The apartments themselves are nice at sol y luna, but the cost is very high. Im paying way more for utilities than i was lead to believe when i toured. On top of that, rent is very high. Love the ammenities and location though

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This is a very clean and friendly community and I would recommend living here. The people are very friendly and I always feel very welcome whenever I walk into the building

I like living at sol, but the price is extremely high to live on campus. Although this is the case, the amenities are always clean. My only issues are with the price and with the elliptical not working at the gym.

Sol Y Luna is close to campus, which makes it really convenient. However, sometimes it can get pretty loud and hard to concentrate or sleep.

So far its been amazing. I have not moved in yet though, but I am super excited to move in. I have my roommate planned out and we are both excited. We have heard such great things about sol y luna.

personally I only like the maintenance just because they are always around and so friendly. I just think that management could be worked on always.

I enjoyed this experience a lot because they staff was nice and i had a lot of fun times in my apartment. I am living here next year because it was so good

Great management when going into leasing office to talk to, however it is difficult to get a call back via phone. Other than that I enjoy Sol y Luna greatly and hope to continue to be a resident

I haven't moved in yet but I love my friends apartments in luna and sol which inspired me to want to move in myself with my own friends and do the same things they are.

I love this place, the whole atmosphere of the community is amazing and so laid back. One of my favorite features is the pool and turf on the roof

You see im moving in next year, so im ever so very excited. i wish that i could see my room right now! i cant wait to live with all my friends!

My experience with sol y luna has been amazing. It is absolutely beautiful and I'm so excited to live in a 5 by 3 penthouse on the 14th floor.

maintenance and management team could use some improvement, but overall the experience here has been good. the amenities are terrific, but at a very high cost

I really enjoyed my time at the apartments I like the facility and all that it has to offer us as employees. I think I would recommend it to a friends

Love the community and people in it. The room space is really great, along with the view of the campus which can’t be beat. The all glass windows and wall out balcony are also a great addition

It is a very homey place and perfect place to live. I enjoy the pool, the gym, and the study room. It is exactly what I expect from a place to live.

Good experience but poor maintenance staff. Waited two weeks to have my washer fixed and it is inconvenient that there is no maintenance staff on weekends

The apartments are beautiful and I love all the ammenities! The only issue we had was communication and having someone contact us back. But it’s a really nice place!

I have not moved in yet, but I am very excited to live in Luna. I've been to my friends apartments multiple times and have always loved everything about the apartments!!

The apartment community is a good one. Everyone is friendly. I really like how the staff will be helpful if the are there in the office. Adrian is a wonderful employee and in my opinion deserves a raise.

I love it yeah yeah I really do I want my amazon card though Please give it to me I hate this about of words like I want it to be 140 words Thanks

Very friendly and great living spaces. Everyone is willing to adapt based on anyone's needs. It is very close to campus which is very helpful.

My experience with Sol y Luna is very minimal but I absolutely fell in love with everything about Luna after going on tour. Very helpful welcoming staff and such great facilities.

the resident experience here is great. There are so many amenities inside the apartment complex, and the apartments are in great shape. I also feel so fade inside this apartment. There is great security & having a key faab makes me feel protected.