment was clean for the most part. The only real issue I have is that my bedroom windows/screens are not seated properly, and because there is a giant spotlight directly over my windows, there is a huge family of spiders that has made their home on my window. I'd really like to be able to open my windows on cooler days so that I don't have to run the A/C, but I can't because there is a gap in my window and bugs get in. I put in a maintenance request for the issue to be fixed and supposedly they came out and handled it (while I was not home), but nothing is different. The problem still exists. My front door also does not pull to all the way when I close it, letting out A/C and driving up my electricity bill. I understand that River Walk may not be able to do anything about other residents being loud, but I do think that they should take my maintenance requests more seriously and do a thorough job to make sure that they are resolved. I will say that the office staff are very friendly and as helpful as they can be.