For my final semester here at ASU, I decided I wanted to live somewhere luxurious and can vouch that Skywater does live up to that standard. I do try to use the amenities as much as I can, however, the only complaint I'd have is the constant planes flying over that make a lot of noise 24/7

it's been super nice here! it feels safe and there has been little issue. the buildings are kept super clean and maintenance comes quickly when rarely needed

Beautiful luxury apartment with tons of amenities AND PET FRIENDLY!!!! I used to think that living near the airport with my doggos in a beautiful and spacious apartment was a dream. Now that I'm here, I don't want anyone to pinch me.

It has been so fun living here, the staff is so nice! There has been no noise complaints, the apartment sizing is perfect and the view is amazing! The only thing is the maintenance of the apartments is complicated because there is always dog pee stains on the floors outside and in the elevator and there is always an odor. The elevator is always dirty in some way.

The Amenities and the Location are incredible! I moved in this week and all of my neighbors are so friendly, and very welcoming! My dogs absolutely LOVE the dog park too!

I’ve loved every second of living at skywater and I haven’t had any problems here! During my move in I had so many friendly neighbors offer to help, the amenities are always very clean, it’s a very respectful group of residents, and the staff is amazing!

I love it here. Except for the Summer weather. It’s amazing. I’m glad the apartment in close to downtown Tempe too. The surroundings are beautiful.

Cons: loud bass speaker noise coming from upstairs apartment possibly a movie or video game. Not at a reasonable apartment level. Told office two times, received response both times yet it continues. Pros: Aside from the above the office staff has been very nice. From the tour to getting my keys a pleasant experience. The apartment is next to perfect for one person. All appliances work and there are no maintenance issues since move in.

The staff is friendly and more than willing to help. I enjoy the ability to walk out my door in a safe environment to enjoy the local entertainment and restaurants.

So far I've had a really bad experience here. To be fair, the apartment itself is nice; updated, clean decor, etc. Since the first week of living here, I have dealt with privacy problems and more importantly safety. One of the leasing agents walked in on me naked without knocking (since then it has been categorized as a "mistake" not changing the fact that it was a complete invasion of privacy) I have been sexually assaulted at the dog park (the leasing office did not care because safety is not in the contract). I have been followed to my apartment and chased through the halls by people that do not live in the complex MULTIPLE times. I've expressed my concern for my safety many times and it seems like no one cares about my safety. I am terrified to leave my house. Every time I leave, my neighbor walks me or I don't leave my house. Considering the price we pay to live here I don't think safety should be a concern. Furthermore, the complex on the backside is so dirty. There is trash everywhere, it smells like pee, and it seems they only care about the appearance of the front that everyone sees.

Not bad not so good , need more cleaning services on the fourth floor and more security in the bulding .. also I hope to think about having hardfloor in the bedrooms

Ive had an amazing experience since moving in July. I like the friendly staff, nice views and overall experience of my apartment. Cant wait to live here for another year.

Everything from the amenities to parking situation to living situations are fine and I truly enjoy living here. The only complaints I have are the side doors never open for me without struggling to do so and the massive overload and amounts of dog poop from people being too lazy to pick it up. From having friends over, to having to smell it when we walk onto our balcony, we can never escape the smell. Multiple people have mentioned to us the overbearing smell of dog poop when they're either on our balcony or walking to the side door to let them in. Its just pretty embarrassing to invite someone here and then them tell you it smells like dog poop all over outside. I have personally stood on my balcony and watched countless people allow their dog to poop, and then walk away, even when the dog has went to the bathroom RIGHT NEXT to the dog poop trash can. It is pathetic, and surely needs to be addressed to the community.

We just moved in and are loving our experience at Skywater! Management and maintenance have been absolutely top notch. We feel valued and are excited to live here!

Overall this community has been very welcoming and enjoyable to live in. Every once in a while it can get a little loud at the pool and I can hear it in my apartment but other than that I have absolutely loved living at a skywater.

I love the workout classes and the community events. I do still feel like I need rock get rock known people more because everyone already knows each other, but I’m sure they will come around. I love living here.

So far I have loved living at Skywater Apartments! The staff is very friendly and helpful, residents are kind and make you feel welcomed, it’s dog friendly, located in a great area, and the apartments are gorgeous! Would recommend to anyone. A little noisy at times due to the airport being 5 min away.

so far so good, some issues with getting the bolt lock fixed, but I am sure it will get resolved. I like the building and the people. I think we will meet lots of new clients.

Living here is great. The layout is perfect and I love the bathrooms. The only thing I don’t like about it son far Ian that’s our front doors hard to lock sometimes

We recently moved to Skywater at Town Lake. The experience has been great and the apartment was more than we could have imagined. I really like how pet friendly the complex and the staff are with my little guy. It’s definitely one of the better places I’ve lived.

This apartment is exactly what we were looking for. Dog friendly, helpful staff, awesome pools, and a great apartment with a large modern kitchen. It’s like living in a resort.

Just recently move here but the location is great, super close to downtown! The two pools, dog park,and grill area make the location that much better.

I love living at Skywater! People here are so nice. The amenities are very clean. The resident events are always so much fun! I have been living here for 8 months now!

I love the location! It make sure it easy to get to asu for my classes, and I love being closer to old town Scottsdale for all the good restaurants over there! I also love press coffee, they make my day!

I really enjoy being a resident. The move in was quick and easy. No problems at all. Brie and Megan are fantastic and very helpful. The community is very friendly also.