It’s a lot of fun i’m really glad i’m living here. love that there is a gym and pool in the same building, makes it very convenient for everything. also the location is prime

I love it here. Super close to school and most of my friends live here so its super fun to live here. living here next year and probably the year after

A good experience so far, but they need to improve the management. Not responsive at all, they don't answer emails, nothing. The only time I can get any response at all is if I go into the office and I shouldn't ever have to do that

Luna has great amenities and pretty good reaction time when a problem occurs. Overall Luna has been a positive experience and I will recommend it

I think that the apartments it self are very nice. but the management can work on better communication with the people who live there. BUT overall the experience is good.

Throughout signing my lease and figuring out what I could/couldn't afford the members of the staff were extremely helpful in the entire process which I really appreciated as a first time renter!

fun and had a great time can't wait to go back. school is so much fun. I love writing essays and doing math homework. I love 10 hours of homework a day

I love this apartment building very much. Everything is clean and the furniture is new. The view from some of the rooms you can get is really cool. There are pools on the roof. Overall really cool place.

Very modern and spacious apartment. The washer and dryer are a huge bonus and the roof top pool is amazing. The staff takes care of you the best they can and always offer different deals and promotions with students.

Very expensive for the space given however the location is perfect for campus and it is close to University. Parking can be a pain since the garage is expensive and fills up fast.

Super nice place. I haven’t lived there yet but I’m very excited to live there next year. Everyone I’ve talked to loved living there and most people are living there again.

great place to live while being a college student. I like where the apartment is located and that there is a pool. its really cool to go up there

the experience was great overall, however there is one slight problem, staff are rarely found in the sol building as there are always at the luna building

I have yet to move into Sol y Luna but I am so excited with my decision to live there. I am from the east coast and this apartment gives me the feeling of being home!

It's been nice getting here, the cleaning was lackluster and gross but the amenities are nice and the apartments are roomy. I feel secure here with all the security measures in place.

nice rooms but management could be a lot better. slow to return calls, packages get lost all the time, every floor is dirty except for the lobby. if you’re never going to need anything from management then this is the place for you.

It was a really dirty when I moved in but I cleaned It and it was fine. Security is very nice and I’m glad they still work over the summer when thought there aren’t a lot of people

This living environment is great. I live so close to all of my friends and I’m so close to campus. This apartment is modern with just the right touches to make it feel homey

I really enjoy the amenities at Luna (such as the amazing roof top pool and gym). Also the staff is very friendly and make living in Luna a pleasurable experience.

I love the location and amenities at Sol, but I’d like the office to be more professional and get back to me on things sooner and actually act like they care...

I am so excited to live here next year because the apartments look so nice and I will be living with my best friends in my very first apartment.

I have not moved into Luna yet, however, the service has been excellent so far. I have friends who live in Luna, and it is always well kept when I visit. The staff was very helpful, and has accommodated me when I needed to move in early for Greek Life

Love this place! Walls are a little thin, but it's not too bad. Staff is super friendly and amenities are great, definitely living here next year!

Overall very happy with everything Luna has provided my roommates and I! I really love living in Luna and will definitely live here in the future! Highly recommend!

The experience here is great. Everyone is friendly and the security makes me feel safe. The views are great and the location makes it easy to get around anywhere