Great prices for renovated appliances and not much to start application. Beverley was a great help and she showed me amazing apartments. Love my new home

I really like my new apartment! It is very nice and cozy! Happy with my decision here at Silverado and looking forward to what it has to offer.

I have lived here for a year and could not be any happier. The office staff is very helpful and is willing to take care of any issues i have with a smile. The property is well kept and has a daily clean crew. The service manager is very knowledgeable and very helpful. AWESOME

Quiet, safe, and calm. The office is nice, the renovations made the apartments more modern, and it is good value for the location. Also ducks sometimes roam the property.

The Community is very nice. The staff is also very helpful. The only reason for giving 4 stars is that the fitness center isn't 24 hours which is a bit inconvenient for working professionals like me.

Everyone in the office is very cooperative and care about getting you in as quickly as possible. Communication is key and there’s no slack when it comes to finding common ground. 5/5, would go through the entire process all over again. Plus complimentary coffee.

Great neighborhood, great staff, lovely units! Everyone has been very friendly and helpful. Parking is a breeze, its very quite and safe. Highly recommend!

It’s about to be my first month here at the silverados apartment complex, and I have to say that it’s been great. Nice and quiet with really nice neighbors. What more could you ask for in a community.

OMG, I love this place! People answer phones in the office. They actually call you back when they say they will! My neighbors are wonderful. I actually use the weight room, and it’s so nice and modern!!

We enjoy living here. It is quiet. The apartments are nice as well. The landscape is beautiful. The office staff is nice most of the time. All in all a good place to live for the price.

Spacious open kitchen good location very quiet area plus staff is very friendly especially Beverly if need anything go to her shes a professional.

Carla was friendly from the very beginning of my phone call for information and made it easy to transition into our new home with ease and confidence!

My experience here gas been awesome. I’ve ran into great people and staff, nice neighbors! Does not get too noisy around here day or night time.

I love the renovated units. Good neighborhood. Great managment!! Glad to be live here, I like the location and safe neighborhood. I would definitely recomend this apartment homes :)

Unfortunately, every month this review gets lower. Good things this month: -Light finally got added in front of my apartment Bad: -Gym still not 24 hours -Pool/Grill area pretty much permanently closed -Coffee machine broken -Maintenance is really intrusive and caused damage to our personal property

We are about finished with the renovations and the staff is working hard at making Silverado even better than before. I have enjoyed the community activities and the opportunity to meet s of my neighbors.

I am very happy here! Silverado is absolutely fabulous! the staff is wonderful and they throw awesome resident events! The pool is really cool and I am glad Harvey is gone.

Good apartment with affordable rent. Maintenance come quickly. Apartments are old but have been well maintained and actively maintained. Happy resident!

Excellent responsiveness in maintaining the property and seeing everything appears and functions as it should. A safe and friendly residence community everyone enjoys and takes care of by not leaving trash outside their apartment, along the walkways, and "in" rather than "on" or "around " dumpsters. A great place to downsize to...

So far I enjoyed staying here. It’s so quite here, just amazing here. It just the neighbor upstair over me make a lots of noice. I might have to move from here, because I can’t get no rest. That’s why I want a upstairs apartment. I’m very quiet person, you would not even know that I’m at home.

I love living here I truly feel safe and at ease. Beautiful grounds I can’t wait to use the gym at night and swim in the pool! The office ladies are so sweet!

I just move in 2 months ago, great management answered my question, the property is clean, good neighbors, quiet and peaceful. I like this place.

been here 15+ yrs it's all good..rents reasonable..repairs are attended to in a timely manner... courteous staff.. and was acommadated with an apt transfer post Harvey....

I like the apartment but would prefer more updated appliances and a better maintenance team but it a quiet community a nicely put together. The best leasing agent that should be running the property Beverly have a great personality and gets the job done.

been here for 11months so far,and i love the peace and friendlinessof the most amazing leasing office staff.they make my stay here worth it.