Scandia is a great place to live and is in a top notch location. Ali at the office was very nice and made my move-in process very easy. Would recommend to friends looking for a nice place to live!

I submitted a work order the day after I moved in and I am still waiting on thrmntoncomenfix the stuff. It has been 2 weeks today. I have inquired in on the status and nobody know the status and some of the stuff I wrote was in even listed in the computer.

Best value for your money! Huge pet friendly apartments that are super conveniently located. I love living at Scandia! Maintenance is slow though.

Nice and clean apartments , welcoming staff wonderful floor plan, I have not met many of my neighbors but so far so good . The gym looks nice I love the layout of the pool

Bad experience at move in as our apartment was not clean at all, and we had no hot water our first night, had to call emergency maintenance then wait until almost midnight before we got it. When I sent an email complaining about the quality of our apartment and the fact that my balcony and side of the building was covered in mold (which I'm highly allergic too) I was told they would "look into getting me a complementary cleaning service." I still havent heard anything. There was also many things we werent told by staff before moving in, one of them being that you have to pay an additional fee for the fitness center that they advertise. Not anywhere do they say you have to pay for it. I just got lucky and found out from another resident and its $75 a person which is flipping ridiculous considering the amount of money we pay for rent and it is listed as an amenity so we shouldnt have to pay for it especially after all the BS I've gone through moving in here. Oh also there is 1 dumpster on each side of the location at the very front. So those is us in the very back to put trash in or on our cars to take it to the dumpster which is normally overflowing and there is glass all around it so you cant even park next to it. again something we were not told prior to move in. I've been here for a couple weeks and I'm already over this place. Feel like I'm counting the days until my lease is up already!

I wasn't sure what to expect but it turned out to be better than I expected! Maintenance dealt with my requests in a timely fashion, Kristy was great with getting us taken care of since we just moved in, and the apartment is great! I wish there weren't so many spiders though!

We just moved in and I wish they would have pushed our move in date later to have it ready for move in. We know things won’t be perfect but a lot of things could have been fixed before we moved in, if they just took some time to review it. Felt like we moved into an apartment that want quite ready and now we are waiting for things to be fixed

The apartment is great and the view is amazing. I think they could keep the grounds better like picking up litter on the ground and sweeping the common areas. Maintenance is a little slow but they are very good people. Overall, we like it.

So far since we moved in on the 30th of June. Everything has been great. We had a very bad experience in our last apt so knowing that our packages will still be sitting in our front door safe and not stolen is a relief. Thanks!!

The overall experience of living at Scandia Apartments is not that great. The location is great in terms of what is to do in the area. The neighbors are amazing and have always greeted us and asked how we are doing. But, the downside is that we were promised certain things wrong with the apartment would be fixed before move-in day. Those items were not addressed nor did the apartment even seem to be pre-checked as we found a dead rodent underneath the stove and there were cobwebs all along the ceiling in every room. We confronted the office multiple times about the issues we mentioned on the move-in check sheet. Only 2 things were fixed within a month of the several things we had issues with. Because the issues were not addressed within a reasonable time, they soon worsened and made the living arrangements less livable. It wasn’t until we mentioned are other resources of “fixing” the issues that work started to be done. Other than unkept promises and lack of customer service, the area and people are great and the space is nice. Also, there should be more dumpsters located around the apartment complex and not only at the very front where you need to walk across the complex to take your trash out.

I love that this complex is dog friendly and relatively safe but the condition of the property is lacking unfortunately. A lot of the property is overgrown with plants and no one feels the need to pick up their dogs poop which is disgusting.

Everyone has been friendly for the most part. The only thing is that I submitted a maintenance request about 2 months ago and have yet to receive any help.

I’m loving being at @Scandia apts! It’s a great location and the staff is very friendly! It’s great having the amenities here especially during the summer!

I really love the floorplan of my apartment and the quiet, peaceful complex. There are great amenities like the fitness center, a nice pool, etc. I didn't have the smoothest experience moving in but Michael was very helpful and pleasant and helped work out the issues with my new apartment. My only complaint is there are a lot of bugs because the apartments are in the woods.

We moved in at the beginning of June so we're fairly fresh. During the application process it was pretty easy. The staff was available to answer any questions that came up. They were extremely polite and informative. So overall at this point we've had a pretty positive experience.

I truly enjoy the building I am in. The office is so nice and the people living around are pleasant. I feel very comfortable in my new home.

I like living here, but there are a few things that I am not happy with. The first is that my apartment and I assume all of the others do not have base boards. The second is my toilet has what I believe to be mold no matter how well I clean it it keeps coming back. The last thing I would say is the trash situation. It would be nice to have another dumpster with all of the trash that piles up.

Great place to live, everyone is friendly. The dog park is great and a fun place to meet new people! The maintenance guys are very helpful and quick to fix things.

Love the floor plan and space but theres lots of room for improvement. Property manager could be a lot more friendly. Ali has always been extremely helpful and kind though

I love how spacey my apartment is but I’ve lived at scandia for 211 days and I’ve had 21 maintenance requests. That’s 1 every 10 days.... I can’t help but be jealous of people who live at river bend and autumn woods because they never have the issues I have or their apartment complex gets it fixed in 48 hours

Had issues with the dishwasher at some point but it's all good now. Sometimes our key would get stuck in the lock but it's all a matter of turning it a certain way.

Overall really enjoy this community. Lived here for a year so far & recommend to any of my friends who are looking to relocate. Staff is very kind and it's pretty quiet around here most of the time.

The staff is extremely nice and the neighborhood is quiet. I love the amenities and how friendly everyone is, however there was a lot of dog poop in front of my apartment throughout the year.

Loved my apartment when I first moved in but it’s been very difficult being here after almost everything in my apartment has broken down. I don’t even complain about the master bathroom toilet anymore because maintenance told me it’s a big problem

I love my new apartment home. I wish it was one of the upgraded ones. What makes living here a little unpleasant for me is...My neighbor. He plays his music entirely too loud and at all hours of the night. It is ridiculous!!!