I am very excited to live here. I’ve heard many great things about Shortbread Lofts. The location is very convenient and it seems that there are several perks to living here.

Beautiful place but lots of commodities which are advertised as perks get broken, like gym equipment, the coffee machine, washer/dryer, etc. The trash room is always full so I'm not sure when they take it out, but for 3 whole days there was a bad stench on the whole 3rd floor from the trash room, and someone dragged some leaky trash to the trash room and that stenchy stain trail was on the floor for almost a week. The "overnight staff" thing is only til 10pm and the guy watching the desk is rarely ever there anyway. The walls are super thin so when the usual hard core party people are doing their thing at 12-5am, you can never sleep. The limited 3-hour interval for weekend office hours is pretty inconvenient because there were instances of package deliveries being missed because i'm working and there is no designated slot for deliveries except the (closed) office, or if an item is forgotten in the lobby and you work between the functioning office hours, then RIP you til Monday. It's a pretty place to live with a great locations and fantastic accommodations, but for the price you'd expect the perks to be upkept and not falling apart all the time.

Shortbread is affordable yet trendy. I feel generally safe in the building but sometimes I wish there were more security. The roof is beautiful and I love the amenities (tanning bed, gym). The building can be a little loud at times but the people are respectful of each other. Some of the appliances should be updated or just work more efficiently. The staff is very friendly and approachable when problems arise.

I have been at Shortbread Lofts for 2 years and would recommend it to any student looking for a above-and-beyond living experience! It has great amenities, friendly staff, and a convenient walk to campus.

This apartment is a good apartment for sophomore year. The location is nice but it is not the best apartment. The price is similar to other apartments in the area and there are not as many amenities. A lot of people live here just because their friends are living here. It is a social environment and overall, not too bad.

I love shortbread because it’s awesome and clean and fun and amazing and close to campus and I’m living with all my friends next year and there is a coffee bar

The best place to live at UNC. I don't want to live anywhere else on campus besides Shortbread as the residents and staff are super accommodating.

I love Shortbread. The amenities are amazing and you can't beat the location. The roof top lounge is super cute! The staff is always super friendly and helpful.

Loved living here. Amazing amenities, friendly staff, beautiful apartment. Staff was always able to help when things broke in our apartment. Loved the events they put on in the lobby (especially during finals).

the amenities are great and love the rooftop. it is a great way to meet friends! I also love living by all of my friends here at shortbread loft

So far, the shortbread staff has been very helpful with providing information about move in and about the apartment in general. The fact that we are accommodated so well to move in early for rush is also very helpful.

Shortbread is a great community to live in. It has lots of great amenities. I love the gym and the roof. The staff is so nice and maintenance is efficient.

I really enjoyed the people and community. Residents were very nice. I had a great time. Not only was everything very clean and modern, but i felt very safe as well.

Shortbread Lofts is the premium location for off-campus student housing in Chapel Hill, NC! Designed with students of UNC in mind, we’re just minutes away from campus in downtown. We offer designer-inspired amenities and exceptionally chic lofts, in addition to a community of privilege for those who want an incredible residential experience.

I'm very excited to live here. It seems very well kept and worth the price. I think it will be a great experience for me after coming from a dorm.

Great place with a ton of great amenities and nice staff. very quiet study areas and a good physical fitness environment. tanning beds are also good

Shortbread has beautiful spacious apartments and is super close to campus. There are great amenities like a rooftop lounge, 24/7 gym, coffee bar, and study rooms!

This is the best place to live at UNC. The staff and residents are unbeatable. The location is great. The amenities are spotless. No complaints!

Such a great place!! It is in a perfect location and the staff are always so nice and helpful!! Having amenities like a gym, printing, mail, and coffee is so convenient.

The staff is so nice and helpful. I’ve lived here going on 3 years and it’s convenient location to campus has made my college experience even better than most.

This is the best place to live at UNC. The staff and residents are unbeatable. The location is great. The amenities are spotless. No complaints!

Shortbread is very close to campus and provides a convenient location to all the great restaurants on Franklin as well as other stores like Target and CVS

I love the style of our apartments and the wonderful staff! The building is generally clean and easy to get help when needed. Only criticism would be the trash rooms need to be emptied more often for recycling.

Overall, I've had a great experience living in Shortbread. The amenities are clean, I love having my own space (kitchen & living room) and the staff are all very nice. The front desk is always able to help, the gym & study space are always clean, and I love the events that ya'll put on!

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I love my roommates, they are super nice and sweet. Only complaint is that the complex gets kind of loud on the weekends since the walls are so thin.