It was very good and the people are very respectful. I love the amenities too! They happen to have the only Sydney Sydney Sydney Sydney wydhsejeidh

I love it here, it’s so beautiful especially the view from the roof top pool! It’s so close to campus as well and really comes in clutch for a lot of my classes.

I love living in Luna. The gym is always clean and well taken care of. Anytime I have had a maintenance issue someone has come to fix it the same day or the next day!

The apartment is nice but there have been many issues throughout the time i’ve lived here including electric outlets not working, no hot water, etc.

There’s been a lot of needed maintenance calls made and it seems to take a while for the issues to get fixed... but I love the apartment itself a lot. Luna is beautiful but needs to work on responding faster :)

Living at luna has been nothing but great. Everyone in the office is super nice and helpful. I feel super safe being here with the security always in the front after office hours.

it is very good. I love the location of the apartment as well as thew modern living environment. My roommate and I love the view but wish we had a balcony

I love the location here, everything I need to get to is in perfect walking distance. Security and front desk is almost always there to greet me and talk to me. Only problems so far is my units A/C malfunctioned and didn't work for a day but not even 2 hours after I sent in a maintenance report, it was fixed.

I’be had a good experience living here, the staff is usually friendly but could be more attentive. The building maintenance itself seems to have most issues fixed within a week. Unsatisfied of the many maintenance requests we have had to make due to issues in our apartment.

i enjoy the rooftop pool and the size of my room and set up. I would definitely change the color of the blueish green wall, maybe a nice pink. I also don’t enjoy how the cabinets open upwards to put away dishes.

Living in this apartment has been great so far. The staff is super friendly and the amenities are nice and up to date. I feel very safe and secure in my apartment and I think that is great and an absolute necessity.

Maintenance is the best they always are there within a few days. The leasing office is very friendly I don’t like how aggressive security is when asking me for my fob like I was holding groceries and my hands were full but they made me pull out my fob like I don’t pay thousands of dollars to be questioned every single night I come in to my apartment building Love my penthouse view Love the pool and gym on my floor

I have had an amazing experience living at luna. everyone is so accommodating. the maintenance people even made sure my puppy was okay when they wee here. thank you so so much.

great vibes this month at luna makes college easier especially when you live with your bestfriends and they have a gym pool and spa for you to enjoy cant really complain its been a great month

I really enjoy living here. The only problem I have had so far is a lost package and some plumbing issues. I love the location and the amenities! Also fun being so close to the other apartment buildings.

takes a while to get a response from management and maintenance requests take a while... also moved into my apt when is was a mess . beautiful views

Great place to live. Apartments are nice, new, and spacious. I especially like the balcony. It is a great place to have friends come over. I really enjoy living at sol.

Great place to live. So much to do in the building and great way to meet new friends. The location is great. I'm glad I decided to live here.

Apartments are nice but we haven’t had an awesome experience with maintenance here (living here for 3 weeks and still haven’t had our microwave fixed)

Good. Clean and nice. Definitely loud most nights and elevator can be a little spotty which is scary, but over all good place to live . Worth the money to rent!

Great views and apartment is near campus which is a plus. Moving in was pretty smooth and quick. The apartment is very clean. I love my room and roommates

There were a few issues that occurred during the first week of school that I feel were unacceptable. The water was off for a full day and our fire alarm went off for 2 hours before someone helped and turned it off. It was also 12:30 a.m. on a school night.

Everything is really nice but the appliances are cheaply made and not that good. The workers are all really nice and run the place well. Overall decent

I have only lived here a few weeks but there has already been problems. They shut off the hot water so we couldn't shower, my shower leaks water into my closet, and the staff are extremely rude and unknowledgeable. Much left to be desired for the price.

Best place to live! As a college student, I do not want to be late to class or have to drive miles to the university. Living here has helped with that issue as well as being close to all the fun places at once!