Love the quiet home feel!! The office staff is so sweet and my neighbors are great! Only issue I have is our dumpster since we only have one for all 4 units to share it fills up fast. When they remodel a unit and take up the dumpster and it’s not emptied very often.

Just moved in, yard has not been cut yet, sliding door and door to garage locks do not work(keys don’t work). Front window is missing a lock as well. Apartment could have been cleaned better. Overall we love our new apartment and the price we are paying for it.

Good location, nice staffing, but the upstairs residents are super loud in whatever they are doing. Some of the items in the apartment have a hard time moving, a little dissapointed tbere is no light in the bedroom or fan also no cabinet space in the bathroom which makes its hard to store your amenities.

Place is a quiet place to live. Nice neighborhood with friendly staff. They are quick to respond and give great feedback. Definitely love living here

Things were much better when we first moved in. Our appliances are old, and my dishwasher has been broken since I moved in, and the maintenance guy did nothing like he always does. Nothing. He is the worst maintenance guy I've ever seen.

We were super excited when we moved in, but the more time passes we become a little more disappointed. We have had trouble now with multiple different appliances, and the maintenance guy here is a joke.

Office staff are very friendly. Apartment unit has minor issues that could be fixed. So far I enjoy living here. Located in a nice neighborhood

I loved it when Heath worked here, the new people are rude.. The apartment is no where as nice as the “show” apartments we originally seen..

Nice place, but could use some improvements and quicker maintenance callback times. Haven’t had any major issues. Probably won’t renew because it’s so high.

Apartment area is nice, staff always friendly and helpful. If the equipment inside apartment can be upgraded will be nicer. I like the apartment location and the apartment area itself. Additional cover parking will be helpful with midland weathers condition.

Awesome apartments, so glad my family and I moved here. Brooke is the best manager to have. I really enjoy swimming in the pool. Also there is never issues with hearing neighbors.

it has been amazing and smooth moving in. the parking is a litttle tight but thats the only bad thing. the ac unit works excellent so that a major plus.

Sinclair Place has been a great apartment complex so far. Brooke was very helpful and quick in getting all the paperwork and information needed to move in. I put in a couple of maintenance requests and the problems were fixed and looked into the following day. This apartment complex is located in a very convenient location with all the stores and restaurants I like in a very short distance!

Apartment meets our needs . Could use some updates but..ok. Staff friendly. Washer and dryer is the plus that keeps me coming back . Third rental here over past 8 years

This is the very first apartment I've ever lived in and it has been a great experience. Living in the town home style apartments has really made me feel like I'm in a home and not in an apartment!

Apartment staff is amazing and it’s quiet but nice. Finding a place was stressing me out, but Brooke was super easy to work with! I highly recommend this complex! Great place!

The apartment complex is clean and the staff helpful. Submitted repairs and within a day all items on the list were fixed. Also, the staff has integrity so very much appreciate that

We love our apartment. It has everything we need, washer, dryer, dishwasher. The price is great for here in Midland and being a 2 bedroom apartment. And the staff is amazing.

The apartment is nice but there are minor niggles such as uneven subfloor. The neighbours are generally very friendly although someone likes to play loud music with heavy bass often.

Hillary in the office is GREAT! Randy w/Maintenance is VERY helpful! My two stars are for issues with hearing upstairs and thin walls. TOO EXPENSIVE for small spaces. I've been here for two leases and increased from $730 to $1392 for a studio apartment. But, what put me over top today is I called to the office this evening with a situation and VERY RUDELY treated!!! This place is not worth rudeness and loud neighbors.

The office staff really friendly and heppful while I was looking for my new home in Midland. Moving in also hassle free, apartment complex is quite and nice.

I just moved in last week (3/17/2019) and so far I love it. Hillary in the office is by far the nicest and most helpful person. She has gone above and beyond to help me with the move in process. I look forward to the next year here at Sinclair!

Nice updated apartment in a safe neighborhood. My upstairs neighbors are suuuper loud, and my heater went out but was quickly fixed. Other than that no complaints!

We had the best experience moving in here. Hillary is the best and helped us out over and beyond. And we love the apartment. We are so excited about living here.

Sinclair place has been the best apt. living experience yet. Very clean inside and out. Definitely a complex that cares for their residents.