With Signing up for a lease I had a lot of help with people working at SolyLuna which was very helpful!! While it was a long process everything worked out well and I’m excited for next year!

the resident experience was really nice, i enjoyed all of the amenities that were offered to me. i look forward to recommending my friends to live here.

i love the experience and vibe at sol y luna! the staff is so nice and helpful and they do everything they can to make your life easier! My roommate and i love it

I love Luna and tell people all of the time. From the rooftop pool, to gym and steam room, living here is a dream. Luna is the only place I would even consider living while going to UA.

I love it is awesome I love our view and maintenance is great except if lik the outer windows to be cleaned and I think staff was in our room but I would like that to be confirmed because they left no confirmation.

really like the apartments and everything it has such as the workout facility and the pool/roof. Like all the kids who live in the apartments. The staff could be better and don't do a great job with packages.

Everyone here is very friendly, great location on campus, nice amenities. I have lived here fore two years and it has been a great place to be!

This is my second year living here in the same apartment and I absolutely love it. Staff and maintence has always been nice and reliable! I would resign again if I was not graduating :(

Luna is a great place to live! The apartments are spacious and if anything doesn’t work the great maintanence staff will fix it super quickly

Living at Sol is super convenient and the staff are all really nice, maintenance is always on the go. The printers do not work in either building which is a downfall.

Although I am not a current resident of Sol y Luna I have had a great experience every time I have visited. I have many friends that live there and recently went to look at apartments and was treated with respect and got all my questions answered

Great place to stay. Living rooms are very spacious. Rooms are nice. Kitchen is stocked with accessories and other luxurious items. Good customer service downstairs

i really love living here! i feel like it is super safe and clean. i would definitely recommend for someone to live here. it’s very nice that it comes furnished and has a pool and gym for all residents.

I really enjoy living here. The apartment itself is so nice and really has everything I could ever need. Having a gym in the building is so great, I just wish some of the machines worked a little better.

Nice staff! Even if you get a different person on the phone, they’re always helpful or at least will pass on your message to the person working on your contract. You can tell that they think that it’s a nice department by their energy level and eagerness to get you to join the community.

ngl i haven’t moved in yet, but so far the process has been fairly smooth w trying to get a place, a bit pricy but like what’re you gonna do when it’s right on campus

Overall I would rate sol an nice apartment. Everything is pretty nice however it is very expensive and definitely more money into utilities than I thought ( they told us that normally it’s around $60 a month) and ours has been higher than that.

I love being a resident here and the community is very helpful and close :D everyone in the office has been very communicative and helpful when I need them.

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Luna is a great place and so glad I continued my lease here. Apartments are nice and management is helpful, but don't always pick up the phone (helpful to just go right into the office

Living here so far has been amazing I have finally unpacked all of my things and I’m making it look so beyond cute. I love my large sized window too

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I feel as if we are charged a lot to constantly have broken appliances, and many days where the water is shut off. I also really wish the tanning beds worked, that’s an amenity I’m paying for i planned to use.

Everything about the apartments is wonderful, however organising my leasing was not easy and staff were not super responsive. I’m the end it worked out ok so I will have to see how the rest of the semester goes.

The apartment and building itself were very nice, but for the price being paid I wasn’t satisfied. Many times the elevators wouldn’t work, the jacuzzi wasn’t heated, or the trash was overflowing and the chute door wouldn’t open. Management is a bit slow as well.

Very good living experience. Would recommend Luna to anyone. Apartment style is modern and comfortable. No damage or marks upon arrival. Very happy with experience.

The staff are very nice and helpful people. My roommates are great guys. The facilities in Luna are great, I use the gym every now and again and the equipment are very good.