I have lived in luna before and loved everything about it accept being told at 10 on a Thursday, Friday, or Saturday to turn off the music. other than that, I love luna and wouldn't want to live anywhere else .

sol y luna is physically very nice! the staff are very professional and have it together compared to other apartments. one thing i really dislike is that the pool closes early every day which doesnt really make sense considering theres never a lifeguard anyway

A very beautiful apartment, the pool is absolutely gorgeous. I would definitely recommend students living here if you want to be close to campus.

Living here was awesome. Truly loved it. Great people, great staff. The rewards program is very difficult though. Not a very big fan and suggesting a change in how to get points.

The apartments are obviously very nice and have everything you could possibly need and much more. You have a very tight knit community that allows you to meet so many people and grow as a person

It has been a great year. I love my apartment and the community. I met some great roommates and lifelong friends. I look forward to next year.

I have not been a residence yet. but, I have been in sol multiple times and it is such a nice apartment. I am so excited to live there next year!

I’ve lived at Sol y Luna for 3 semesters and its as good as it gets. Has all the amenities you need and it is also walking distance to every class. They do their best to keep the place clean and that is very rare in student apartment complexes. Views.

I love how clean everything is and how nice the staff members are. There are always surprises in the downstairs lobby like treats and drinks!

I have not moved into the apartment, but i do look forward I’m the next school to meet new people and make new memories. I can’t wait to move in the fall

Amazing location. Great neighbors amazing spirit. Engaging events. Staff kind. It’s fun and I loved it. Sucks I had to take a semester off tho

Sol y Luna have the best location out of all of the apartments and Sol is always so clean and kept very nice. I also always feel safe while I’m in the apartments.

This has been the best place to live. The office is very attentive with any of your needs and easy to communicate with. The building is super clean and glad I decided to live here. Did resign my lease for next year.

Amazing, don't even live here. Don't know why I got this email but hey I'll take it. Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.

Love sol and Luna the staff is amazing so far! There are so many great amenities for such a good price. The location is very conscientious looking forward to living here!

meh, pretty overrated sorry to be mean but come on. the only reason you can charge so much for rent is because its close to campus. Also why does the wifi suck ass? We spend so much on this place and the wifi goes down every few hours, so annoying

So clean and kind environment. Love it! I can’t wait to live here with my friends. Sol and Luna are always heard of and are known for being the best around.

haven’t live here yet, but it looks awesome. the space we’re getting looks great and can’t wait to move in! looking forward to meeting everyone as well!

Sol y Luna is a great community. The apartment is always clean and the people are always willing to help! Sol y Luna is an amazing apartment!

Awesome place to live and meet new people to hang out with. Amenities are a plus. Building is clean and presents itself well with all it offers.

Easy application and super helpful if you have a question and need to call! I added on super later to my roommates situation after they already signed and wasn’t a problem.

It is amazing. Best decision I’ve ever made. Super friendly staff. Outstanding amenities. Remarkable location. You’re absolutely getting what you’re paying for.

I thought that living here was an overall great experience . I enjoyed the people who lived in this apartment building as well as everyone who worked in sol y Luna. Everyone was so helpful !

I think that it is such a fun and open community to live and I feel just like there is always something to do and always feel st home so I love it lots

Close vicinity to everything. Ton of people who are similar to me are living here as well. Convenience with the amenities and ton of shops downstairs and close by