Loved loving here the best 2 years! Great staff & maintenance. Definitely get what you pay for though! Love having a view of the white river

I enjoy living here for the most part. I have issues with the trash situation and the timeliness of maintenance but otherwise it is a beautiful and peaceful community.

loving it here. living here feels so at home. my neighbors are so friendly, except for when they called the police on us and lied. other than that i love it

Love the space. Hard lesson learned upon inspection. Make sure unit is really ready. Had a couple of items prior to move in that's still "on the list". And discovered a new one the day we picked up keys. But since we didn't report it until later, the cost of repair is on us despite photos taken of empty unit with date stamp of the "ready" unit being same day as getting keys. Otherwise, just gettingj

Been here over a year and haven’t had any major issues. Staff is friendly and the area is very convenient to anything you need. The people in the community is what makes it, and some are better than others.

The staff had been very friendly and were prepared for my move in which was great! I feel lucky to be able to call Scandia home! Thank you to everyone who made my move in a breeze!

The maintenance repair request took a month to get answered. The light in the building hallway is always out. Mail is easily lost and never found. I constantly get other units mail as well. So I’m wondering how many people have gotten mine. The upstairs neighbors sound like they are scooting extremely heavy furniture across the floor nearly everyday, etc.

We have just moved into scandia and everything is great so far. The trash compactor is a little far from the apartment but that is ok we can use the walk.

The Maintenance has improved tremendously the guys are awesome! If only the walls weren’t so thin unfortunately i can hear EVERYTHING my neighbors do.

Loving it so far! Everyone is very nice and we can't wait to meet more people. Our neighbors are very respectful about noise and they were super understanding when we were moving in. Excited to get to know everyone

I love how spacious my apartment is and I haven't really explored the community or some of the amenities that you have to offer, I'm still getting settled in. This rating would be 5 stars but I was very dissatisfied with the condition and cleanliness of my apartment the day I moved in. The sink in my den (wet bar) doesn't work properly and I would have expected my patio to not be completely covered in cobwebs and bugs. There was also an outlet just hanging from the wall not secured at all. And today the 9th of October only being here for 5 days I get home and try to adjust my thermostat and it locked me out.

The staff are excellent and really care about getting things right! I feel it’s a great value for the money and the management is quick to take care of any questions!

The dog park is extremely great. My dogs love it. We play there multiple times a day for long periods of time. You can meet many dogs and people.

The staff is pleasant. There's always someone available to speak to if you have a question about something. It feels like home when I pull up after a long day.

So far we’ve had a great experience. We’ve been here for about a year with no major problems (except an electrical malfunction in our water heater which caused a small fire, but that was taken care of quickly as an emergency maintenance request).

i’ve been here two months so far & ive enjoyed my experience. whenever I call staff always answers the phone and maintenance came out quickly to fix the one and only issue I had.

I would recommend Scandia to anyone. It’s a great place to live. Great location. Great neighborhood. Great leasing staff. Great amenities. Dog friendly.

Nice place to live. Only One thing: You're gonna have to wait a LONG TIME before any maintenance service request you make are resolved/fixed.

I love my apartment! I have been a resident for 3 years. There are a few complaints I have but they have always been addressed. I think Scandia offers a great size apartment for the cheapest price in the area. That is the best factor.

Great location. Friendly people. Price is fair. Cleanliness & more parking, trash dumpsters would be a nice improvement. Upgraded apartments could use a little more upgrade with maintenance purposes.

Area is clean and quite. People are respectful and polite! The location is ideal. There’s at least three grocery stores within 3 miles and the mall is up the street. Can’t beat that!!

Been here 5 years now and love it!! Great location, close to work, beautiful pool area, and decent maintenance. Totally recommend it to future residents!

So far so good minus the fact that I just moved in and my carpet smells so strongly of dog I can't keep the door closed. I'll be reaching out to the office in the next day. Other than that it's going good.

The office staff is nice and they try to do everything in their power but I’ve been a victim of vandalism 3 times, a family member visiting was vandalized, and quite a few of my neighbors have had the same recurring issue as well. With this being an ongoing issue it seems as if the office would attempt to do more to prevent this.

staff was super helpful at move in. kristi was great. great location. its a wooded area so there are a lot of bugs so be aware of that. other than that its great.