My windows have not been fixed it’s been almost 2 years and over a year since alley the assistant manager came to my apartment personally to see the issues but yet all the service requests have magically been completed unfortunately I do not have the money to move so I am stuck here

I was told that my apartment was going to be fully upgraded prior to moving in but once I moved in and saw the condition of it I was VERY unsatisfied!! The apartment was definitely NOT upgraded and it looked as if the previous tenants had just moved out literally the day before I moved in!! I will be asking to receive a discount on my first month’s rent and if they won’t accommodate me especially after receiving photo proof of the condition then I will be taking it up with corporate.

Management doesn’t care. Maintenance is horrible. My windows after living here for 3 years still have not been fixed. You can hear my neighbors walking and the others who scream and fight.

The apartment is cute, the complex is dingy and the facilities are is terrible shape and not maintained at all. Office staff is very nice, but do not communicate with each other or their maintenance workers, so its horribly mismanaged. Should have gone to Metropolitan Fishers instead.

I love my apartment. But the landscaping is terrible even embarrassing. Why is the landscaping so terrible? It's the worst on this side of town!!! Especially for the money we pay!!!!!! If I could give no stars I would.

It's the absolute worst. I sent a message about our roaches and broken oven on Saturday morning and still no response. We haven't had an oven for almost 2 months and the extermination didn't work and a month later we have roaches EVERYWHERE and they won't contact me about fixing it.

The place is dirty, garbage is pilling up near the compactor and my apparent was put together carelessly. My electric bill is running high on the weekends, even when I'm not there. I keep my heat between 60 and 64, leave no lights on and yet, my kWh use on the weekends is double what it is on a weekday, making me think the meter they are reading isn't mine. The paint job in the apartment was carelessly done. There are stains on the kitchen counter.. the fireplace has white paint sprayed on it, like it wasn't protected when the spayed the wall near it. Basically, if I could get out of my lease, I would. I have no plans to ever renew my lease here and would never recommend this apartment complex to anyone.

this is a great place to live but the only thing that i dont like is that they can smoke inside the apartments. that is the only thing that i dont like

I want all the issues resolved. Dining room lights not working, bathtub paint peeling, left front burner and oven light not working, bathroom drawers not fixed. Still don't have access to the community intranet because my apartment is on someone else's name.

Horrible experience. Management is a joke and extremely rude. Management blatantly laughed in my face about my complaints & insisted that I was not an important resident.

The price and location are great. But if you expect things to work properly in your new apartment home, you're wrong. It will take maintenance at least 2 weeks to fix it. When I first moved in I didn't have a screen door on my patio and the microwave didn't work. The old adage you get what you pay for is definetly correct in this instance. I will say that the new management team has done a significantly better job tryin to rectify any issues.

The landscaping is not good. Outside doesn't look well maintained. The trash is always on the ground like we are in the projects. All the other Apts. Around has beautiful landscaping.

Giving one star because the apartments are huge! Parking is the worst out here if you work third shift or make it home after 6 you’re sol. Apartments need serious remodeling

It was a roller coaster ride that turned into a love hate relationship. Several maintenance issues (days with leakes, without toilets, etc.) and lack of parking are top complaints. Not mention my fiancé's car was towed for being in a carport, yea she shouldn't have parked there but there was absolutely no parking on that side of the complex. All of this happened and not a dime was ever reduced for rent.

Loved my apartment when I first moved in but it’s been very difficult being here after almost everything in my apartment has broken down. I don’t even complain about the master bathroom toilet anymore because maintenance told me it’s a big problem

office staff was not very professional. The "upgraded" model that i had was just an old apartment with makeup on. The maintenance was not good at all. You will wait a month to get anything taken care of. The management company is not local so to get anything addressed higher up you have to jump through hoops. Staff wasn't awful just not helpful at all especially if things felt short on their end.

I've had a plethora of issues and despite repeated attempts to get my work orders taken care of very little ever happens. Other than that everything is great, but it's infuriating that problems that have been listed since my move in still haven't been addressed over a month since then

The community overall has gone down since I moved in six years ago. The new property management company is not as good as the previous owner and the difference is obvious in many ways. I used to be proud of where I lived and now I'm embarrassed. The only positive I have is the amount of space in the apartments. The amount of square footage you provide for the price is what has kept me here this long. The apartments are very spacious and it's hard to find that anywhere else.

Love the floor plan and space but theres lots of room for improvement. Property manager could be a lot more friendly. Ali has always been extremely helpful and kind though

The struggle to get moved in here in time was so not worth it. I didn't get the floor plan I originally applied for which would have been fine if I had the flooring that was the whole reason I moved here. Glad to have full power, minus a light, after a week.

It is a horrible place to live but when I try to submit it, it won't allow me because "it looks like spam". Great way to get fake positive reviews

The office staff is nice and they try to do everything in their power but I’ve been a victim of vandalism 3 times, a family member visiting was vandalized, and quite a few of my neighbors have had the same recurring issue as well. With this being an ongoing issue it seems as if the office would attempt to do more to prevent this.

Office staff is friendly for the most part but the quality of this property is ferocious for the price. Also, maintenance is awful!!!!! I will be moving as soon as my lease is up

Maintenance is horrible. I’m still waiting for a work order I put in a week ago. However, the office staff is nice. Residents do not pick up their dog poo. You always have to watch where you walk.

Landscaping is not tended to very well at all. Grass is over growing the sidewalks everywhere you look and As we appreciate it being a dog friendly neighborhood there is ALOT of dog poop on the grounds. I’ve even found myself picking up other ppls dog poop just so my dogs don’t have to jump over piles constantly. The common area when coming inside to my apartment could use some cleaning up as well. Other then that we are loving living at Scandia Apartments