So far we’ve had a great experience. We’ve been here for about a year with no major problems (except an electrical malfunction in our water heater which caused a small fire, but that was taken care of quickly as an emergency maintenance request).

i’ve been here two months so far & ive enjoyed my experience. whenever I call staff always answers the phone and maintenance came out quickly to fix the one and only issue I had.

I would recommend Scandia to anyone. It’s a great place to live. Great location. Great neighborhood. Great leasing staff. Great amenities. Dog friendly.

Nice place to live. Only One thing: You're gonna have to wait a LONG TIME before any maintenance service request you make are resolved/fixed.

I love my apartment! I have been a resident for 3 years. There are a few complaints I have but they have always been addressed. I think Scandia offers a great size apartment for the cheapest price in the area. That is the best factor.

Great location. Friendly people. Price is fair. Cleanliness & more parking, trash dumpsters would be a nice improvement. Upgraded apartments could use a little more upgrade with maintenance purposes.

Area is clean and quite. People are respectful and polite! The location is ideal. There’s at least three grocery stores within 3 miles and the mall is up the street. Can’t beat that!!

Been here 5 years now and love it!! Great location, close to work, beautiful pool area, and decent maintenance. Totally recommend it to future residents!

So far so good minus the fact that I just moved in and my carpet smells so strongly of dog I can't keep the door closed. I'll be reaching out to the office in the next day. Other than that it's going good.

The office staff is nice and they try to do everything in their power but I’ve been a victim of vandalism 3 times, a family member visiting was vandalized, and quite a few of my neighbors have had the same recurring issue as well. With this being an ongoing issue it seems as if the office would attempt to do more to prevent this.

staff was super helpful at move in. kristi was great. great location. its a wooded area so there are a lot of bugs so be aware of that. other than that its great.

Been here 6 years and really enjoy the convience to local shopping, restaurants, and just a few minutes away from Downtown Indy, Conner Prairie, and Ruoloff Music Center

Love this place so far. I moved from not the best neighborhood to this one and I couldn't be happier with the views, apartment, and leasing staff. Only thing that isn't ideal is the little amount of parking space.

Scandia has been an absolutely awesome experience. I had to make a decision fast in moving and I could not be happier with my choice. Would definitely recommend to family/friends

I moved here from chicago after graduate school. Scandia is a great place to call home! it is a great community with tons of amenities. I love it!

Clean apartment, quiet & friendly neighbors - prompt maintenance. You can’t ask for anything more than that! Office workers are very friendly and helpful as well!

We put in a maintenance request over a month ago and have not had anyone come to our unit to fix the problem. Otherwise, we have enjoyed our time at Scandia.

Landscaping is not tended to very well at all. Grass is over growing the sidewalks everywhere you look and As we appreciate it being a dog friendly neighborhood there is ALOT of dog poop on the grounds. I’ve even found myself picking up other ppls dog poop just so my dogs don’t have to jump over piles constantly. The common area when coming inside to my apartment could use some cleaning up as well. Other then that we are loving living at Scandia Apartments

It’s good herei like it the apartments are decent size and the neighbors are friendly i wish it was a little cheaper but other than that everything is great

I was told that my apartment was going to be fully upgraded prior to moving in but once I moved in and saw the condition of it I was VERY unsatisfied!! The apartment was definitely NOT upgraded and it looked as if the previous tenants had just moved out literally the day before I moved in!! I will be asking to receive a discount on my first month’s rent and if they won’t accommodate me especially after receiving photo proof of the condition then I will be taking it up with corporate.

Good staff and clean apartments. Very friendly pets and neighbors. Landscaping and entryways could use some updating but overall seems to be a nice area.

We’ve only lived here for two days, but so far we love the look of the apartment and the size. Our dog loves the dog park. Our only concern is a few maintenance issues without having used appliances yet. We’re hopeful they’ll get fixed soon.

Everything about the complex is decent. Amenities are good and kept up with. The office is pretty responsive. The price of rent is fair. The only major improvement I would suggest is hiring more maintenance. Work orders sit for too long and outside of the complex could look better.

I love my apartment itself, but there were some minor issues that took too long to get fixed. Management only reacts when you constantly complain.

Amazingi love living here!!! Will refer to everyoneI know and tell them that they need to come and apply to scandia. Will be renewing my lease