I thought it was very easy and quick! During parent weekend, I was able to look at rooms, figure out what I wanted, and sign that very day! Plus the fee was waved that weekend.

Due to Sol y Luna's friendly and helpful staff, I was able to easily sign a lease and become a resident with minimal hassle. They really know how to make residents feel safe and comfortable!

Very nice apartment with great amenities, however the maintenance could use some improvement. Very fun being in an apartment will all college kids too.

The apartment buildingi skept very clean. The maintence men are very friendly and helpful. I wish the front desk people were around more though. I love how big the gym is and when there are coupons on the front desk. Overall, I am very happy with my decision to live here.

Living in Sol is so nice and convenient. However, I think the building is very understaffed. No one is ever at the front desk to give me my packages.

Love living here! It can be a little loud at times but the staff are friendly and respond fast for maintenance requests, its always clean, overall its great!

Overall the building is close to campus and in a good location. The views are good depending on which room you get put in, it ranges from looking into an alley to looking at the mountains. The appliances, furniture and overall units are for the most part destroyed. I've lived here for two years and have never not had something broken in my apartment. It's hard to maintain and I feel bad always making maintenance come. The workers are nice and helpful and I feel bad that they have to deal with so many kids and their issues!

I am very pleased with all past experiences. Maintenance is very quick with responding to requests. However washer had broke three times in one semester. Fridge has leaked and oven is poor. We’ve asked for extra furnisher and Luna has come through with our request.

I love the amenities and my neighbors are respectful. The pool and gym are amazing and the mini fridge truly comes in handy. The common area is nice and the elevator is rarely crowded.

Sol has been the best place to live, and my roommate has been a lovely experience. All of the amenities are awesome, esp. the gym and pool! I am living at Sol again, next year and could not be more excited.

I love living at Luna. All the amenities are incredible!! The view from the pool is amazing! It is so close to many restaurants and campus. Great experience all around

Very nice place to live very excited about the next semester. Updated equipment and nice appliances. Roommate selection was good. Worth it for sure

I love living at Sol y Luna! The management has been great so far and is quick to help whenever we have a maintenance issue. The security staff is super nice as well!

Beautiful apartment but need better response time when help need with appliances and such. I love the rooftop pools and lounge areas and all the amenities are great.

Everyone is very helpful and comes to your aid right away if you have a problem! Everyone that lives here that I️ know loves I️t. Amazing place

The apartments are nice and the atmosphere is welcoming. Would be helpful if there were more people at the front desk instead of switching from Sol to Luna

The apetment itself is very nice but the staff could be more friendly and accommodating especially because of the crowd they are working with.

The apartments themselves are nice at sol y luna, but the cost is very high. Im paying way more for utilities than i was lead to believe when i toured. On top of that, rent is very high. Love the ammenities and location though

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This is a very clean and friendly community and I would recommend living here. The people are very friendly and I always feel very welcome whenever I walk into the building

I like living at sol, but the price is extremely high to live on campus. Although this is the case, the amenities are always clean. My only issues are with the price and with the elliptical not working at the gym.

Sol Y Luna is close to campus, which makes it really convenient. However, sometimes it can get pretty loud and hard to concentrate or sleep.

So far its been amazing. I have not moved in yet though, but I am super excited to move in. I have my roommate planned out and we are both excited. We have heard such great things about sol y luna.

personally I only like the maintenance just because they are always around and so friendly. I just think that management could be worked on always.

I enjoyed this experience a lot because they staff was nice and i had a lot of fun times in my apartment. I am living here next year because it was so good