It is a quiet, well kept, and safe community. It’s location is situated near almost everything’s you need and commute to on work is a breeze. We enjoy being residents at Sevenwest!

It’s a nice place parking is not very good something. Staff is nice but the package room sucks I have so many problems with it. It don’t tell me the package has arrive Sometimes

Up until 3 weeks ago we loved our living space. The maintenance is great, staff is wonderful. Now we have neighbors that smoke pot on their balcony every night and we have to close up our place just to breath!

Friendly maintenance staff and the leasing office throws free get togethers with breakfast for the residents. It's been a really nice place to live. Thank you!

Our apartment is great and I love that it is walking distance from Progress Ridge. Also, the community brunches and parties are awesome! It was great having the pools for the summer! They seemed like they were always cleaned in a timely manner for residence to use everyday.

Very clean and manicured grounds. Prompt responses to maintenance requests. Nice and respectful staff. Dog friendly. Beautiful pool and spa

Pros: Great location. Maintenance was quick. Mostly quiet. Cons: This seems like two complexes put together and does not at all represent what we were shown. The apartment is very aged and the appliances from what I can determine are from 1985 based on the model number, we were told it was a "classic" model, but were not told that the appliances and cabinets would be as aged as they are. Some of the drawers don't even have tracks. Some of the cabinet shelves didn't have pegs to hold them up. Multiple residents smoke on their patios and when we have our windows open the smoke comes into our apartment. Residents leave their shoes, trash and other miscellaneous items on their porch. Poor paint job throughout the apartment, you can see where the roller hit the ceiling as they were painting. There are spots in the kitchen where it feels like there is a hole in the floor and it was just covered with the linoleum. The blinds don't rotate and the wand falls off when you pull on it. The second bedroom closet looks like it had mirrors on them at one point, those have been removed and the doors were painted white. It's a no smoking community across the entirety of the property (it states it in the lease) however, there is a bucket attached to a pet clean up station filled with cigarette butts, it's even labeled specifically for them. The pool on the lettered side of the complex is disgusting and looks like it hasn't been cleaned in a while. We walked over to the pool by the leasing office and it was much cleaner and well maintained. The ceiling fan is not attached properly so it rocks back and forth when it is running. The team in the leasing office is not responsive. We came to tour the complex three two. The first time we were told that they could not give us a tour, but would email us information. We never got an email. We did come back a second time and did get a quick tour, but we felt as if we were inconveniencing the associate at the leasing office. We were never shown the back half of the complex (the lettered apartments) and again we were told that we would be emailed information about the complex and upcoming available units. We made an appointment to pick up our keys and drop of the remaining deposits due and the associate at the office, who we made the appointment with, didn't even remember we had an appointment. When we were shown the unit, I asked if the bathroom style mirror could be removed from the dining room. I was told that they would ask about it and get back to me, I still have not heard back about that and it's been a month. To be fair, we were told that the unit needed to be updated and we agreed to take it as is, but this unit probably should not have been rented out until it had a remodel. The previous complex I lived in was a "classic" layout and it still had fairly updated kitchen cabinets and doors and the appliances were from the past two decades. I was told by management that someone saw it online and wanted to rent it, but they were denied because they did not feel comfortable renting out the unit before updating it. Going forward maybe that should be the same policy for this complex. We will live out the remainder of our lease since we made the decision to take the "classic" layout as is and hopefully at the end our lease if we continue to like the area and have no major issues we will look into transferring to a different unit on the other side of the complex. Since I got an email about this survey every day, I figured I would give my experience as a resident so far. Thank you for the opportunity to share our experience.

Living her is ok. The apartments are very dark depending on which way you face. It's a quiet community. I wish there were more areas to deposit dog waste. They are few and far between.

Great place to live there is a lot of great places near by. The Washington square mall is right down the road and a chevron across the street.

It’s a good living environment. Nothing really to complain about. Walking distance to a lot of close by stores and food places, which is good

Great location with top-notch amenities. The unit is spacious and has everything I was looking for in a home. However, there are a few easily fixable problems; for example, when the unit was remodeled, the paint job was somewhat sloppy and you can see the old paint in places, and our kitchen sink's handle was installed backwards. Overall, those are small details that don't negatively impact my experience very much.

The tv has been broken for months in the community house which is really disappointing. There is also supposed to be WiFi in the house and it has never worked.

Honestly so far the best experience I’ve had moving into and living in an apartment. Super cheerful staff every time I go into the office. Quick responses to any issues

The apartment community is actually moderately okay. Outside of rowdy upstairs neighbors that vomit off of the balcony, stomp, yell, and scream, and the others that refuse to move their cars and leave them abandoned in a visitor space, I have no complaints about the community.

Seven west is an enjoyable place to live. The grounds are well kept and the staff is helpful and friendly overall. It can be a bit pricey once you add up all the additional fee’s. But I really enjoy the amenities.

It’s a nice and quiet community. I really appreciate how fast the maintenance staff work around here. Sometimes they come in the same day I put in a maintenance request and at the very latest they come in the next day. Thanks!

So far, living here has been really pleasant! The apartment staff, which includes Anna and Theresa in the leasing office, are so incredibly helpful and kind! The community is quiet and clean for the most part. The only downside is a high volume of cigarette butts on the ground in certain areas along the edge of the property, and some people leave their dog poop around which I stepped in during my move in date. Other than that, the gym is great and the pool is clean and big. I have really enjoyed the greenery, kind faces, and quiet atmosphere.

I would give 5 stars, but some of the things that have been remodeled in the apartment haven’t lasted very well. Doorknobs didn’t line up with the frame. The hinges on the door and the frame weren’t very secure and have come out as well as the screws for the blinds. There’s wood shavings constantly in the doors from opening and closing. The parking situation is also getting bad for the tenants closest to Scholls Ferry. Other than those things, everything has been pleasant.

I have loved living here so far and I haven't had any big problems. When I put in a maintenance request,it gets taken care of in a prompt manner. It's a lovely neighborhood.

First time seeing this place was great. It was cabinets were a nice color, the floors were a representation of hard wood and not carpet, everything was up to date. Great place to live in. Parking could be better

Too much smoking. Supposed to be a non-smoking community. Lots of complaints and still no changes after literally months. Disgusting. Can’t even keep our windows open.

Been complaining about my neighbor smoking for 4 months now with nothing being done. Trash is often overflowing and disgusting which is ridiculous since we pay for it separately. Grounds are pretty nice but they are littered with people smoking so that takes away a lot of the appeal. With how expensive these apartments are it would be nice if I could ever find parking or if my apartment did reek like cigarettes if I open my window, I kind of wish we had moved somewhere else.

Love living here, the staff is very friendly and I've had no issues with anything. the pool can get a bit noisy but that can be expected in summer.

Love the actual apartment/building! Good pool and amenities! Terrible maintenance and management! Extreme lack of parking- car got towed due to lack of parking. Long list of complaints including loud neighbors and nothing has been done concerning the issue.

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It’s been a pleasure living at Seven West. Special thanks to Ana for a fluid moving in experience. Concerns have been addressed on time and hope it continues.

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